Monday, March 31, 2008

My "Quarter Marathon" run

“Jangan kata 5km, 200 metre pecut pun, tak pernah buat” That was the first thing that came to my mind when my friend Rozel helped me to register for the 10k KL Intermational Marathon. I was in office that Saturday evening when I just suddenly thought of joining the run. I thought to myself what the hell, just do it. Its not that I’m gonna be shot to death bila tak abis 10km. Bukannya kene denda telanjang bulat kalau tak habis the run. So? Masuk je lah! When I always heard Ali telling me about his cycling and running friends, what interest me is perempuan-perempuan yang boleh berbasikal sepanjang 150km dlm satu hari, perempuan yg boleh berenang over 1km, berbasikal 40km and berlari lagi 10km berturut-turut, lebih lebih lagi those women are married women. Just how you people find the strength and the time to do it lah! But anyways, I have to start somewhere. So that’s when the 10k run came into the picture.

I heard one pakcik was saying “alah, 10km, tak payah lari, jalan laju-laju je all the way sure boleh habis sejam setengah” wah.. itu pembakar semangat. So I was thinking, ok kalau macam tu, aku jalan kaki je laju-laju. Tapi bila turun bukit, lari lah sikit. Konon-konon bila buat macam tu, boleh la habis within cut off time. tapi alamak… sampai je kat The Weld, ana sudah penat lah! That’s when I realized I was walking with the 7km kids and I was wondering where the hell those 10k people were. I think I was one of the last people lah yang reach at the finishing line. The first 500 people dapat medal. Haihhh, mesti lah I tak dapat. The cut off time was 1:30 but I completed my run at 1:40. macam tak percaya I ran for 10k. I may not have finished on time, but I was happy I managed to finish. I remember the last time I joined Subang run, out of 500 people, I was the 499. Me and a friend, Aziati siap pegi kedai runcit beli air and duduk tepi jalan chit chatting. Sampai dah tak ada policemen jaga the jalan raya. By the time we reached the finishing line, with me doing a bit of running towards the end, so I didn’t become the last one, OAG was already on stage performing menandakan the event was ending. I was really glad that my Quarter marathon didn’t turn up to be like that.

I can still remember what Ali said to me the night before the run. Something that helped me prepare my mental strength, helped me went through the run confidently, this is what he said.

“For you to wake up in the morning for the run, for you to be there at the starting point, for you to even start the 10k run, you are already a winner”


Considering training has been almost zero I badly needed a mental boost to help me finish the run. It was a big help that I am probably going to do the whole course with Ayman. But on Saturday evening, just a day before the race Izrin informed me that she signed up for 10km run for KLIM 08. I got really excited to know that she did that only to realise that that could either be really sweet or dumb of her to do it. Somehow I always believe it is the former.

And I was right to think of it that way simply because she did finish her run with actual zero training. All she needed was a mental preparation for the race. I kept telling her the night before that she is doing it for herself and no matter how slow she fares the next day, never to let anyone else's thought bothers her. I can tell that she was a bit nervous because she will be doing it alone since I am running in the earlier start for 21km. But I told her that Azman is also doing the 10km, so there should be at least one or two familiar faces throughout the run.

All 4 of us reached Dataran Merdeka at approximately 0510. They were already quite a number of runners. I started to feel like a stranger surrounded by serious looking runners. And I was quite nervous down to the fact that I can't even pee after going through 5 minutes of queue to use the toilet. At 0530 the gates were open for 21km participants.

The start was slow since it was a mass start but it does not make any difference since I am gonna be doing a slow run anyway. The first water station was only 5km away but Ayman and I kept asking each other 'weh, mana water station ni wei?' just to show how unfit we are that we cannot even last 5km without feeling thirsty. After the first water station we managed to up our pace. As we headed towards Seputeh the pack of runners got stretched but Ayman and I were still running together. As we headed towards Jalan Hang Tuah, I told Ayman to go ahead and not wait for me as i was reduced to fast walking pace. I continued walking at that pace until I had my second gel in front of Pavilion. It was a funny and weird feeling to be sucking that gel in front of such a posh place, in my mind I told myself 'nasib baik aku telan powergel, kalau aku bukak roti canai bungkus cicah dhal sambil hilang langsung ke 'posh'an bangungan ni, takde makna punya nk taruk designer label kiri kanan kalau bangku2 kt luar bangunan ni aku buat port belasah roti canai'. After about 10 minutes, I managed to continue to jog until the finish.
After passing the famous nasi kandar shop at Jalan TAR i suddenly felt my lugs expanded and was literally sprinting towards the finish with an unofficial time of 03h 10m 12s. Although it was really slow I am happy that I managed to finish my first half marathon.

