Friday, April 23, 2010

Bila nak cepat

Bad luck always hit me whenever I am in hurry,
When I have got something important to catch,
When I am rushing for submissions,
When I am due for anything.....

I was preparing for my presentation report for a meeting with the top management of my client. Chronology of what happened during my journey for the finalisation of the report:

Two days before the meeting, I had migrain. A really bad one. So I left my client's place quite early and I just immediately slept when I reached home. So I have practically wasted the whole day because I was really sick and still forcing myself.

After sleeping, I woke up to continue working. It was 10pm at night. I was surfing the net to get some information, suddenly got popups saying that I need to install antispyware because my machine has been infected by virus. I ignored, but it kept coming up, then i clicked NO. But it kept popping up. Then, my whole Internet Explorer got shut down. And I couldn't open it, The popups kept popping up.

I had to shut down the whole laptop. Scared if my whole laptop got infected by virus trojan. So my time was wasted again.

The next day went and repaired my laptop, it took me half a day.

Stayed back in office until 5 am in the morning to be ready for the next day meeting.

I tried to sleep even for two hours. My alarm did not ring, Or probably I stopped the alarm instead of snoozing it. I was already late. Then I forced myself to wake up, I heard cars honking outside. Like it never jammed before. Jam giler!!!! Oh shit, and I only had an hour.

Nothing is worse than waking up late on a morning where you are suppose to have early meeting, and these happened:

- Ubat gigi habis
- Baju x iron lagi
- Toilet bowl tak boleh flush
- Your one and only black office shoes patah tumit
- Arrived later than your big big bossssss

Other things around you will not co-operate so don't rush for anything. The more you rush for things, the worse things will get.

Screw deadlines.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Wahai burung,

aku tak pernah sakitkan hati kau,

tak pernah makan kaum kerabat kau,

kenapa kau tembak seluruh kereta aku... tanpa belas kasihan

malas betul nak cuci malam-malam ni..

Takper la, tompok-tompok ceklat ni cantik jugak

menghiasi keta ni.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My name is

When I was in school, I had a senior whose name was Mohd Izrin.

Back then, I got to know that there was another boy in school by the name of Izrin.

When I tell people my name is Izrin, people would spell my name with double E - Izreen. (Izrin sounds so boyish, I guess)

I have not known any girl that shares the same name as mine,

I started to doubt about the feminism of my name.

So I asked my mom.

She said she named me after a girl she barely knew back in college. She was tall, slim, pretty, rich and was driving a sportscar. Although I do not carry any of the above criteria, I am genuinely happy that at least there is another girl in this world that has Izrin as her name.

After so long, today I discovered something...

Izrin IS really a boy's name!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

YNWA - Justice for the 96

21 years on after the Hillsborough Tragedy Liverpool Football Club pays tribute to the 96 fans who lost their lives in the tragedy.

April 15 is never about football at Liverpool FC. It's about remembering each of the supporters named below. They'll never walk alone.

John Alfred Anderson (62)

Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)

James Gary Aspinall (18)

Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)

Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)

Simon Bell (17)

Barry Sidney Bennett (26)

David John Benson (22)

David William Birtle (22)

Tony Bland (22)

Paul David Brady (21)

Andrew Mark Brookes (26)

Carl Brown (18)

David Steven Brown (25)

Henry Thomas Burke (47)

Peter Andrew Burkett (24)

Paul William Carlile (19)

Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)

Gary Christopher Church (19)

Joseph Clark (29)

Paul Clark (18)

Gary Collins (22)

Stephen Paul Copoc (20)

Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)

James Philip Delaney (19)

Christopher Barry Devonside (18)

Christopher Edwards (29)

Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)

Thomas Steven Fox (21)

Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)

Barry Glover (27)

Ian Thomas Glover (20)

Derrick George Godwin (24)

Roy Harry Hamilton (34)

Philip Hammond (14)

Eric Hankin (33)

Gary Harrison (27)

Stephen Francis Harrison (31)

Peter Andrew Harrison (15)

David Hawley (39)

James Robert Hennessy (29)

Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)

Carl Darren Hewitt (17)

Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)

Sarah Louise Hicks (19)

Victoria Jane Hicks (15)

Gordon Rodney Horn (20)

Arthur Horrocks (41)

Thomas Howard (39)

Thomas Anthony Howard (14)

Eric George Hughes (42)

Alan Johnston (29)

Christine Anne Jones (27)

Gary Philip Jones (18)

Richard Jones (25)

Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)

Anthony Peter Kelly (29)

Michael David Kelly (38)

