Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nail or hair

He: Come, let’s go get u some manicure pedicure?

She: Ala, tanak la.. membazir la, you cannot really see the result, kat kuku je. [Honestly, she wasn’t interested]

He: Alaa…jom la, I nak belanja you.

She: Tak payah la, you. Serious bazir.

He: Ok, if not we go get you do up your hair?

She: Erm…[yeayyyy!!! Memang nak perm rambut pun] Tapi… saloon mahal la sayang. Mahal banyak dari buat kuku.

He: Errr..[alamak, mahal tu. Salah offer laaa…] ok la, let’s just do the nails.

Tanpa second offer for the hair….

Hehehe,,, lelaki memang begitu.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Because you are a girl

Kak Haza’s entry today has really caught my attention. It is exactly how I feel and how much I have been meaning to express. Not that I am ungrateful I came into the world as a girl.

Being a girl, has a lot of advantages.

You get to say you don’t know, because you’re a girl. You get to get away from dealing with technical or heavy stuff because you’re a girl and you are meant to be weaker than men.

Girls are expected to have less intelligence than men. But if you are a genius, you get the bonus point. Men are expected to be smart, but if they are not, they don’t worth anything.
As a girl you get to be moody and get away with it because you are known to have suffered from PMS. When a man gets moody, he will be labeled ‘a jerk’.

You get to wear beautiful things like diamonds and tiaras. You can wear pink.

As a girl, if you have good driving skill, you will be called and F1 driver, but if you drive injudiciously, you will just be labeled as one of those “women drivers”, which is not bad I think, because you ARE a woman. Unlike men, if they drive skillfully, nothing great about that, because they are EXPECTED to. But if they drive hastily, they will be labeled as “drive macam POMPUAN!!” which is not nice la, because they are being associated to a different gender.

As a girl, you can talk a lot and looking cute. You can be kelam kabut, careless, forgetful, but still being loved.

Banyak lagi you can do and get away as a girl. And the best thing is, you get to be a mother.

BUT, all the above is only true in fairy tales. If you EVER able to find yourself a prince charming that understands the different nature of a man and a woman. The prince that takes the responsibility to make you happy as a girl. That gives everything just to see you smile. That respects you as a girl and not just treat you like someone who compliments him. That knows how to keep quiet and show respect when his girl is nagging, angry or moody.

In real life, men just live their life in their own convenient way. They harass, they abuse as they like just to satisfy their lust. They just don’t care about anything, and don’t even bother to pick a wedding date. They can just get moody and cranky whenever they are hungry or when the weather does not co-operate. They expect their ladies to just be there for them every time, cater for their needs, and accept their mood swings. So ‘male chauvinist’, I know. They can make mistakes, and say sorry whenever they like and if their ladies, don’t accept it, they get angry for not being forgiven. So typical, right?

If I were a boy, I will be proud of myself to be able to make my girl happy. I would hold on to the principle “I am not a real man if I can’t make my wife happy”.

Beyonce says:
If I were a boy
I thinkI could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
'Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
'Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

I swear I can be a better man

Sunday, February 21, 2010


A friend of mine, Nyna who is a very active member of the Original Bootcamp (OBC) has always invited me to join the introduction programme, well they call it Bring-A-Friend-Day, and it’s free. Unfortunately, it’s on Friday morning at Padang Merbok, KL. I really think it’s very inconvenient for me to go and there’s no shower place, hence I can’t be possibly going there at 5.30am and the next hour running back home in Subang Jaya to shower and go back to KL for work. It’s just not convenient. So I have never accepted the offer.

However, last week, Ali told me that a friend of his, Sarep together with his girl, Fariza are also members of the OBC. But they join the one in PJ and their introduction session was Saturday (yesterday). So I agreed to join. Was excited. Everyone thought it was more like hot-hot-chicken shit kinda thing. Even I thought so.

But, there I was at Padang Utara, PJ, at 5.30am.

Warming up was like jogging back and forth for few meters. Lesson learnt: Don’t stand anywhere near Ali. When he ran at my back he told me to go faster. When he was running in front of me, he left gaps like 3 obese people pun can fill in. Heheh..
The activities yesterday was more focused on the strength of your muscles. They were all good, but for a beginner like me……. SAKIT, BEB!!!

