Saturday, December 22, 2012

39th week Checkup

YES, I am still around with this big belly. It gets me so restless and anxious at the same time, the fact that I was 3cm dilated 2 weeks ago, and nothing really changed until this week's checkup.

The past 2 weeks, I have not been feeling or seeing any changes to my body. In fact, I get less Braxton Hicks although stronger than I usually feel, but very less frequent.

Last few days before I went for my 39th week checkup, I was experiencing a real pain on my right abdomen. Sakit dia macam ada a very heavy batu in my right stomach, very hard, campur dengan angin. Urgghh... hard to explain. Tapi perut memang mengeras ke sebelah kanan and I could not move AT ALL. I was crying in pain. I couldnt even call out for my husband, not that he could do anything, but I wished I could at least reach him and get him to hold me tight. It lasted about 40 minutes. Then perut lembut balik.

The next day, the same thing happened again. I looked at the time, it was about the same time as the day before, same feeling, same spot. This time, I could reach out my husband's hand, gerak dia told him I was in pain. But maybe because I was too gentle (I really could not move, nak gerak kuat-kuat pon tak mampu), my husband tak jaga langsung. I cried again alone that night for 40 minutes.

The next day, I was contemplating whether or not to go to hospital to check my baby's condition. Benda yang paling menakutkan adalah kalau baby terlilit dengan tali pusat. Friends suggest to go straight to hospital, but when I consulted my mom, she said, she had experienced that before. She said the baby actually moved, kepala from bawah pusing 180 deg naik ke atas, within that small space and considering the size of the baby, of course la rasa sakit. And the baby memang suka stay at one side and mengeras, so it's normal. When I thought about it again, i think it's possible because rasa sakit tu memang seolah-olah baby berpusing. Moreover, I never fail to monitor baby's movement, and they seem fine and consistent. So InsyaAllah, nothing to be worried about. I patiently waited for the next checkup.

When I get to see Dr D, syukur sangat ya Allah, the moment she saw me, she said "Baby dah turun ye. Banyak dia turun" then she smiled. She checked the using the doppler, and we heard the baby's heartbeat, and she said "very good". The she started to scan the baby, again showing me every part of the baby's body. Baby was growing by 200g in a week. She was 3.2kg. And the doctor confirmed baby has already engaged. Alhamdulillah..... syukur. At least something new this week. The position of the baby was good, tali pusat ok, air ketuban ok, everything else was functioning, alhamdulillah...balik rumah, happy again.

Now I just have to wait for my contraction or waterbag burst. Can't imagine which will come first. Lama betul from 3cm dilation nak bukak lebih besar, 2 weeks dah ni. Takpe lah, sabar je laa... Keep telling myself, she will come out, when she is ready! :)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

38th week Checkup

I was scheduled to see Dr Delaila for my checkup this week due to Dr Siti being on holiday till Christmas (my due date).

I went to do research about Dr D, mana tau ada comment yang tak best ke, buruk-buruk ke about this doctor dalam any momTobe blogs. I have to get ready, man! because this woman might be the one yang menyambut anakku nanti. Well, I have also asked around including my bestfriends who had Dr D as their gynae. Percaya lah, susah nak buat decision, I have heard good and bad.

After meeting Dr D yesterday, what I can sum up from the whole thing is, sesiapa yang straight chose Dr D as the gynae, swear to god, you'll love her. She is good, she gives detailed explanation about your condition, and sometimes, she makes jokes too. Cuma PR dia tak berapa bagus, she has that look that says "you dont mess with me, I am a bloody good gynae"). And she distinguishes patients by referring Dr Siti as "your doctor" seolah-olah I am not her patient. The fact that I am seeing her now, makes me her patient la, no? But i don't doubt her skills at all laaa. She is good.

Tetapi sesiapa yang pernah jumpa Dr Siti dulu then jumpa Dr D, they'll definitely have problems with Dr D. Dr Siti sangat la penyayang, lembut and very pleasant. Ada pros and cons la antara dua famous doctor di SMDC ni.

But what I can say is, kalau la kene beranak dgn Dr D pon, I'm happy. After being consulted by her, rest assured that she is a good gynae.

Ok, let's talk about my condition. She held my perut, pegang jer, she can tell where are the kaki, the bontot and the muka. Of cos if she was lying pon, I wouldnt know, haha. Then she said "oh, my at 38 weeks, your baby is still floating" means, she was not yet engaged. But not to worry, ada je orang yang dah into labor, baby still not engaged. So that is not the determination.

Then dia mula scan perut, she showed me every part of baby's body. The baby is already downwards, but not engaged. She said the baby is not too big, just nice, 3.0kg, but has a very chubby face. Dr D said my baby cute.. hahah sbb montel. :p Air ketuban sangat cukup, everything else was functioning well, alhamdulillah...cuma baby je tak engage lagi.

I was kinda disappointed that doc refused to do V.E (seluk vagina) to see the opening sebab takut bleeding. She wanted me to watch out for the actual blood discharge that gives signal for labour, not blood due to V.E.

I soo wanted to know if the cervix has opened more than 3cm. It has been 1 week plus. So curious to know sama ada tebal sangat dinding rahim nak bukak more than 3cm, atau pun sudah bukak lebih besar, saya yang tak rasa sakit-sakit contraction. I don't know.

