Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exam is here!

Yesterday was my last mock paper. And I have already gotten my marks for the first set of mock. Haihh… not convincing at all. The passing mark for the exam is 50. My lecturer told us to aim just 50 marks, which is half of the full marks. But I went and get half of the passing mark instead. Ok la..a bit more than that.. But still..! 20 marks away from passing, mana nak cari??

It’s really not an easy exam(chewah.. salahkan exam plak!). Otak dah berkarat agaknya… It’s really frustrating when you see something that you have not encountered before during your lectures or revision and it comes out in your mock exam for 40 marks, and your real exam is just a week away.

Each paper consists of a 100 marker questions to be done in 3.5 hours with 2.5 pages worth of each question. I always wonder how can they actually find time to go to the washroom during the exam, when I don’t even have time to even take a sip of coffee. Now it’s almost here.. in less than a week, I’m gonna take that exam. The most killer papers so they said. Well I just have to get through these two papers, and I’ll be 90% away from bringing my misery to an end.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Ali all the best in his exam. He’ll be sitting for his paper tomorrow. I’ll pray for you and I believe in you!

We need all the luck we can get!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run is an annual run for cancer research. Its non competitive, colorful, and most importantly FUN.

Time/Date: Sunday NOV 2nd 2008

Flag Off : 0900

Location: Lake Gardens, KL

You may purchase the limited edition T-Shirts (RM 25) from the following locations:

- Canadian High Comission, 17th floor Menara Tan & Tan Jalan Tun Razak
- CARIF 2nd floor Outpatient Centre Subang Jaya Medical Centre
- Lake Gardes prior to the run

Friday, October 24, 2008


Here are all the pre-match stats and facts ahead of Sunday's trip to Chelsea:

# Head to head: (League only)

# Overall: Liverpool 58 wins, Chelsea 44 wins, 28 Draws.

# At Chelsea: Liverpool 15 wins, Chelsea 36 wins, 14 Draws.

# Should Liverpool win today it will be the 600th away victory in the top-flight in their history.

# Victory will give the Reds their best ever start to a Premier League season (outright). The current best is 21 points from the opening nine games set in 2002-03.

# Sami Hyypia could play the 450th game of his Liverpool career if selected.

# Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 15 league games - equalling their longest run under Rafa Benitez.

# The teams met three times at Stamford Bridge last season with Chelsea winning twice (in the League Cup and Champions League) with a goalless draw being played out in the league encounter.

# They clashed five times in total in 2007-08 with the two games at Anfield (in the league and Champions League) finishing in 1-1 draws after Liverpool had led in both.

# This is the 21st meeting between the sides since Rafa Benitez took over in 2004.

# Since the inception of the Premier League Liverpool have won 11 and lost 14 of the 32 meetings.

# Liverpool have won only once at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League. Bruno Cheyrou scored the only goal in January 2004. The only player still at Anfield who played that night is Sami Hyypia.

# Liverpool have lost ten of their last 12 league visits and won only one of the last 18.

# In the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool have picked up just seven points out of a possible 48.

# Patrik Berger scored Liverpool's last hat-trick against Chelsea - at Anfield in October 1997.

# That is one of only four occasions when Reds players have scored three in a game against Chelsea - the others being James Stewart (1910), Fred Pagnam (1915) and Gordon Hodgson (1930). All were scored at Anfield.

# No player has ever scored a hat-trick for Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

# Liverpool have not scored more than once in a League game on this ground in their last 12 visits since a 2-2 draw in December 1995 when Steve McManaman scored both goals.

# The Reds biggest victory on this ground came in December 1989 when they won 5-2.

# Liverpool's heaviest ever defeat at Stamford Bridge came on the opening day of the 1937-38 season when they lost 6-1.

# Last season the Reds kept only their second clean sheet in the last 13 league visits.

# Liverpool have led in Premier League matches this season for just 56 minutes in total.

# Seven of Liverpool's 13 league goals this season have been scored from the 77th minute onwards.

# Dirk Kuyt has scored as many league goals this season (three) as he did in the whole of last.

# Rafa Benitez is hoping to preside over his first league win on a ground of one of the other big four clubs.

# Last season's 3-2 Champions League defeat is the only time in the last nine visits to Stamford Bridge that Liverpool have scored.

# Liverpool and Chelsea league clashes have never produced three draws in succession.

# The Reds are the last team to prevent Chelsea from scoring in the Premier League. Since that goalless draw back in February the Blues have scored in all of their last 20 league games.