The gist is, not to stop until they tell you to do so. Keep on doing it even at a slow pace. If they see you walking when you are supposed to run or stop doing something you are supposed to do, it adds up to the number of rounds you have to run and your activity will take longer. I can’t really describe the activities, I don’t really know the names of the exercises and…I didn’t do them properly pun. Haha..:D But, it was fun. Macam team building kinda thing but more to military exposure. FUN+PAINFUL.

I felt like I was in the Biggest Loser Asia. Except that the trainers are better looking. Hehe..
So after that….McDonald. [Ni la masalah kita. Exercise gila-gila, pastu breakfast nasi lemak, McD, roti canai…:p]

So this is how some of my runner friends get their stamina... you have to be committed, enjoy the early morning breeze, muds on the ground, enjoy looking at cute instructors, baru boleh ada motivation to join OBC.. hehe otherwise.. tidur je laaa.. :p
If you ask me if I were to do it answer would be, YES. But three times a week? NO-NO-NO-NO-NO. I will only join once a month bring-s friend-day if allowed. hehe.. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

For the past one week of CNY holiday.

Persiaran Tujuan (to leave USJ)

Persiaran Tujuan to hit Federal Highway

Federal Highway


Federal highway, border to KL

Alangkah indahnya kalau hari-hari pergi kerja macam ni...................................................................

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Trainees

If you are not mentally prepared,
please don't apply for this job.

If you are not strong,
please don't ever think of applying this job.

If you you think you are the type to be home by 6pm,
this is not the right job for you.

If you think you need your senior to babysit you all the time,
this is not right for you.

If you think you can't do multitasking,
don't apply this job at all.

If you don't know how to lie,
don't ever think of being an auditor.

If you can't work with me,
you definitely can't work with anybody else.

I wasn't about to give you a bad rating.
But you went and complaint about me.
That shows you didnt understand what I was lecturing you about.

You didn't report when you were supposed to come in.
The next day when you finally did, you came in at 11am? You think you own the firm?
And when you finally arrived at 11, you told me that you were gonna go for breakfast. Oh, really thought you were working for your father, weren;t you?

When other seniors came in office at 10am, you come in at 11am. wah, sungguh boss.
When other people were busy and stressed, you started to pack at 5.15pm sharp to go home.

You take your own farking sweet time to do your work.
You were rude.
You lied all the time.

You have a serious attitude problem, girl.

I wish i can squeeze your head and throw it to the wall, pijak-pijak sampai hancur.
That's how much i hate you.

If you ever show up'll never gonna see the sun.

mode: stress dengan trainee.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Bestfriend's wedding: 2

Zetty Zaihasra & Harith

Malam berinai...

Nikah 8 January 2010, Subang Jaya

Zetty's reception, 9 January 2010, Jelutong Hill

Wedding kebaya, pelamin - Lynda Rahim
Make up - Amy Jan
Food - Suri Catering

Harith's reception, 10 January 2010, Concorde Shah Alam

Wedding dress, veils - Jeffrey
Make up - Amy Jan

I wish you both the best of life. Semoga di rahmati Allah swt. I will always be there for you two no matter what.. and I will be your children's godmother, your grandchildren's godgrandmother, and your greatgrandchildren's godgreatgrandmother..if there's such thing. :)
Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga kekal dan diberkati selalu.

Photo courtesy: Amir Izzat

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love - quote from 'Dan in real life'



I believe that

my favourite photos in 2009

Photo 1: Syikin, Shah, Sara and Su

Photo 2: Saralissa
Photo 3: Saralissa

Photo 4: Johan and Phoebe

Photo 5: Lulu Alani

Photo 6: Maryam

Photo 7: Lulu Alani

Phot0 8: Shazali and his niece Irina

Photo 9: Shania Amani

Photo 10: Lulu Alani

Photo 11: Lulu Alani

Photo 12: Lulu Alani

Photo 13: Isma Nuradiana

Photo 14: Elyas, Joned's son

Photos 15: Shahrul, Su and newborn Shania

Photo 16: Rina's son

Photo 17: Zayd

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cuti lebih-lebih

Bila kita bercakap tentang One Malaysia, saya suka dengan idea bahawasanya kita bersama-sama menyambut sesuatu festivals. Menyambut bukan beerti kita celebrate dan melakukan segala rituals, tapi lebih kepada happy dengan cuti yang diberi, berasa suka kerana kaum lain di Malaysia sedang gembira menyambutnya, wish other people’s happiness, berasa bertuah, sekurang-kurangnya ada satu hari off untuk berehat.