So, back to square one. She sent me home with another week of MC and wait until I have active contraction (selang 5 minit) or waterbag burst. But at least I am happy to know that my waterbag still banyak (for one week, sangat risau kalau waterbag pecah tapi tak sedar, then takut baby lemas), also happy to know that baby is doing well inside the womb (for one week everytime rasa sakit perut, I was worried if baby tersimpul dengan tali pusat), ahhh macam-macam kerisauan. Also, orang kata nak beranak ni rasa cam nak terberak. Huh, everytime nak berak jer, risau sangat takut kepala baby terkeluar, rupanya blom engage pon. heheh..

So another thing that Dr D told me to do for the next one week is to monitor my baby's movement. I have to time the movement, tak kisah la kicking ke, berpusing ke, gerak ke, menggeliat ke, any type of movement. From 9 am and count until the 10th movement. The 10th movement of the day must not be later than 5pm. If dah pukul 5pm tapi blom sampai 10th movement, something is wrong with your baby inside, cepat-cepat pegi hospital.

Today, first day monitored the movement. Dalam satu jam je dah dapat 10 movement, ku masih lagi active, seronok sangat tak mau keluar.

OK la sayang..duduk la dalam tu sampai ready to come out k? Jangan tumbuk pelvic bone and bladder mama banyak-banyak kali, sudah....sakit..sayang :) P/S: jangan keluar malam ni...mama nak tengok bola MalaysiaVsThai (AffSuzuki2012) haha :p

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pre-labour Stage

It has been exactly one week since Dr Siti last performed VE (seluk vagina) and found that I was 3 cm dilating. Still, there are no active signs of labour. That's because I have been very inactive at home for the past one week. Dr Siti would have let me continue working if my office is near to my house. But driving 80km daily back and fro is really not advisable at this stage. So she let me rest at home.

Signs of labour:
  • Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. - I have the lower back and abdominal pain, pre-menstrual feeling but no cramps.
  • Painful contractions that occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals, and become longer and stronger in intensity. - My contractions is very normal and irregular and still within long intervals. However, my tummy always get hardened and sometimes causes some pain when it gets hard. Sometimes, I am confused if this is also called contraction. I wouldn't know.
  • Broken waters. Your membranes may rupture with a gush or a trickle of amniotic fluid. Either way, call your maternity unit to let them know. - No yet at this point. But I have read some blogs where moms didnt even realise that the water has burst until doctor told them during the weekly checkup. Ini menakutkan sedikit.
  • A brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show). If you pass the mucus plug that blocks the cervix, labour could be imminent, or it could be several days away. It's a sign that things are moving along. - Early of the week, I have got some blood discharge but the midwife said it could be because of VE done by doctor. It stopped after two days. However, lately, I noticed that there are some mucus plug around the vagina slowly leaking. It is very clear but sticky and no smell.
  • An upset tummy or loose bowels. - I get this everyday for the last one week.
  • A period of feeling very emotional or moody - Easily get angry, yes!
  • Disrupted sleep - Oh, EVERY NIGHT i cry because of this!

Read more:

However, selagi takde active contraction and air ketuban tak pecah, nothing to be alarmed about. But there is one thing I just found out today that I should be doing while resting at home....monitor baby's movement. I guess a bit too late for me now, as tomorrow will be my next appointment with the doctor, I'll just wait then.

Monitor baby's movement:
Draw a chart of the timing when the baby moves.
Start at the same time everyday and the 10th movement of the baby must be about the same time everyday (plus minus 1 hour).
If it's not... you must immediately go to the hospital.

For the past one week I have tried a few natural ways to induce labour. Although not diligently, but I have tried them anyway.

Natural induced labour:
1. Walking - The simple act of walking during pregnancy may help draw the baby down into your pelvis (thanks to gravity and the swaying of your hips). The pressure of the baby on your pelvis may then prime your cervix for labor — or may help labor progress if you've already felt some contractions. But if you have not been exercising the last 9 months of your life, this is VERY difficult, I tell you. Mengah dia tak terlawan. For the past one week, I have only done 1 day of evening walk, and about 10 times of naik turun the stairs daily. Thta's all I can afford to do. 

2. Sex - Sperm contains prostaglandins — hormones that can help thin and dilate the cervix, ripening it for delivery. What's more, an orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which can trigger contractions. In past one week, I have only done this once! Sebab serious, tak larat! But if you can do this everyday, nescaya cepat je nak beranak. Buat sekali pon dah nampak lubang vagina yang sedikit membesar.

3. Evening primrose oil - this herb can help the cervix thin and dilate and prep it for labor. You can take evening primrose oil capsules, or rub the oil onto your cervix during the last weeks of pregnancy. You can even insert the capsules into your vagina. Tapi saya tak buat ni. Nak insert atau nak makan pil-pil ni tak caya sikit.

4. Spicy Food -  Some people believe that spicy food, like castor oil, irritates your intestines (but more gently) and that can cause your uterus to contract. Spicy food is my favourite. Tapi kadang-kadang tu jadi sakit perut plak lebih-lebih, so be careful.

5. Acupuncture - Acupuncture, the art of inserting thin needles into specific pressure points on the body, can stimulate uterine activity and nudge the baby into action. Ishhh tak payah laaa sampai nak cucuk-cucuk, tak? 

6. Nipple stimulation - That's right, nipple stimulation (massaging and twisting) for a few hours a day can cause your body to release the hormone oxytocin, which brings on contractions. I don't do this myself of course. Rasa bodoh je nak stimulate diri sendiri. Please...get help from hubby :)


So basically i have done nothing much to induce labour. Not that i am at risk of overdue or anything like that. Baru nak masuk full term. So i believe that i should just wait whenever she is ready to meet me. No need to force her to come out. Maybe she needs more time to play inside my womb.