# Pepe Reina was controversially dismissed in the league meeting on this ground in February 2006.

# Jermaine Pennant's first goal for Liverpool came against Chelsea at Anfield in January 2007.

# Chelsea have not lost in their last 29 Premier League games since going down 1-0 at Arsenal last December.

# Frank Lampard scored in three games against Liverpool last season - twice from the penalty spot.

# They are currently unbeaten at Stamford Bridge in their last 86 league games since Arsenal won 2-1 in February 2004.

# They have a 100 per cent record away from home this season in the league but have won two and drawn two of their four games at the Bridge. Tottenham and Manchester Untied have played out 1-1 draws while Portsmouth (4-0) and Aston Villa (2-0) have both lost.

# Chelsea's last hat-trick in the fixture was scored by George Mills in August 1937 at Stamford Bridge.

# Chelsea have only conceded three goals in their 12 games this season in all competitions and have kept six consecutive clean sheets since Ji-Sung Park scored for Manchester United at The Bridge last month. They have played 10 hours and 12 minutes since that goal.

# The last team to breach their defence twice was Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final on this ground back in April.

# They have conceded more than once in a Premier League game on only one occasion in the calendar year of 2008 and that was a 4-4 draw with Tottenham at White Hart Lane with Robbie Keane scoring an 88th minute equaliser.

# Joe Cole could make his 150th league appearance for Chelsea.

# Current League Positions:

# Liverpool: Pld 8 Won 6 Drawn 2 Lost 0 Goals For 13 Against 6 Points: 20 Position: 2nd.

# Chelsea: Pld 8 Won 6 Drawn 2 Lost 0 Goals For 19 Against 3 Points: 20 Position: 1st.

# Leading scorers this season (League in brackets):

# Liverpool: Kuyt 5 (3), Torres 5 (5), Gerrard 4 (1), Keane 2 (0), Agger 1 (0), Babel 1 (1), Carragher 1 (1), Lucas 1 (0), Riera 1 (1), own goals 1 (1).

# Chelsea: Lampard 6 (3), Anelka 5 (4), Kalou 4 (3), J. Cole 3 (2), Malouda 3 (1), Belletti 2 (2), Deco 2 (2), Bosingwa 1 (1), Carvalho 1 (1), Terry 1 (0).

taken from LFC'S official website

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is Beauty...

I came across an interesting documentary on Discovery Science on the subject beauty.
over centuries it has been debated on the universal accepted term of beauty. Kings of ancient time regard round and big bellies are nice and beautiful. However that is no longer the case in modern days.

I say that is no longer the case because we can hardly see an 'unattractive' people on billboard, magazines, TV or even radio. A character in FRIENDS (Joey to be precise) once mentioned "...then I would have done it all...drama, movie and knows that's for ugly people"

But even so, that is probably arguable. Humans often associate beauty with good and best quality.
Another aspect which caught my intention watching the show was the relation between mathematics and science of beauty. The Romans came up with the idea that the closer the proportionality of human body parts to the ratio 1 : 1.618, the more attractive you are.

What the Romans are trying to say is that every part of our body is subject to mathematical equation and the theory is that if you divide the distance from the top of your head to the naval and bottom of your feet to your naval, it will give you the ratio 1 : 1.618.

Homer here will help us illustrate it further:

It does not only stop there, you can go on to other parts of the body, eg: width of the lips to the width of the nose, width of your front teeth to the next smallest teeth next to it, our fingers and so on.

Scientists also claim that top athletes tend to have a beautiful physical appearance. Their argument is backed up by this ancient Roman theory. The smaller the difference in size of our left hand side limbs as oppose to our right hand limbs, the more attractive you are and hence the more athletic you are. But they conclude that this is just an assumption based on human ability of balance. The ears play a role in giving us balance when we walk, run , cycle etc.

They are probably right to assume that as well, just look at Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho to name a few. These are top football players and they are probably regarded as 'unattractive' to some modeling agencies.

Rugby players are probably excluded since their faces and body are subject to force and pressure. Some of them are rather good looking, eg Gavin Henson, Daniel Carter, Dani Cipriani and so on.

Scientists developed the theory and enhanced it further to make a scaled mask that is now used by plastic surgeons in their tasks of 'repairing' facial 'deformity'.
That 'mask' is not really a mask, it is only a set of lines and triangles drawn over a person's face. The better your face fit the lines, the more attractive you are.
Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Hurley are those few people who are blessed with attractive features as shown on the show.