Having said that, bila cuti CNY jatuh pada hari Ahad dan Isnin, maka hari Selasa juga adalah cuti umum, ini tidak bermakna, kita patut tutup kedai dan berehat sampai hari Selasa.

Ini lah masalah orang-orang Melayu. Bila cuti umum untuk kaum melayu, mereka cuti selama yang mungkin. Bila cuti umum laum lain, mereka juga yang cuti lebih dari kaum itu sendiri.

Hari ni, bila saya berjalan di pekan kampong saya, banyak kedai-kedai cina dah pun buka dan mula berniaga seperti baisa. Tapi…makcik jual kuih, pakcik kedai runcit, abang cuci kereta, kakak jual sayur, semua masih lagi bercuti sakan.

C’mon…. macam mana ekonomi orang melayu nak maju?

Myself? Walaupun saya balik kampong, saya juga masih berkerja seperti biasa.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We oso celebrate, maaah!

My client dropped by in our workplace earlier today. He asked if anyone of us are going back hometown. One of my staff is a local so she celebrates CNY in KL. The other is just going back Seremban and I answered, yes as my family and I are visiting my grandparents in Ipoh. But to avoid the bad traffic on Saturday, we plan to leave on Sunday night to the north.

My client say “Tengok, biasalah macam tu kan… orang cina yang celebrate, tapi banyak yang penuh kat jalan raya balaik kampong is orang melayu, kan? Bagi la chance kat orang cina balik kampung”. I was damn annoyed with his statement.

Short of saying, “Kita ni orang Malaysia, semua orang dalam Negara ni enjoy each holiday given tak kisah la celebrate ke tak. Anyway, kita kan One Malaysia. Kenapa kene ada diskriminasi? Kalau bulan puasa pun the Chinese would also enjoy the food bazaar every evening”.

But I didn’t. Because saying these, would have to make myself sound rude.

But I am still annoyed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gracias Mate

The scousers are really colourful people - they are pure breed scousers and yet they pretend to be spanish because their no 9 is from Spain.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 km jer?

“Alaaa..7.7km’s like about 3km shorter than 10km? ok kot…”


It was very unfortunate for me as I did not have time for trainings. I was in peak period that went on for about 2 and half weeks. Once the peak was over it was about a week or so to the race day. Semangat berkobar-kobar untuk terus pergi lari lepas Subuh and terus pergi kerja lepas tu.

Tapi masa sentiasa mencemburui aku. [Atau mungkin kah semangat sudah tidak setia padaku?] hehe..

Meetings in the morning makes it difficult for me to do my training before work. Sedar-sedar dah Sabtu.

Yeahh.. Tak guna nak menyesal. It was time, I just had to do it.

We were there at 7.30am. Ali met few of his cycling mates, but no one that I know of. The place was quite disarrayed. The counters to collect water and snack pack for different categories were located at different places. Well, not that I am complaining, I mean it’s good in the sense that people won’t flock up at only one place just to collect the mineral water. But, maybe they could do a bigger signage to make it clearer. We had to ask around and I had difficulties to identify their volunteers as their official colors are black or white t-shirts. Couldn’t really differentiate the volunteers and the runners. I think volunteers should wear something bright like orange or red, so easy lah people to identify them.

The coupon looks SOMETHING like this. hehe.. where you are supposed to break the lines to be produced to the volunteers. Notice the coupon to collect water before the race is at the top rather than the most bottom? Bit difficult to tear it up dont u think? heeheh..

We met Dr Azman, Bach and girlfriend, Nana approaching to the flag off time. Nana is a runner, Bach had run 2-3 events before I think and last night was his first half marathon. Good job, man. You finished it. You got your medal. I am sure Nana is proud of you. On another note, Dr Azman is a real classic story. He didn’t register for the run, but Ayman who registered for half marathon, couldn’t make it as he had to work. So Azman decided to run for him. He did it. Semangat you kental la Man… congrats. Kalau i…i dah naik van blk ke finishing line dah kot..

The 7.7km category was flagged of at 9pm. I was at the entrance half an hour earlier. There were sooo many people in my category. But I didn’t seem to see any familiar faces. I saw a lot of school kiddos and small children running for the category. I felt maybe it was because of the shorter distance. Not like it’s a 10k run! [confident betul].