Carl David Lewis (18)

David William Mather (19)

Brian Christopher Mathews (38)

Francis Joseph McAllister (27)

John McBrien (18)

Marion Hazel McCabe (21)

Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)

Peter McDonnell (21)

Alan McGlone (28)

Keith McGrath (17)

Paul Brian Murray (14)

Lee Nicol (14)

Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)

Jonathon Owens (18)

William Roy Pemberton (23)

Carl William Rimmer (21)

David George Rimmer (38)

Graham John Roberts (24)

Steven Joseph Robinson (17)

Henry Charles Rogers (17)

Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)

Inger Shah (38)

Paula Ann Smith (26)

Adam Edward Spearritt (14)

Philip John Steele (15)

David Leonard Thomas (23)

Patrik John Thompson (35)

Peter Reuben Thompson (30)

Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)

Peter Francis Tootle (21)

Christopher James Traynor (26)

Martin Kevin Traynor (16)

Kevin Tyrrell (15)

Colin Wafer (19)

Ian David Whelan (19)

Martin Kenneth Wild (29)

Kevin Daniel Williams (15)

Graham John Wright (17)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

orang gila

one of those days

when we think we are in love....sikiit.. :)

we talk on skype,

chat through gmail chat,

send short emails like we are chatting,

checkout each other's facebook,

miss call on mobile phones,

all at one time.

like they are all with different people.

mak saya kata, "orang gila je buat macam tuh".

dia pulak pulak kata, "memang la saya gila, saya gilakan anak anda"


Friday, April 9, 2010

It's not over

My aunt was diagnosed of a pancreas cancer mid last year. Doctor said it was second stage. She underwent an operation to remove it. The operation was a success as the surgeon claimed that they managed to remove the affected area as much as the eye can see.

Early this year, she started to feel sick again. She did her usual checkup and scanning, they found the cancer has actually spread to her liver. And now she is in her fourth stage.

For the past 3 months she has not been eating well. She just doesn’t have the appetite. That is not a good sign. I don’t like it when someone is not eating.

The doctor said she has got only 6 months. Her husband could not accept that fact because to him, the doctor has no right to determine a person’s life. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. Which, I agree. But the doctor said it based on experience, based on medical report, and based on his knowledge. The rest is still up to God. Apa yang kita boleh buat adalah usaha dan doa.

Mak Long, I love you. I will pray for you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You

You have been a very good servant

And now I shall restore you to your best condition possible

I hope you will serve your purpose to your full capabilities

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Balanced life

How do we define these two words? And how many of us actually do have a balanced life?

As a woman, it is rather difficult to balance it well, not when you are a career lady, with family to take care of.

My definition of a balanced life is a perfect life. In my perfect life, I see myself waking up in the morning, do some running for about an hour after prayers, breakfast with family, see my 6 kids off to school, and as a big shot of a big multinational, I can go to work anytime I like, and spend time at night with the kids and hubby at home. I can go shopping on weekends, and bring my kids for holidays in overseas at least twice a year.

But that’s just too perfect and too good to be true. There is always an opportunity cost. You will always have to sacrifice something.

I have always wanted to be a very understanding senior. I told myself that I will try not to let my staff work till late night. They need to have a balanced life.

However, the deadlines are killing me. I don’t know if it’s the Malaysian companies, or is it the Malaysian working culture. How can a company close its business on a 31 March, and expect the auditor to give clearance on their stupid accounts in a week’s time?

The deadline is FORCING me to be a bad person I already am. I have to get my staff to work late night and on weekends, and if they don’t I feel angry and worried if we can’t meet the deadlines.

And I’ll get screwed up because I can’t manage my staff well. But who’s to blame? My staff? My boss? My client? Or the stupid regulatory? I don’t have the answer.

I hate to be so bitchy stressing up on deadlines, when people just show their concern but continuing to work at their slow pace. And when they can’t finish, they’d come to me and say, “I’m sorry but I don’t think I can finish this”. And what the hell you want me to do??? Finish it for you????? But I can’t blame you right? Because this is just a stupid way of working, chasing a deadline that you cannot even meet. Taking away people’s family time just to meet the deadline? I just don’t know whether to be angry or to be understanding. I don’t like it either way.

What makes it worse is the bosses will not understand. With such an impossible deadline, I would have thought he’d go ahead and fight for us telling the client that it is impossible. I thought wrong. But can I really blame him? Cause if he does not abide by the request of the client, we will lose a million dollar job.

Like a contagion effect.

Oh, what a sad life.
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