But the highlight of the show was the phrase "Beauty isn't a passport to success, it is just a Visa which expires". Which is why plastic surgeons are becoming more in demand these days. Humans can never be satisfied with their 'visa'. They will always find ways to extend them as long as they can. Some people in this country are also subject to this perhaps.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Without mentioning names, one of our co-workers got a pen stuck inside our printer. He started to try and remove the pen, but I told him we don't have time for that now, just put a note on the printer telling folks not to use it and then report it to the Help Desk. So he grabbed a piece of paper and scrawled on it. I left before he finished the note.

About 20 minutes later, one of the techs comes in laughing and says he just saw a piece of paper on a printer and went to investigate.

Attached is what he found.

Sometimes things don't always come out the way you want them to........
Courtesy: Hazrina Hamzah

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Accountants are boring

The other day I was asking Ali, why people always say chartered accountants are boring. Even my lecturer says this to us, “Please don’t score above 80% in your exams. Coz then you’ll be a prize winner. Well if people know you are a prize winner, they won’t talk to you. So just score safely at passing mark.” Or he’ll tease us by saying something like “If you go to a party and you say you’re a chartered accountant, people will slowly get away from you, so don’t you ever say you’re an accountant.” And that kept me bogged down thinking why the hell people hate accountants so much.

Finally I got the answer.

If you compare accountants with all other professionals, accountants live in their own world. The things that reel in their heads are unexciting and monotonous.

If your friend is a doctor, you can at least talk about things that related to human body. They’d be delighted to share their knowledge and expertise with you, and you as well will be fascinated to know human anatomy coz it is something to do with your body. At least there are things to talk about.

If you speak to a lawyer, yes, they can be boring sometimes if they come out with “In the so-and-so Act…” or they’ll come out with terms such as “Certiorary, prima facie, preponderance of evidence, adjudication, bona fide etc…” sometimes, you don’t even understand. But they are engrossed with the law of the land, the law of human relationships that underlines the civil obedience, economics and society. And guess what? You need this in your everyday lives. Each day you live, you are tied up with law. Civil law, Family law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Administrative Law is all associated with you each day. So you’ve got to be aware of those and yes, at least, there are some things that lawyers can get you occupied about.

Speaking to engineers depends on which field they are major in, they too can be as useful. My brother told me once (he’s going to be one) that filling up petrol is better to be done at night rather than during the day. Although I can’t really remember his explanation about particles and don’t-know-what, I find it rather useful because his explanation came to an end of concluding more fuel flows in at night and you’ll get more petrol in your tank. And he also said something like pumping the fuel slowly so that…..hmm.. I seriously can’t digest the scientific explanation behind that but basically you’ll get more fuel la.. Sorry.. I was not a science student. Like what I told Ali before, to get an A1 in my Science subject, I used to memorize my science experiments without understanding them, because I knew I’ll never understand them.

But accountants?????? You wouldn’t want to know what’s on accountants mind. Many people associate money with accountants. Dey! Tell me who doesn’t want money la? Accountants are not the people who make money for the company. Wrong concept. Accountants are the people controlling money activity in a firm so you don’t waste too much and at the same time, you don’t keep too much money in your firm without rolling in to other activities. Boring already? Yes, accountants are boring people. They do boring things and they are concerned about boring matters.

Tell me who’d want to know about what the International Accounting Standard says about how property should be accounted for in the financial statements? Who’d be attracted to know about issuing a redeemable share is a debt rather than equity? And you’ll go “Whaaat? What the hell is equity?” The things that whirl in accountants’ mind do not interest the public. Believe me you’d rather be stuck in a deserted island alone rather than baffling with another accountant in that island.

A friend once grumbled after calculating her sales the whole day.

Friend: Ah, pening kepala aku tengok nombor je satu hari ni. Migraine aku tau! Macam mana kau kerja hari-hari tengok nombor? Tak pening ke?
Me: Nak pening amendenya? I see numbers macam words. I spell and I read numbers.
Friend: Gila!

On another occasion with my other friends when I couldn’t work out what’s RM215 divided by 3 people.

Friend: Ha accountant pon fail kira.
Me: Excuse me, I’m an accountant, not a mathematician
Friend: Duhh, what’s the difference?
Me: Difference is, mathematicians calculate numbers, but accountants read numbers.
Friend: Read numbers? Crazy!

Had a chat with my lecturer in one of those lecture days.

Lecturer: Only an accountant understands another accountant’s joke.
Me: Does that mean we have to find an accountant as our life partner since it takes another accountant to understand our joke?
Lecturer: Nooooooooo! One in a family is enough..

This entry is boring? I’m an accountant what do you expect.. haha..

There’s a saying “Don’t marry a chartered accountant! They’ll bore you to death.”