After catching up with the rest I started to feel the ill effect of that last 'sprint' towards the finish. My face turned pale and I puked 4 times. After the final one then only I could get hold of myself. Indeed it was painful but it is all worth it because all of us enjoyed the race.

I am so proud of Izrin that she finished her run. 10km is a no joke if you have not run further than 5km all your life. And for that I dedicate my finishing medal to her.

Before the start:

Ayman and Azman:

The crowd for half marathon:

Harun = Rudy Hitz.Fm
Johan Jochean = JJ Hitz.Fm
Fauzan = Member Ayman

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ready or Not Here I Come...

Went to Wisma OCM to collect the race number and timing chip. My number will be F5403 and Ayman's number is F5404. To be honest I am quite nervous and not so confident with myself to finish the run. It is very obvious to me that I will not be finishing the run comfortably and since physical training has been really below average, I might want to strengthen the mental aspect of the run. No doubt it will be painful and difficult eventhough it is just a half marathon. An avid runner will definitely finish his full marathon even before I can finish half of his distance. But that does not mean I should not run right? After all running is all about discovery. This is when I communicate with my body and mind to focus on the distance ahead, swallow the pain and not to give up until I have put everything to the limit and by that I hope my limit will last 21 km this Sunday. Personally I am really hoping that I can finish the run. Timing? That is not really a concern as long as I can finish within the cut off time.

It is going to be quite frustrating to get DNF on my name in the official results later.
But having said that I shall also prepare myself in case I am unable to finish it. There's always another time and place to attempt it again.

Hoping to see friends at the run and also looking forward to makan berdosa after the run.

Apa yg dimaksudkan dengan makan berdosa bukanlah memakan makanan yang tidak halal atau kotor. Cuma 'berdosa' adalah label yg kami (Azman, Ayman, dan saya) gunakan terhadap makanan yg lazat dan menggemukkan jika dimakan hari-hari.

Merseyside Derby

Here are are all the important pre-match stats and facts ahead of Sunday's Merseyside derby against Everton at Anfield.
# Head to head: (League only)

# At Anfield: Liverpool 37 wins, Everton 23 wins, 28 draws.

# Overall: Liverpool 66 wins, Everton 56 wins, 55 draws.

# Earlier this season at Goodison Liverpool won 2-1 with Dirk Kuyt scoring two penalties after Sami Hyypia gave the Blues a half time lead.
# Last season was the third time in five meetings the sides had failed to produce a goal on this ground.

# Liverpool have won 79 of the 204 meetings between the sides in all competitions with the Blues winning 64.

# Today's game is the 178th league meeting with the Reds leading 66-56.

# The last 'derby' hat-trick for Liverpool saw Ian Rush score four in a 5-0 win at Goodison in November 1982, while for the Blues Dixie Dean hit three at Anfield in September 1931 in a 3-1 win.

# Four Liverpool players have scored derby hat-tricks at Anfield. The last was Fred Howe in September 1935. The others were Harry Chambers (1922), Dick Forshaw (1925) and Harold Barton (1933).

# A win today will earn Liverpool their 3,000th point at Anfield in their league history.

# Sami Hyypia's own goal at Goodison in October was only the second scored by a Liverpool player in a league derby.

# Dirk Kuyt is the only player to score two penalties in a derby. He is now one behind the leading scorer from the spot in the fixture - Phil Neal.

# If Kuyt scores he will become the first Liverpool player since Emile Heskey in 2000-01 to score in both derby meetings in a season.

# Should Fernando Torres score he will equal the club record of scoring in six successive top-flight home games. It has been achieved by Fred Pagnam (1919), Roger Hunt (1964), Ian Rush (1983) and Michael Owen (1999).

# The best ever is eight by Roger Hunt in the Second Division in 1961-62.

# Jose Reina could play his 100th league game for the Reds. If he prevents Everton from scoring he will break a club record. He will keep his 54th clean sheet. Ray Clemence kept the most (53) of all keepers to have played 100 league games for the club.