Baby I, just let me know whenever time you are ready, ok?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

37th week checkup

Or shall I say 36 weeks + checkup.

Went to see Dr Siti, for the first weekly checkup before labor starts. That morning when I was gonna go take my urine for testing, Braxton Hicks attacked. This is usual for me. I always get this in the morning after a long drive to office.

When it was my turn to see Dr Siti, I guess she sensed that I was not very in comfortable condition. She asked if I was in pain, I told her it's normal in the morning. She told me to lie down for scanning. Baby still not engaged, although the position was ever ready to be engaged, head down, water enough, weighing 2.9kg.

I actually did not realise what else did the doctor do. I forgot if she had explained what she was doing, but she was definitely doing something down there at the vagina. After we hear baby's heartbeat from the doppler, she inserted something in the vagina, and took korek something like taking a sample or something, I don't know. Then, she inserted something very deep into the vagina. Not sure with her fingers or with something very long, but I thought it was a very deep insert, not painful, but a bit uncomfortable I would say.

She looked at me in surprise "You are 3cm open!!!" Whaaaat? I didnt know how to react, I asked "Are you serious, doctor?" Of course she was serious! She told me she will give me MC for a week until the next checkup. Two things in my mind:

1. I am happy that my leave already starts unexpectedly, as she was gonna give me MC until I deliver.
2. I have to wait another week for the cervix to open more than 3 cm???? That's loonnggg!!!

I kinda panicked, not sure what to expect. I was told that within this week, I should go straight to the labour ward if my water break or I have frequent contraction like every 10 minutes. She told me to go home and rest.

We went to Giant nearby our house, to buy last minute things like baby's toileterries, nursing bra, disposable panties and maternity pads. When we got home, I found that I was bleeding macam period. We were panicked at first. consulted few people including our doctor friend, mostly said the bleeding may have caused  by the vagina insert earlier (sorry, I don't know what's the medical term used for this. Malay would say, doktor seluk).

After wash, no more period like discharge, only stains. The next morning, after breakfast, I did some clearing up at the guest room where i am gonna stay for my confinement period. Later, I realised I was bleeding again. Hubby called the labour room and spoke to the midwife. She said the same thing, only go to the hospital when my water burst or when there are frequent contraction. The blood is normal unless it comes out non-stop like menses, then, it is something to be alarmed about.

So for now...I am just relaxing at home. It has been 2 days, I dont know if the cervix is still only 3cm open. But I don't feel any contraction, now. Not even the normal Braxton Hicks I used to get in office.

I need to do some work at home. Be a bit more active, maybe walk a bit in the evening, make some love at night, hahah! See if there is any progress tomorrow. Based on my research on real life stories, from 3cm to open up to 4-5cm, sometimes, it could take up to 2 weeks.

Argghh... ni baru 2 days!

Cepat lah sakit....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Newborn Checklist

30 days to go, let's see what is still pending.

Newborn apparel
1. Bodysuits - I have just bought 5pieces shortsleeves and 5 sleepsuits from Mothercare. Not sure how big my baby is going to be and how fast my baby is going to grow. Buy 5 pieces first, tak cukup nanti, get hubby to run and buy more.
2. Infant cap, Mittens and Booties - I have only got 2 sets from BBstore. Need to buy more. At least 5-6 sets more.
3. Kain bedung - I have got 3 pieces from BBstore. Ira is going to give me more. So I guess, I dont have to buy anymore extra. Nak balut baby tak lama pun.
4. Bengkung baby - I have 3 sets from BBstore, 3 sets from Pigeon and 3 sets from Anakku. Cukup la kottt!

Bottle Feeding
1. Feeding Bottles, Pacifier, Bottle Brush - I bought 1 starterpack from The First Year that has 2 small bottles, 2 medium bottles, with pacifier and bottle brush.
2. Formula Milk Dispenser - I dont need this yet. InsyaAllah as I plan to breastfeed all the way. Moga-moga susu banyak tak perlu la fikir pasal formula milk just yet.
3. Steriliser - I dont really think that I am gonna buy this. To me, maybe it is not necessary. I can go back to basic macam zaman mak-mak kita dulu. Rendam je dgn air panas mendidih. InsyaAllah, hilang jugak bacteria. Anyway Zetty said she was gonna give lent me hers. So, a bonus point if I get this from her.
4. Bottles Drying Rack - I got this one from BBstore, Munchkin brand.
5. Warmer - Normally warmer jual sekali dengan steriliser. But I got as warmer set that was sold separately. Included in the set, is warmer yang boleh bawak travel jugak. I can also use this warmer to sterilise puting botol.
6. Bib - Sadly, I have only got 3 sets. I need to get more of this.