Semakin lama, kandang tu semakin penuh, semakin ramai. People are pushing here and there. We were standing soooo close to each other for half an hour. When it was about to start, the participants were hailing “wooohooooooo”, put their hands in the air.. maybe being over semangat, they produced their bau-bau yang harum dari ketiak while hailing to the FT minister, who officiated the event. Shit, too close, man…too close. And you’re tall and I am just at your arm’s length. So, knock it off, mate! Hehe.. JK.

The route was ok, at first. Flat. So I ran. I targeted to run at least 85% of the whole running thingy. But flat is bad. My legs were painful. At one point, it started to be hilly. There were sooo many people running. The air was just so still, that I could not breathe. I stopped running, that I thought I was gonna faint. “Please don’t make a scene, bitch. Please don’t. just keep on walking”. I went away from the crowd, found myself a space on the pavement. Then I wanted to run again, but it was too painful to run. My legs just wouldn’t co-operate. Adakah ini cramp? Tak tahu apa rasanya cramp. But I just kept on walking, walaupun sakit. Rasa kelakar bila budak-budak kecik (7-10 yrs old) berlari-lari dengan pantasnya memotong. Adoiiihhh..loser giler rasa. Budak-budak ni macam seronok jer main lari-lari. It’s like a game to them…while I suffer. Haha.. Bagus, budak-budak.. you start very early. Don’t wait until your bums are big like mine sampai dah berat nak lari. :)

Scenery was exquisite. I loved it. I loved the smell of the night air, and when I passed by some wooded area, the smell of pokok dalam hutan, oh so refreshing and rejuvenating. There were not many cars, and it was quiet, I just love it very much. I enjoyed the run. And the crowd, although I did not know anyone. However, because of the unfamiliarity of the race area, I felt that the run was taking me forever to finish. After half an hour of running, there was a signage saying “Congratualtions, you have achieved 3km. You have another 18km more to go”. I know it's not for me, but.... Baru 3km?????????? Haihh.. Oh, but the water station location was sufficiently good, I think. Quite happy for that.

Approaching the finishing line, I realized that the concourse was not as happening as the ones held in Dataran Merdeka. No loud music, no show, concerts, or demonstrations like they usually have while waiting for other runners to arrive. No cheering for the participants at the finishing line, at least not at the 7.7km area. No mascots. Macam so formal kinda thing? Maybe because its in Putrajaya, the governments’ area, so kene senyap n quiet, tak boleh havoc2 maybe? I don’t know. To be short, tak meriah sangat.

But I must say that the concourse area was sooo clean. No bottles/cups/food packets lying around on the floor. There were enough waste bins around and a lot of helpers to clean up too. So, that was good. All in all, I would say it was good experience altogether. I wouldn’t say it was badly organized, but I would think that there are more things that need to be improved.
I finished in 1.20 hrs for the 7.7k. Bad, yes. But I was still happy because it was my first run (literally) this year. So, I can say that it was my first exercise for the year. Hehe..

Congratulations to Ali that finished his half marathon in less than 3 hrs, better than what he targeted for.

Congratulations to every participants that completed the run. Especially the full marathoners. I know I will never be at your place.

AAhhh...I wish I had brought my camera along.

Current condition: bed-ridden. Sakit pinggang, sakit betis, sakit peha, sakit segala-galanya. Macam lari full marathon 2 round berturut-turut teruknya.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Curi from a friend's facebook status, that i thought might give a big slap to the men.

Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give u a baby. Give her a house, she will give u a home. Give her groceries, she will give u a meal. Give her a smile n she will give u her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. - T.A.N

I love this quote very much. I think it's so true. Women are always the one giving in, thinking "give him one more chance, i know he will change". Always saying "but he promised to change, and he will never repeat. So i am giving in".

Tapi men, always do or say things without thinking and forever saying "sorry, tak buat lagi, i promise". And we always wonder which part of the sentence that they don't understand, and they keep on doing the same mistake. They think, "takper, i'll buy her chocolate, and she'll smile at me again" always taking advantage knowing that women are easily swept away.

But what men don't realise is that women do have thier pride. They are always giving in not because they are stupid or weak, but only because they love you. But there'll come a time that love will no longer be your saviour. That's the time when she will regain her strength. That's the time when she has amassed the tons of shit to be thrown at your craps.
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