# The Reds are looking to their third Premier League double over their city rivals having previously achieved the feat in 2000-01 and 2005-06.

# Both Fabio Aurelio and Alvaro Arbeloa could play their 50th game for Liverpool in all competitions.

# Liverpool's biggest Derby win at home came in September 1935 when they won 6-0.

# Steven Gerrard is one goal away from recording 20 in a season for the second time in his Liverpool career.

# John Arne Riise scored his first league goal for Liverpool at Goodison in September 2001.

# Last Sunday Javier Mascherano became the first Liverpool player to be sent off in the Premiership since Luis Garcia in April 2006.

# Should Liverpool score it will be their 100th in all competitions this season in this their 49th game of the campaign.

# Only three penalties have been saved in the derby with the last being by Bruce Grobbelaar in March 1984 at Goodison from Graeme Sharp.

# In nine of the meetings down the years the score has finished 3-2, with Liverpool winning every time.

# 14 red cards have been issued in the last 17 derbies with seven being brandished in the last six games. (21 have been sent off in the history of the fixture).

# Phil Neville and Steven Gerrard are the only players to be sent off twice in the history of the Merseyside derby.

# Liverpool go into the game in fourth place, two points clear of Everton with seven games to play.

# Everton have won two of the last 16 meetings home and away-both at Goodison.

# The Blues have scored in six of the last seven league meetings and in nine of their last dozen visits.

# Tim Cahill is looking to score against Liverpool for the fourth successive season.

# Everton's last win at Anfield came in September 1999 - only their second victory in their last 21 League visits.

# The Blues' defeat at Fulham two weeks ago was their first in the league in 2008.

# Of the 31 Premier League meetings Everton have won eight and lost 12.

# David Moyes has won 94 and lost 81 of his 230 league games in charge of the club. He has managed Everton since March 2002.

# Only two current Premiership managers have been in charge of their clubs for longer than David Moyes. They are Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

# Phil Neville will make his 100th league appearance for the Blues if selected.

# Only three current Everton players have scored in a Merseyside Derby - Tim Cahill and Andy Johnson have two and Lee Carsley one.

# The Blues have come from behind only once to win a Derby since the war - that was in 1992 when Peter Beardsley scored the winner at Goodison.

# The last time Everton won the second league derby of a season was in 1988 at Goodison when Wayne Clarke scored the only goal to end the Reds 29 unbeaten run from the start of the league campaign.

# Yakubu is one goal away from becoming the first Everton player to score 20 goals in a season. The last man to do this was Peter Beardsley in 1991-92.

# Everton have not won on this ground by more than one goal since a 2-0 victory in February 1986.

# Everton's biggest win on this ground came in October 1914 when they won 5-0.

# Everton have come from behind to win a Derby only once since the war - that came in 1992 when Peter Beardsley scored the winner.

# The Blues have won 17 games in the league this season. Only Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have won more.

# Everton have been awarded just seven penalties in post-war league derbies with five being scored and two missed.

# Everton have lost just one of their last 11 league games at Fulham to weeks ago.

# Current League Positions:

# Liverpool: Pld 31 Won 16 Drawn 11 Lost 4 Goals For 55 Against 24 Pts 59 Position: 4th.

# Everton: Pld 31 Won 17 Drawn 6 Lost 8 Goals For 48 Against 26 Pts 57 Position: 5th.

# Leading scorers this season: (League in brackets)

# Liverpool: Torres 27 (20), Gerrard 19 (10), Benayoun 10 (3), Kuyt 9 (3), Babel 8 (4), Crouch 8 (2), Voronin 4 (3), Hyypia 3 (1), Alonso 2 (2), Aurelio 1 (1), El Zhar 1 (0), Lucas 1 (0), Mascherano 1 (1), Pennant 1 (1), Sissoko 1 (1), own goals 3 (3).

# Everton: Yakubu 19 (13), Cahill 10 (7), Johnson 10 (6), Lescott 8 (6), Osman 6 (3), Anichebe 5 (1), McFadden 5 (2), Arteta 4 (1), Jagielka 2 (1), Pienaar 2 (2), Vaughan 2 (1), Carsley 1 (1), Neville 1 (1), Stubbs 1 (1), own goals 2 (2).