Breast Feeding
1. Breastpad - I got a set of 6 pieces washable pads from BBstore. But according to some friends, it is also better to get the disposable sets. I need to look for it. 6 pieces is definitely not enough.
2. Nipple cream, nipple protector - I have not bought these yet, not sure if I am gonna need these. Bila perlu nanti baru run kejap kat farmasi terdekat to buy. I dont like to buy things unnecessarily.
3. Breastpump - After a lot consideration, I finally bought Medela Swing. My working environment does not allow me to pump sambil buat kerja lain (multitask), so no point of buying the Freestyle Medela.
4. Breast milk storage container - Bought the disposable packs from BBstore. So I can write down the dates of pumping to note which one shall I use first.
5. Nursing Pillow - Got one from my bffs for my babyshower

Bath and Grooming
1. Bath tub - Bought yang boleh guna for newborn up to toddler. Included inside is anti-slip.
2. Bath Seat - Bought one from Ikea.
3. Water Temperature Indicator - I dont know if I need this. But I have not gotten any.
4. Hooded Bath Towels - Belum beli, caya tak??? Haduihh. I need to look for it desperately.
5. Toiletries and skin care products - Blom beli. I am looking at Johnson's brand. Kinda trusted brand for me. Sebab mummy pun still guna Johnson's :)
6. Grooming set - Hanya sudah beli ketip kuku. Need to look for comb, brush and scissors.
7. Thermometer - Beli satu from Pigeon, then tetiba nampak Omron brand, beli jugak. So now I have 2.

1. Baby cot - Beli the one yang can turn into baby bed later. Bought from Ikea together with its mattress.
2. Playpen - Bffs bought this one for me. I need another cot to be put downstairs while I am away at work, so maid can monitor baby placed in this pplaypen. Tak payah nak bawak turun cot. I cant put baby on the floor, coz I have cats at home.
3. Crib set (Cot bumpers, comforter) - Baru ada satu set yellow color for the cot. I need to get another white crib set supaya easy to match with other sheet colors.
4. Bedding set - Pillow and bolster sudah beli satu set for the cot. ShoAnne said she is going to give another set, I shall put them in my playpen. I already have 2 sets of sarung bantal and fitted sheet. I need to get at least 2 more sets for my playpen.
5. Waterproof Bed pads - I have one rubber pad, I guess it is enough to serve the same purpose.

Travel/Baby Gear
1. Car seat - Have not gotten this one. Haven't been surveying any. Might not need it yet during pantang. So decided to buy this later.
2. Stroller - Pun belum beli. But I have decided on which one to buy. So will get this one later.
3. Baby carrier - Bought 4 position baby carrier (also for newborn) from Mothercare.
4. Diaper bag - Hubby bought one from Nike. Konon dowan pink pink kaler, coz he said he was gonna carry the bag, he wants something macho. So... a sports brand. Taktau la boleh guna ke tak. We'll see.
5. Changing mat - Beli satu tilam kecik untuk changing on the floor. Not necessary for changing table.

For mama
1. Nursing bra - belum beli
2. Disposable panties - belum beli
3. maternity pads - belum beli

Teruk jugak la my preparation for the delivery. Hospital bag pon tak siap lagi. OK. Will try to settle at least half of these if not everything by this weekend. C'mon mama!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

3D/4D scan at Umra Hospital

If you google for 3D scan reviews in the internet, you will get a lot of Umra results. Yes, one of the famous place to do your 3D scan...mainly I think because it is cheap to do over there. Even my doctor from SDMC suggest to do the scan at Umra because SDMC charges are from RM350 to RM450. At Umra, last time used to be only RM100.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I made an appointment with the hospital to do my scan. First impression when talking to the guy on the phone was very positive. He was friendly and nice. One good thing about this place is, you can make night/weekend appointments unlike SDMC. My appointment was on a Friday night at 8.15pm.

I reached there at 8.20pm, registered myself, and was called for the normal urine test, weight recording etc.. That was fast. And the nurses were so friendly and polite. Then I waited for my name to be called. 

NO ONE called for me from 8.30 pm until 10pm. Dah la semua orang yang duduk at the waiting area already being called, people came after me also being called. All 'Puan' was being called except Puan Izrin. Maybe I was the only one who came for scanning, yang lain semua memang patient came for checkup. So they give priority to their patients. Either that, or maybe these people have made earlier appointment but came late sebab hujan. Whatever it is, tak fair langsung. People should make appointment to secure a place for consultation, but pukul berapa jumpa doctor should be based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Like how they do it in SDMC. 

At 10pm, I started to get agitated, dah la lapar, I went to see the nurse and asked why isn't my name being called? I am the last one now in the waiting room. Dont tell me, to come again because you are closing your clinic. She said she will check and then straight away she called my name. Hah, apa yang susah I seriously cannot comprehend these kinda thing.

Dalam keadaan marah dan lapar, masa scanning started, that makcik (the examiner) started to show me parts of the baby body on 2D vision.

She was so big tengok dalam screen. So the makcik told me the position of the baby, baby's kidney functioning, jumlah air ketuban, and all that, basically all was good, alhamdulillah... She did quite a detailed scanning, tapi sbb everything was good, tak ingat apa yang dia cakap. Sebab terlalu khayal tengok baby.

The she tried to change to 3D vision. She said the baby was already too big at that time, her face was so close to the uri. Baby was facing inside n melekat kat uri, so was a bit difficult to see her face very clearly. The best that she could capture was this.

She said the best time to come for 3D scan is between 26 to 30 weeks. More than 30 weeks is a gamble like mine. There are probabilities that you cannot see the baby's face at all. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak tengok at 32 weeks. Because at 32 weeks, everything has fully developed, the features can be seen clearly macam baby betul. Everytime I see this picture rasa nak gigit hidung dia.

After scanning, I was called in for doctor's consultation. Doctor tu punya la promote untuk beranak dekat Umra, sebab murah la, dekat dengan my house la, and kutuk SDMC for being expensive and bad location. Boleh tak? Hello, I go for the doctor, not for the hospital. I come here for the scanning and I PAY for it, bukan free, so just give me the service that I ask for. You don't have to kutuk the place that I choose to give birth at. 