Ali, are you gonna take a step back? :p

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visit to Ulu Langat...

After a long long period of no outdoor cycling, I decided to join the Jom Kayuhhh event organised by Bacin, Azwar and Co. The proposed route was Bt 14-Peres-Titi-Bt14.

All together there were 30 odd cyclist riding together, or rather partially together since the fitness level within the group were scattered. I was very well at the tail end of the whole lot.

We started climbing Peres at approximately 0840. Reached the top after about 1h 10m. We were supposed to continue to Titi but at the top the group split with some heading towards Tekala. And I decided to follow the Tekala group.

It was great to clock some mileage albeit a low one but some of the climbs did help me realised that the phrase 'sakit tapi sedap' is very much true to a large extent.

Right now, I am looking forward to have some mechanical upgrade done on the bike in order I can have a better gear ratio to help me on the climb. Climbing has never been my favourite, flats are tiring as well, downhill I like...haha..

Looking forward to the upgrade done by end of the year. Anyone would now if a 9 speed cassette with 12-25 ratio is still available in the market?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya 2008

First day raya was spent at my grandfather’s house in Ayer Tawar, Perak. All my father’s siblings were there except my Mak Teh who were due to celebrate first day raya at her in laws. It’s the same old story, same old people, and same old food. Only this time we had four servants to help around. Menu of the day..alamak..kalau tak gemuk tak tau lah.. we have got nasi tomato with ayam kurma and jelatah nenas, ayam rendang, daging rendang lemang and ketupat, asam laksa, and not to forget kuih muih sajian hari raya. Memang meletup!

Alhamdulillah.. I still get some duit raya even though I am a working girl now. But I get duit raya from my parents more than what I gave them.. haha.. takper..yang penting ikhlas.. :)

This time round, I have only made 2 pairs of baju raya. I normally used to make for myself at least 4 to 5 baju raya. But the 4th and the 5th will be kept for raya haji. Now..not anymore laa.. not when I have to pay for myself. Hehe.. very the pokai..

Second raya, shoot straight to Ipoh to visit relatives from my mom’s side. Here are some raya photos. The thing I like about going back Ipoh is we get to eat kampong style food. Memang best bila nasi ada sambal belacan. Makan dengan sardine pon sodap.

I love visiting relatives. I like the fact that we go to hulu and ceruk to visit family members. Raya is the only time we get to do this. Raya is the only time we get to see sedara jauh. But you’ll get 1001 same remarks every year. “Dah besar dah anak Khairil ni” (Don’t know dah besar memanjang ker or dah besar melebar?) :p “Lawo nye anak si Khairil ni” (Ni yang paling best..hahah) “Lain nya anak dara ni, dulu keciik jer comey. Skang dah besar panjang, bila nak kawin???” (Ahhhh… ni soalan panas..:p) I get these everytime!

Here are some photos to share;

This is my Opah. Everytime I see her, she will call me Ali. Or her favourite line would be "Aku ni nak nunggu nengok kamu kawin je ni" Hehe.. sabar, Opah..!

Ini atok saya. He is 75 years old but his memories are damn good. He can remember things that happened when I was 5! I oso never remember..hmm!

My mother and I. She's the superwoman everytime balik kampung. She heads the kitchen during raya, and that's the only time she cooks during the year.. hehe

My cousin, Anne.

The lady cousins presenting the Kelantanese, the Perakian, the Kajangian and Subangian

The big boys in the family.
These are the mummies
And the daddies

All my cousins except the babies

My dad, mom and brother (my dad is always the spoiler, coz he always forgets the theme color for raya)

"Saya Aizat. Saya sangat pemalu."

This is my favourite guy, Zul Azhari. He is only 3 but he talks like a 6 year old kid.

Azhari's new pair of shoes. He loves the shoes so much that he wears it to bed. The only time he takes it off is when he takes his bath. He wears it everyday that by raya day, the lampu from his right shoe went dead.

He loves taking photos and he will gives his best pose too. Everytime he sees me he would say "Jom kita tangkap gambar nak?" Can u believe that he's only 3?

And he's the only kid who is not afraid of my dad. Most kids would not dare to pass by in front of him.

This is Farah Yasmin a.k.a Debbie a.k.a debab

She doesn't like to be lifted by other than her parents and her bibik. But, if you ever want to dukung her and she cries, the trick to make her senyap is to sumbat food inside her mouth, then she will stop crying and instead she will munch

Do you know that she is 11.1 kg and she is not even 1 year old? Tak rasa nak picit sampai penyek ke??? GERAM!!!

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