Stats provided by LFC'S Official Website

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Attempt at Half Marathon

The KL International Marathon is just 3 days away. I started running as part or my physiotherapy since the ACL injury. I have managed to increase the distance gradually. I am attempting to complete my first half marathon this Sunday. I have only done 10km runs before in registered runs and have never ran more than 20 km before. And I'm hoping that I'll finish the run this Sunday within cut off time. The gun off is at 0600 and I hope everything will be fine considering training has been mediocre. I'll be doing the run with Ayman with hope to see more familiar faces.

Good Luck to all runners this Sunday...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Football Sunday

Here are all the pre-match stats and facts ahead of LFC's trip to face Manchester United this weekend.

# This is the 150th league meeting between the sides and Liverpool go into this match looking for their 50th win.

# It is a clash between Liverpool who have won each of the last five league games and United who have taken maximum points from their last four.

# Earlier this season United won 1-0 at Anfield thanks to a 43rd minute goal from Carlos Tevez. It was their sixth successive league game against the Reds on Merseyside without defeat.

# Last season at Old Trafford Liverpool lost 2-0 with goals from Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand (for the second successive time in this fixture) deciding the game. It was Scholes'500th United appearance.

# The Reds only success against United under Rafa Benitez came in the F.A.Cup in 2006 when Peter Crouch scored the only game. Rafa's league record against Liverpool's fierce North West rivals is drawn one and lost six.

# In that time Liverpool's only goal has come courtesy of a John O'Shea own goal.

# There has been only one goalless draw between the sides in the Premiership. That came at Anfield in September 2005.

# In the Premiership Liverpool have won seven and United 17 of the 31 meetings.

# Peter Beardsley for Liverpool in September 1990 and Stan Pearson for United in September 1946 have scored the last hat-tricks for each club in the fixture.
# The last Liverpool player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford was Fred Howe in November 1936.

# Liverpool's biggest win at Old Trafford came in November 1936 when they beat United 5-2.

# Liverpool have not scored more than one goal in a League game at Old Trafford in their last 11 visits scoring only six goals in that time.

# Harry Kewell, at Anfield back in November 2003, is the last Liverpool player to score a league goal against United in open play.

# The Reds have won three times in the last seven visits to Old Trafford but have lost each of the last three. Those victories are their only successes at United in the last 16 visits.

# They have won just 14 times on this ground in the league in 112 years.

# Their last victory here came in April 2004 when Danny Murphy, for the third time in his Reds career, scored the only goal of the game at Old Trafford. Of the squad that day only Carragher, Hyypia, Riise, Finnan, Gerrard and Kewell remain at Anfield.

# Murphy is the only Liverpool player to have scored in this fixture in the last seven visits since Patrik Berger scored in a 1-1 draw in March 2000.

# Liverpool have not won by more that one goal at Old Trafford since December 1978 when they won 3-0 thanks to goals from Ray Kennedy, Jimmy Case and David Fairclough.

# Sami Hyypia scored his first Liverpool goal against United at Anfield in 1999.

# John Arne Riise made his Liverpool debut against Manchester United in the 2001 Charity Shield.

# The last Liverpool player sent off in this fixture was Sami Hyypia in April 2003.

# Steven Gerrard's only league goal against United was a screamer at Anfield in a 2-0 win in March 2001.

# He is one goal away from recording 20 in a season for the second time in his Liverpool career.

# Fernando Torres has scored nine goals in his last six games for the Reds.

# Just two of his 20 league goals this season have came away from Anfield. His first came at Derby on Boxing Day and his last was scored at the Riverside against Middlesbrough.

# Liverpool's next goal will be their 100th in all competitions this season.

# Javier Mascherano became the 15th different Liverpool player to score this season last weekend.

# Jose Reina will break a club record if he prevents United from scoring. He will keep his 54th clean sheet in his 99th league appearance. Ray Clemence kept the most (53) of all keepers to have played 100 league games for the club.

# Liverpool were the last team before Arsenal and Manchester United to head the Premier League. The Reds led the table for two weeks in September.

# Liverpool are two goals short of recording 400 away from home in the Premiership.

# Alex Ferguson takes charge of United against Liverpool for the 51st time as manager at Old Trafford.

# Last weekend United went top of the league for the 7th time.

# They have drawn just four games in the league this season. Only Reading have drawn as few. United have lost four Premiership games-one more than Liverpool.