And guess what? Hubby had to pay RM160 for the scan and consultation, not RM120 seperti yang dihebahkan di blog blog orang lain. Dalam pada itu, kata plak air kencing kotor, bagi antibiotik and ubat apa ntah lagi. Total up to RM200. Tak kuasa nak gaduh, hari dah lewat malam, malas nak query macam-macam. Bayar aje la, and go. Hubby didnt let me take the antibiotik. So bila kat rumah, seronok dok tengok gambar baby je la. Out of 30 pictures and 3 videos saved in a cd, ini dua je yang clear. 

So I dont know whether to blame myself for doing the scan lambat, or to blame them for not scanning properly to get the best shot. 

Apa pon, syukur alhamdulillah.. semua sihat and can't wait for my next check up with Doctor Siti. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pregnancy 3rd month and 2nd Trimester

Oh, it takes me 2 months to update my pregnancy stories from the last entry. I have been very busy not only with work but also keeping up with my body changes.

I went for my 3rd checkup in June 2012. From a piece of meat, literally seketul daging in my womb, it has grown to be in shape.

I could see the shape of the head, and back bone. I believe from this picture it was facing down. My third month of pregnancy was nothing much different from the second month. All the symptoms were still there, maybe was at my worst.

I had terrible back pain, nausea all the time, I could not smell food, I would feel loya and nak muntah. Tapi tak muntah pun, but believe me, you'd feel better if you can vomit it out. Lower abdominal was still very much in pain. Fatigue? Jangan cakap lah... If you haven't gone through this stage, you'd never be able to imagine the level of fatigueness a pregnant woman can get.

4th checkup, was exactly 4 weeks later.

The position of the baby was still the same with the previous position we managed to capture above. When it heard us talking, it turned its head n faced us. It was soo amazing that she could hear us. And Dr Siti managed to capture its face.

At this stage most people able to know the gender of the baby. But I couldn't. Maybe because of its position. And MAYBE because it's a girl. Although a lot of people guessed my baby was a boy, I strongly believe it was a girl. Kata hati seorang ibu lah konon. Especially when we couldnt tell the gender at this stage, you can easily know if it's a boy, because it's very easy to see the tootsie!

In a blink of an eye, I realised that I was already in my 2nd trimester. Suddenly, all the pregnancy symptoms were gone and I didnt even realise it.

The fifth checkup was in the fifth month of pregnancy. Everything was good, my protein, sugar etc.. was great, alhamdulillah. Berat badan je tak best. Tapi takpe lah..hopefully sementara ni aje.

Unfortunately, during my visit this time, Dr Siti got a call from the labour room, I guess she was in hurry, she forgot to save my baby's picture from the scan. Tapi from the scan, she guessed that the baby was a girl. A-HAA!! But she only gave 98% confidence level that it was a girl. Well, when my mom was pregnant with my brother, doctor said 120% it was a girl, bila beranak turned out to be a boy. So 2% of chances it could be a boy was still high to me. It doesn't matter, anyway.

At 5th month baru rasa ada flutters in my tummy, mom said that's the movement of the baby. Rasa macam ada butterfly in tummy. Sometimes, I got confused whether it was the baby or it was just me being hungry.

My 6th checkup was done after more than a month. Probably between my 6th and 7th month of pregnancy.

THIS was the best 2D scan picture I have ever had. Dr Siti confirmed again that she was a girl because this time she could she her tootsie very clearly. She has turned her face from right to left side. Her eyes n mouth were open, Dr said she was a chubby baby. Oh my God. This photo really melts my heart. EVERYTIME! Her round eyes, her round face, her round body, makes my husband calls her Bulat-Bulat.

At this stage, I could feel her kicking already. The first 2 weeks she started kicking, only I could feel the amazing feeling. Hubby still could not feel it, until going to the 7th month. Seronok rasa sebab all these while, I only enjoyed it alone, and I could not prove how enjoyable it has been. Now that hubby could feel it too, rasa best. Tapi its too late for him, because as he first feel her kicking, I could already SEE her move from one side to another side in my belly.

Oh, second trimester came and go too fast. Sekejap je rasa seronok. The third trimester already coming, and the feeling I felt in the first trimester is haunting me again, only worse this time, because of the bulging belly and the heavy body to carry together with you.

3 bulan je lagi!!! InsyaAllah, I can go through this.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raya 21 - 2012

Dah 21 hari raya, baru la berkesempatan nak jumpa my bffs. Dah la bulan puasa tak jumpa langsung. But anyway, Dyla's open house memang la rumah yang ditunggu setiap tahun.

From left: ShoN, Ira, me, Dini, Myra, Dyla, Nad and Asma

So happy to meet everyone. Especially the moms to be! I call ourselves, the dragon mummies. That's because all of us who are pregnant will be delivering in the year of dragon, insyaAllah. Except for Dini though. Not sure when is her due date. She will be dragon mom also if she delivers before 10th Feb 2013.

Macam mana pun, so very happy to meet up and sharing checkup experiences.

 I look like I'm gonna pop real soon don't I? Haihh tapi hakikatnya, lambat lagi.. heheh!!