# Only Manchester City (twice), Bolton and West Ham have beaten United in the league.

# United have kept 18 clean sheets this season in the league- one more than Chelsea. Liverpool have kept 14.

# They have scored 15 goals in the last ten minutes of league games during this campaign with seven of those coming in stoppage time.

# United have scored most goals (61) and conceded fewest (15).

# They have conceded just five of those goals at Old Trafford with only Manchester City scoring more than once.

# Cristiano Ronaldo is the only United player to score in their last four games.

# Paul Scholes, at Anfield in March 2007, is the last United player to be sent off in the meetings between the teams.

# United have lost just one of the last 11 league games against Liverpool.

# Last season Ryan Giggs won his ninth league winners medal which saw him break the previous record of eight shared by Phil Neal and Alan Hansen.

# This is Giggs' 18th season in the top-flight and he has scored in every one.

# Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano started only three games together during their time at West Ham last season.

The recipe of love

Author: Babydoll

I know this little recipe,Which isn't hard to make.Once you mix the contents,This recipe you don't bake.
Two cups of flattery,Thats carefully concealed.Never allow the mixture,To get clogged or congealed.
One cup of kindness,A bowl of conversation.One cup of understanding,Mixed with consideration.
A large cup of faithfulness,Not given all at one time.Spread this out evenly and,The mixture will be just fine.
One cup of pure courtesy,And a dash of human kindness.Make sure it's all in proportion,For a blend that is the finest.
At this point you should add,Two tablespoons of love salt.And one cup of blindness,To erase the others faults.
Add a large pinch of praise,A cup of pure extract of trust.Now to get this mixture right,All of the above is a must.
Add a very small pinch of in lawsA VERY VERY small pinch indeed.Now blend together in your bowl,Remember to add one loving seed.
Add one reasonably large dash,Of generous consideration.Stir well and blend, Now add,A very large pinch of admiration.
Two teaspoons of "I'm sorrys",The mixture is now nearing the end.And once you have it just right,You can pass the recipe to your friend.
Now flavour with a large dash,Of memories thats warm and tender.Don't put it in the oven,I said at the start, Remember?.
Stir well and remove speck of jealousy,Criticism, Temper and put downs.I forgot you have to add a few smiles,And at this point remove any frowns.
Sweeten well with generous amounts,Only the finest blend of love.And at the end of this mixing,You'll have what it is you've dreamed of.
Remember and keep this mixture warm,With a steady flame of pure devotion.And at the very end of this mixture,You should have a special magic potion.
Season with lots of warm sweet hugs,And also a pinch of holding hands too.This sweet recipe I have for love,Is being made especially for you.
Dont ever serve with cold shoulder,Or even your best hot tongue.Last but not least for the mixture,Add a love song that needs to be sung.

A good recipe indeed. Relationship is not just about 'liking somebody'. Not about just for the sake of being somebody's partner. It is about love that needs to be added with these ingredients to make it tastier, and relationship would be a magical thing you'd never knew. Is it too much to ask aa boys? Is it too difficult to bake love? :p

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Letter to PM

Source: malaysiakini

For more info and pictures click here and here

You might also want to have a visit to this website

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Redmen are The Best

This article is taken from LFC website:

New research suggests teams who play in red jerseys are the most successful.

Analysis of post-war league results in England shows teams whose strips are predominantly red win more often, get more points and finish higher in the league on average compared with those who wear other colours.

Scientists believe the colour can confer an advantage in competitive sports because opponents subconsciously associate it with aggression and dominance.

Professor Martin Attrill, of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth, said: "Previous evidence from studies on combat sports and psychological tests suggest that competitors wearing red perform better than average.

"It is believed the colour can stimulate deep-rooted aggressive and dominance in competitive situations. Similarly research shows players who encounter opponents in red display more defensive reactions."

The researchers, whose work is due to be published later this year in the Journal of Sports Sciences, looked at the percentage of home wins and average points per game for 68 top clubs playing primarily in red, blue, white, yellow/orange and other between 1947 and 2003.

Teams with red strips were found to have won the league 60 per cent of the time, compared with 20 per cent for those in blue, despite more wearing blue.

They gained an average of 1.84 points per home game, compared with around 1.79 for blue and white teams and 1.75 for those playing in orange or yellow.