Can't wait for next meet up with the girls, hopefully..very soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pregnancy 2nd month

In the previous entry, I talked about discovering the pregnancy. In the first checkup which was about 5 weeks then, we couldn't see anything from the scanner screen. Just a black hole. Dr Siti told me to come again in 3 weeks time to see the progress. You'd be surprise to see how the tiny little dot, has grown into a piece of living meat in just 3 weeks time.

From the screen, I could see the meat moving, Dr said it was the heartbeat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was still only half convinced that I was pregnant. Seeing that thing moving, I thought it was just in my mind. Probably it moved because I was breathing.

But still, I went back home feeling so happy that finally I see something in my womb. The scanner cannot be lying, right.

At 8 weeks, my tummy was already looking like 16 weeks. Probably because I was bloating. Berangin satu badan.

This is the time where everybody will take extra careful of you. Because you are so fragile at this point in time. Takut keguguran. Makan pun jaga. Nenas, kicap, kopi were the BIG NO! Although Dr said there is no restrictions. Semua akan pesan, no heavy lifting, no running, and no heavy work. But for some of us who are wondering if you can still have sex with your husband, the answer that Dr gave was "yes, you can, but stop when you bleed". Of course it wasn't me who asked the Dr. Adalah orang lain yang tanya :p

Alhamdulillah, I did not have bad morning sickness. The most is rasa mual, macam nak muntah, tapi tak muntah-muntah. Feeling sick and fatigue all the time. I thought it was end of the world already. But when I got to know some of my other friends were put to bed rest for weeks, taking up MCs, duduk sebelah jamban to get ready to vomit anytime, consuming pain killers, I felt so thankful and syukur to Allah that I didnt have to go through all that. Well, not in this pregnancy la at least. Different pregnancy kan different experience.

In this period, I also had back pain and lower abdominal pain that made me difficult to walk and uncomfortable when I sleep. When I want to get up from my seat, I had to stand still for few seconds just so my muscle tak terkejut bila terus berjalan. And bila jalan, yaAllah, macam orang dah sarat. Sebab sakit sangat dekat lower abdominal tu. Orang cakap, sakit tu normal. Sebab baby nak mengembang and membesar. So I didnt worry too much.

When you are at this stage, then you realise kenapa orang pregnant selalu moody. Sebab menahan sakit badan yang teramat sangat and rasa indescribable fatigue. Just like why women are moody during their menses. sebab nak tahan sakit perut period. But of course, some lucky ladies, do not have to go through all these. Tapi, only when you go through these la, you realise betapa besarnya jasa ibu. For going through all these, but still not giving up. You'll appreciate your mother more!

Bila dah macam ni, of course I couldn't wait for my next checkup!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pregnancy 1st month

I discovered something was baking in the oven some time in late April. Then, I was 2 months late. But I didn't put much hope in it because I had an irregular menstrual cycle. And the fact that I checked using home kit test in March, the negative result did not surprise me at all.

In April, I realised something was very wrong with my body. My tummy bloated like different kind of bloat. I asked my husband if he thinks that it was something to do with growth or fibroid or anything like that. He just said " No laaaa, maybe you're just getting fatter" blergghhh!! I bought another pregnancy home kit. Hoping for a miracle. Hoping it was positive. Because if it didnt turn out positive, there was a chance of fibroid or growth. Seriously, the bloat is very diffierent kind of bloat. I know la my own body. Boo my husband! hehe

I tested. It was positive. I couldnt believe my eyes. I asked my husband and my mom if the result shown meant I was pregnant. None of them actually know. Mom has never used pregnancy home kit before. So she herself was not confident. I asked few friends, none of them gave positive remark, because they didnt want to give me false hope. 

I bought two more pregnancy home kit, different brands and tested at different time. 

All showed positive results. And one of them, ClearBlue (supposedly the most reliable one) actually displayed 3+ on the screen, and according to the instruction, it meant 3 weeks plus. I read the instructions over and over again, waiting for time to go see the doctor for confirmation.

I made an appointment with a very famous obgyn in Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SDMC), Dr Siti on 3 May 2012.

She did a scan, and she said she could only see a sac. But no baby. But of course she didnt say it like that. I would have cried my heart out if she had said "No baby" to my face! She said it in the most comforting way, I cannot describe.

Then she inserted something in the vagina, and she said "that's the baby, it is at the right position" showing me from the screen. But honestly I could not see anything. The thing that she called baby. I couldnt see it. I could only see this little black sac. But i fell in love with the black hole already.

Alhamdulillah, it is something miracle to me. Because of my medical history, my irregular cycle, and all the doctors that I went for consultation with told me that I will have difficulty in getting pregnant unless I seek medical help. But I gave myself 1 year to try naturally, and syukur, at 8 months of marriage, Dr Siti confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant.

But at this point in time, up to my second checkup, I still could not believe I was pregnant. Everything was like a dream. And even in reality, I was only 50% sure that I was actually pregnant.

Patiently waited for the second checkup.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Raya 8 - 2012

Hari raya ke lapan baru nak gi open house.

First, I went to bff Zetty's open house in Subang Jaya. Walaupun it was my first house for the day, I reached there pun almost 4pm already.. Hubby had a migrain, so kene tunggu dia tidur and recover from the migrain.

Walaupun lambat, managed to catch up with some old friend, Iena and Nadia. But did not manage to take photo with them. Tapi sempat bergambar with my friend, Aziati that has been working in the US for quite some time now, dah lama tak jumpa.

With Aziati and Zetty, the tuan rumah
Had my lunch there, makan kueteow goreng basah yang sangat sedap.