All results were standardised to three points for a win, a change introduced in 1981.

Merseyside provides all the evidence needed that red brings more glory than blue, though trends in Manchester and north London also support the findings.

Other football towns where red was deemed best were Nottingham, Bristol, Stoke and east London.

Sheffield United were the only team with a red home kit who did worse than their non-red rivals – Sheffield Wednesday.

Come May 2008 will it be another team in red to win the Champions League?
It could either be Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United or even Roma. We shall find out then.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


She has got the looks, and can play well consistently compared to Anna Kournikova who was the darling of the women tennis.

She is my favourite tennis player on the WTA tour.

For more info on Ana Ivanovic, click here.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a Story!

Yesterday night was spent mostly in front of the TV starting off with the news at 8. Sabah and Sarawak was won easily by BN. The rest they say its not up to 'expectation'.

This article in the Star today sums up everything:

Barisan reels from worst-ever election performance

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia is in shock. The Barisan Nasional is reeling from its worst-ever election performance.

While it managed to keep Terengganu and will form the next government, it lost Penang, Selangor Kedah and Perak to the Opposition and failed to recapture Kelantan.

Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in accepting the results, said this was clear proof of democracy at work in the country. He urged people to remain calm and not take to the streets to celebrate.

Earlier, as reports spread of Barisan’s mounting losses, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan warned the public not to hold any victory celebrations or spread rumours of rioting and that the Internal Security Act would be used against offenders caught.

Musa’s concern is understandable considering Barisan’s losses are even bigger than what the ruling party experienced in the 1969 general election.

In that election, Gerakan, as an Opposition party, won Penang while PAS took Kelantan.

Barisan Nasional's predecessor, the then Alliance haul of just 74 out of 144 parliamentary seats enabled it to form the government by a simple majority.

Yesterday, Barisan reached the simple majority by winning 112 out of the 222 parliamentary seats by 1am. Results show Sarawak and Sabah and Johor, the traditional bulwarks of the coalition, delivering the most number of seats – 24 from Sarawak, 29 from Sabah and 25 from Johor.

MCA is the biggest loser but a unhappy close second is Gerakan which lost its crown jewel, Penang, the state it had ruled for 39 years.

MIC failed badly, too, with its top leadership rejected by the voters.

Hence, the election saw the shock defeats of some of the biggest personalities on the Malaysian political landscape – MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu who lost to PKR’s Dr D. Jeyakumar; Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon who had planned to move to the federal level by contesting in the Batu Kawan parliamentary seat lost to DAP’s Dr P. Ramasamy and PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas was knocked out of his Taiping seat by DAP’s Nga Kor Ming.

Deputy Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was beaten by PKR fledging Nurul Izzah Anwar while Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun was unseated by entrepreneur-turned-DAP politician Tony Pua. Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the popular Selangor state assemblyman, lost in his bid for the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat to yet another political newbie, Loh Gwo-Burne.

News of possible upsets started trickling in shortly after Election Commission chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman announced at a 7.30pm press conference that the highest voter turnout was in Kelantan and Putrajaya (81% each).

By 8pm, unconfirmed reports said that PAS had retained Kelantan. (Putrajaya incumbent Tengku Adnan Mansor retained his seat too.)

Next to come were reports of Penang falling like ninepins to the DAP and seats in several other states once deemed safe were turning shaky for the BN incumbents.

It was all over in Penang for the Barisan by 9pm when DAP clinched 19 of the 40 state states.

Acting Gerakan president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon conceded defeat in a press conference at 11.30pm.

Selangor’s fall came when PKR, DAP and PAS took 33 of the 56 state seats at about 10.30pm. Kedah and Perak quickly followed.

Other interesting and unexpected news was Portsmouth defeated Man Utd at Old Trafford and Chelsea lost to giant killing Barnsley in the FA Cup quarterfinals.Videos of these two cup shocks are available here. an expected to win match, Liverpool defeated Newcastle 3-0 at Anfield.

In the RBS 6 Nations Rugby - Wales defeated Ireland in Dublin 16-12 to clinch the Triple Crown.

What a night of results and news!
I am hoping the new Government will learn from their lesson and the Opposition will live up to their promises.

The biggest loser has got to be Uncle Samy. He was arrogant enough to mention that even a troop of army will not stop him from winning his Sg. Siput Parliamentary seat. You are right Samy: it only needed the people to kick you out, not the army. People have spoken. My hope is that this country will be better.

Here are some pictures of the above events:

Sulley Muntari scored from the spot kick for Portsmouth

Kayode Odejayi scored the winning goal to knock Chelsea out of the FA Cup.

Gavin Henson brushes of a tackle from Ireland's Brian O'Driscoll

Shane Williams celebrates.

New Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Utusan's frontpage.

Torres celebrates his goal.

Gerrard made it 3-0.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysia Decides

8th March 2008
12th General Election
BBC news reported that the National Coalition (Barisan National) is expected to win but with narrower margin compared to the 2004 General Election.

With the controversial issues brought up by the Opposition Parties for the past 6 months they are also expected to win more seats compared to the last General Election. I am happy and satisfied that the process of voting was smooth and went well. The number of people turning up to vote was also quite convincing. I did not expect to be queuing at 0820 in the morning to vote.

The results are expected to be ready by midnight.

Helicopter joke:

PakLah, Samy Vellu and a pilot are on board a helicopter flying above KL.

PakLah: I have two RM50 notes with me, if i throw it out of this chopper I will make
2 people happy.

Samy Vellu: I have a better plan. If I throw one hundred RM 1 notes, I shall make 100
people happy.

Pilot: Mine is even better! If I throw both of you out of my chopper, I will make 23
million people happy.

Happy Voting folks....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One Milan down

AC Milan were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League last night. They were beaten 2-0 at San Siro by Arsenal. It was at the very same stage where Liverpool were knocked out by Benfica in 2006 as a defending Champion.
At this point Arsenal are on course to their 2nd final appearance in 3 seasons. They were the losing finalists against Barcelona in 2006.
As predicted earlier, Man Utd are also through to the quarterfinals defeating Lyon 1-0 at Old Trafford. Other teams through are Barcelona and Fenerbache.

Liverpool hosts West Ham United tonight in the BEPL.

While Chelsea face Olympiakos at Stamford Bridge. Roma will travel to Madrid to face Real Madrid while Schalke 04 will play against Porto in Portugal.

And I am hoping another Milan club will be eliminated next week.
This DVD has plenty of memory on it. It was definitely one of the best football matches in history of football. And it was also the first football match Izrin and I watched together although she made it clear from the beginning that she is backing Milan to win because she likes Filippo Inzaghi...what is up with girls with Italian footballers...sheesh. Anyhow throughout the whole match we did not talk much until Jerzy Dudek made that save against Andriy Shevchenko's spotkick.
This match means a lot to me personally and also as a Liverpool fan. Since that match, Izrin had adopted Liverpool as her favourite football team.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Struggling to get 4th...

Liverpool FC is not going to win the Barclays Premier League this year. That title will be decided between Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea. Liverpool are currently 5th in the table, behind Everton FC who are currently 4th after their 3-1 win against Portsmouth at Goodison Park last night.

Liverpool also won their match against Bolton at The Reebok yesterday with the same scoreline. Liverpool need to thank Bolton's goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen for the first goal. It was his mistake from Steven Gerrard's shot that gave Liverpool the lead.

Jaaskelainen's mistake that made it 1-0 to Liverpool

Gerrard a bit embarrassed to celebrate

Ryan Babel made it 2-0

Fabio Aurelio with the 3rd goal.

AC Milan will host Arsenal in the 2nd Leg of the knockout stage of the Champions League tomorrow. Both teams drew 0-0 at The Emirates in the 1st leg 2 weeks ago.

Manchester United will host Olympique Lyonnaise at Old Trafford. Man Utd has a slender advantage from a 1-1 draw in Lyon's Stade Gerland last fortnight.

Chelsea will host Olympiakos at Stamford bridge after a 0-0 draw in Greece.

Liverpool will play Internazionale FC next week since AC Milan will be playing against Arsenal tomorrow. Both AC Milan and Internazionale FC share the same stadium and since both of them played their 1st leg away from home, Inter's match will be a week later.

My prediction would be Arsenal to go through on away goals, Man Utd to win 2-1 and Chelsea to win 1-0.

Liverpool will travel to Milan next week with a 2-o home win advantage. The Italians are generally strong at home. Let's hope that Liverpool can at least get a draw in a week's time.
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