After that, shoot to bff Dini's house in Kota Damansara. Dapat jumpa another old friend, Sarah, my college mate. Tapi, jugak tak dapat bergambar with her. Only managed to take foto with my Subang girls. Biasalah, my Subang girls ni memang giler camera sket, pegi mana pun sure amik gambar. ;)

Back: Ali, Stewart, Dzue's fiance, Adri (with ARR), Hadi, Riz and Dini
Front: Me, Dzue, Nadira, Aziati, Myra and LA

Chewah, siap caption perkenalan lagi... Anyway, dekat sini, makan Spagetthi home-made yang sangat best, and satay kajang.

Oh, I love open house with good food!

Pic courtesy: Aziati Wan Haron

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raya Celebration 2012

We have pretty much decided we are going to spend our first raya in KL every year, now that my atok is not in his best condition to be staying on his own, he will be staying in KL with us maybe sampai bila-bila. Even if he is getting better, he will not be able to be staying alone with my opah in kampung where no one is around to look after. So, yea... first raya insyaAllah will always be in KL.

But we need to take turns to be with who's parents on early morning raya. Pagi raya memang sangat bermakna untuk semua orang, at least to my family. We will bersalam-salam and take photos and makan nasi tomato together, that's our family tradition.

Last year, we spent our first day raya morning with my husband's family in Ampang. This year, it's my family's turn to have that morning with me and my husband. But we went back Ampang on raya eve to buka puasa with my in laws. It's nice to give and take, so far, between me and hubby, takde pernah gaduh nak pegi mana, nak balik mana, we understand each other and the needs to be fair with both families, very well, syukur for that.

So first raya morning, oleh kerana the night before, after we came back from Ampang, my neighbours in the same lorong and my family sedang sibuk berlawan mercun dan bunga api dengan penduduk the other side of Bidai Residence, kami pun join and stayed up very late, semua bagi alasan tak pergi solat raya. Cheh konon-konon.

Mama and Papa
Papa tak pakai baju raya this year, sebab atok still sakit, he didnt want to look beriya beraya. So he decided to wear shirt instead. Tapi colour off laaa...

There is no picture of me salam with hubby, private session, ;) awal pagi lagi dah mintak ampun, takleh nak tunggu solat raya abis.

Me and hubby di pagi raya
With my family

After all this salam and makan session, we headed straight to Kajang to my makngah's place where my atok was. Surprisingly, atok was handsomely dressed in baju melayu. Still bed rest though.

At Makngah's house we had some kueteow goreng and nasi with kurma ayam and rendang. Then we headed to Damansara, hubby's nenek's house where we meet all my hubby's extended family in one place. Tapi tak dapat nak ambik gambar, it was soo packed, and everybody is like scattered everywhere, tak dpt nak berkumpul ambil gambar.

At night, we received guests at Bukut Jelutong.

My in laws came, but tak sempat take foto with my BIL's lil family.
Mama's siblings and my opah from Puchong
Neighbours also came

Second day raya, we went to hubby's mak sedara's house in the morning and then to his tok sedara's house for lunch. No picture, sebab semua concentrate on makanan yang dihidang.

After that we hit the highway and headed to Ipoh to my opah sedara's house (mama's aunt). It took us 4 hours to reach Ipoh (normally 2.5 hours the most).

BBQ on second raya di Ipoh
Third day, we went to Padang Rengas to my other opah sedara's house (papa's aunt).

Padang Rengas family
Yes, no picture of me...!!! Sebab gemuk sangat, malas nak tangkap gambar.. haha :p

We hit the highway to KL, and it took us 6 hours to reach KL, hamaigadd!! Jam tak hengat!

Lepas maghrib, we went to hubby's Pak Ude's house in Damansara for open house.

With hubby's family

That sums up my raya celebration before I started to go back to work. BOO for going back to work!

Hope everyone is also enjoying their raya celebration as much as I did.

Salam to all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raya to me

Last year was the first raya I celebrated as a wife.

This year is the first raya I am celebrating as a mom-to-be.

Next year insyaAllah I will be celebrating raya as a mom.

The past 29 years? When I have always been celebrating as a daughter. Lain sangat semuanya.

When I was young, Raya to me was all about new baju kurung (I always had at least 4-5 pasang each raya, tailor-made), new baju casual (always Guess or Esprit), new baju tido (sepanjang malam ada kat kampung mesti pakai new pyjama), new undies (always start pakai new undies first day raya, perasaan dia...sangat best, hahah)  wearing jewelleries (every raya eve, mama will pakaikan rantai, gelang kaki and gelangan tangan to be worn sepanjang raya), collecting duit raya (always been getting almost a thousand every year).

As I grew older, slowly, semua jadi berkurangan. Baju kurung maximum tempah 3 pasang je. Baju casual only a piece or two beli dekat Pakson sale. Baju tido baru sepasang je beli kaftan dari Kelantan. New undies pulak beli dekat Scarlet Jusco yang jual 5 pieces for RM10. Kadang-kadang mama terlupa keluarkan jewelleries from the safe, so, pakai je rantai mama yg ada yg besar gedabak, panjang giler. Duit raya.. hardly reach RM400 a year.

Bila dah start kerja, slowly, semua semakin berkurangan. Baju kurung masih 3 pasang tapi some tempah, some beli ready-made je. Baju casual, baju tido, seluar dalam semua beli kat FOS. Jewelleries, takde pakai yang baru...pakai apa yang memang tengah pakai hari-hari. Duit raya, I give out RM1,000, dapat blk dalam RM300.

Bila dah kawin, semua dah takde. Baju raya cari kaftan yang dah siap je jual kat ruang legar shopping mall. Baju tido, seluar dalam, baju casual dah tak beli dah for raya, pakai apa yang ada. Jewelleries pakai barang hantaran dari suami, my barang kemas yang simpan dalam safe dah tak pernah kelar-keluar dah. Duit raya keluar double than usual, tapi tak dapat balik dah, because my dad stop giving me duit raya sejak kawin.

Yes, everything fades away as you grow older and older, you get less and spend more, you buy less things for yourself because there are other important things to spend on.

Tapi semua tu material je. Each phase of my life has given me different meaning of raya. More meaning of course. We appreciate raya better each year. Dengan penuh rasa kesyukuran, rasa rendah diri meminta maaf dan ampun, saling menziarahi all our family members. And alhamdulillah, I could not ask for a better raya, now that I am a wife and carrying a child in my womb, semua ni memberi erti yang sangat bermakna. Takde baju tido and undies baru pon takpe.. haha my raya will still be complete.  

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

Alhamdulillah, we are now reaching the end of Ramadhan.

Initially before Ramadhan starts, I was very much worried that I could not tahan the fasting. Mana tak nya, bila tak puasa, hari-hari kene makan, kalau tak kene heartburn wooo!! Sejak membawak budak dalam perut, makan kene on time, if not... gastric la jawabnya...!

Tapi, syukur la, bila niat berpuasa, Allah permudahkan semuanya. I managed to puasa far! I still have 2 days more, but insyaAllah... kalau takder sakit, I shall complete my puasa this year.

I find this year's Ramadhan quite different from past years'. Mainly because my husband is now back in KL, and we buka puasa together almost every day.

Tahun ni jugak, we don't really buka puasa outside. We enjoy buka puasa with each other at home so much, that we seldom thought of makan outside.

Towards dekat nak raya ni, lagi la, kerja belambak, everything gotta be settled by Friday evening, before I go on raya leave.

Bank Negara report, Interim accounts, RBC report, Ofin Reconciliation, EVERYTHING by Friday. It's crazy man!

Takpe, biar stress sekarang, raya boleh yahoo!!!

Selamat meng-complete kan puasa anda.. lagi dua hari!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 year old marriage

We celebrated our first year anniversary pergi holiday, no fancy dinner, no fancy hotels. We just went to Cherating.

We booked ourselves Eastern Pavillion by Holiday Villa in Cherating.

It has villas that are named according to the states that we have in Malaysia. Ours was Johor Pavillion.

This is our private villa...

With private pool..

This is the hall of the villa. It has a separate toilet from the room's

The room with attached bathroom

Ini tepi laut, ada tempat lepak-lepak. 

Different from our first honeymoon at Tanjung Jara, laut dia putih. Which I personally prefer Tanjung Jara's laut yang sangat biru warnanya. 

Nothing much nak review about this place. It has great villa and service dia so-so lah. I still prefer Tanjung Jara which has first class service. They treat you like King! Not in Cherating la of coz.

Food wise, makanan dia biasa jer. Not fair to comment coz we only had breakfast there. Other times, we eat outside or tapau KFC back to the villa. (Jauh wooo nak cari KFC, tapi teringin punya pasal...) 

Villa rate, I think that overall, Cherating ni more expensive. In Tanjung Jara, the rate was about RM2k plus for two person, makan 3 times a day, with 3 course meal, every meal. That is all inclusive. Although it was the cheapest room that we could get, it was good enough.

Eastern Pavillion's rate was about RM1k plus, just the room! Not even breakfast was included. If we were to eat in the hotel jer like we had in Tanjung Jara, ntah berapa la agaknya total bill. 

Chewah, asyik puji Tanjung Jara jer ni... ye lah.. berbulan madu pertama kali... Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain.. haha!

Tapi yang different about this honeymoon than the first one.. kali ni.. datang bertiga, bukan berdua lagi dah...

Yes, alhamdulilah.. ada seorang lagi dalam perut yang baru nak menjadi masa tu.. :) :) Bak kata orang, no more honeymoon... It's babymoon! Atau erti bahasa lain adalah, berbulan baby.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome back! Hopeful

Dah lama kan tak post :) The last post i was writing was on 17 November 2011, another review of my reception..but it never get posted!

Reason? Because I ended my job as a temporary housewife and started my new job in KL. I became very busy, had to live separately with my husband... when we only had weekends together. Hence, I stopped blogging for a while.

I never realised that I had a lot of silent readers, left me so many emails, that I failed to reply. Some bride-to-be came across this blog and asked me questions and guidance through emails, and, I failed to reply them on time. Sorry sangattttt!!!

Truthfully, I seldom check my gmail since I stopped blogging. So its really not because i do not want to reply, bukan sombong, bukan kedekut nak share stories. But i reply all the emails immediately bila terbaca.

Friends also dropped me messages to continue updating the blog. Well, insyaAllah, I shall start again. But those who requested me to update my Bertandang review... I think..better not! Sudah satu tahun lebih woooorrr!!!

I shall just share some pictures, when I have the time to upload later. One of the reader who dropped me messages and wanted to see my baju songket bertandang, I have guided you to my FB page, I hope you found it!

Dah satu tahun lebih berlalu, I surely have a lot of updates about my life.

My new chapter begins.

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