Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

This I guess so far has been the best Ramadhan ever. Although I am particularly tied up with my studies with my exam that is just around the corner, I have managed to de-nerd myself and tried to enjoy my holidays as they are. But of course late at night as I lay on my bed trying to sleep, the guilt starts crashing down on me. Guilt in the sense that I have not been utilizing my leave for study instead, go and buka puasa outside everyday.

Yes! That’s what made my Ramadhan special this time. I managed to get together in some sort of small reunion with my old school friends, ex-college mate, Cardiff mates, ex housemates, ex and current classmates, primary school babes, my boyfriend’s best mates and family members. Pendek kata, different group of friends akan pergi makan at different places. During the whole Ramadhan itself, I have been committed to fattened myself at Carl’s Jr, Sri Ayuthaya, Burger King, Delicious, Nando’s, T.G.I.Fridays, Chicken Hartz, Pizza Hut, San Francisco Steakhouse, PJ Hilton and many more I think. I seriously can’t recall some other places we’ve been to. Ali and I even had our Sahur at McD at 4 a.m in the morning.

Now sapa kata bulan puasa boleh kuruskan badan? It appears to be totally the opposite for me. But anyhow, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Not solely because of the food la, but the crowd had made it special.

As I am writing, I am actually waiting for my old folks to pack and in about 15 minutes time, we’re off to Perak. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. Semoga raya tahun ini memberi berkat kepada semua.

Oh, when talking about raya, I remember a raya song that has been my family's companion everytime we balik kampung since I was little. I think most people would remember a raya song from EON many years back from the tele. It goes:

Hari Raya, Hari yang mulia, penuh bererti kepada kita,
Tua muda miskin dan kaya, menyambutnya dengan gembira,
Berhati-hati di jalan raya, semoga anda selamat tiba,
Ucapan selamat Hari raya dari EON untuk semua.

But of course, the song has been improvised a bit that goes:

Hari Beruk, hari yang seronok, pagi-pagi makan cekodok,
Tua muda miskin dan beruk, menyambutnya dengan pakai songkok,
Berhati-hati di jalan bengkok, semoga anda terlanggar pokok,
Ucapan selamat hari beruk, Dari EON untuk beruk.

Ntah sapa-sapa lah yang mengajar tu..

To Ali, jangan makan banyak (That applies to me too). Hehehe.. And don’t miss me! =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mencintaimu - Kris Dayanti

I am sure ‘Mencintaimu’ by Kris Dayanti is a song that every woman would love to have it played on their wedding day. Like a theme song you know what I mean? I have been to several wedding occasions that had this song played while running their montage, while walking down the aisle, while potong cake.

I am the type of person who enjoys great music, and when it comes to romantic love songs, I take pleasure in scrutinizing the lyrics and try to appreciate the meaning in between the lines. Sometimes I’d imagine myself as the subject matter of the song (konon menghayati lah) so I can understand more.

This is what I found in ‘Mencintaimu’.

Mencintai mu,
Seumur hidup ku,
Setia menanti.
Walau di hati saja,
Seluruh hidup ku,
Kau tetap milik ku
( chorus )
Hanya satu yang tak mungkin kembali,
Hanya satu yang tak pernah terjadi,
Segalanya teramat berarti di hati ku,
Selamanya...Mencintai mu,
Seumur hidup ku,
Kau tetap milik ku

Seriously this is not a wedding song. It is a love song and I agree it is a very beautiful song, but it is definitely not a happy ending song, thus not suitable for weddings.

The first verse: She is saying that she loves him for the rest of her life, forever, she will wait. Hmm..wait for what I wonder?

Second verse: ‘Walau di hati saja seluruh hidupku’. Kenapa mesti di hati saja? Kalau dah kawin, zahir batin la…

Chorus: ‘Hanya satu tak mungkin kembali, yang tak pernah terjadi’. At this point, I would have thought that the guy has passed away. He will never come back, so yang tak pernah terjadi is their marriage, or their dreams of growing old together will never come true. Tapi ‘segalanya teramat bererti’ means that their memories together are so meaningful and will always be in her mind forever.
So this song is actually just another sad love song. I don’t know la if different people have got different interpretation on the lyrics. But I’d love to share.

Merseyside Derby episode 208

taken from LFC's Website....

Everton v Liverpool

# Liverpool completed a league 'double' over their city rivals last season.

# At Goodison last October Dirk Kuyt scored two penalties in a 2-1 win after Sami Hyypia scored an own goal to give the Blues a half-time lead.

# Hyypia became only the second Liverpool player ever to score an own goal in a Merseyside derby following Neil Ruddock in 1997.

# Dirk Kuyt is the only player to score two penalties in a derby. He is now one behind the leading scorer from the spot in the fixture-Phil Neal.

# In the return fixture at Anfield in March Fernando Torres scored seven minutes into his derby debut to give Liverpool a 1-0 victory.

# Liverpool have won 81 of the 207 meetings in all competitions with Everton winning 64 and 62 ending in stalemate.

# In League meetings today will see the 179th clash with the Reds leading 67-56.

# Liverpool have lost just two of the last ten ‘derbies' at Goodison winning six of the last eight.

# The Reds have lost just two of the last 17 meetings home and away.

# The last player to score a hat-trick in a ‘Derby' was Ian Rush. He scored four on this ground in a 5-0 win in November 1982. Dixie Dean is the last Everton player to achieve the feat scoring all his sides goals in a 3-1 win in September 1931.

# Ian Rush in that above game became the first and so far only Liverpool player to score a league hat-trick at Goodison.

# The Reds 'double' last season was their third in the Premiership over Everton having previously achieved the feat in 2000-01 and 2005-06.

# Only four of the players currently at these two clubs have scored in a Merseyside 'derby'. Steven Gerrard (three), Dirk Kuyt (two) and Fernando Torres (one) have scored for the Reds while the only Everton player to do so is Tim Cahill (three times).

# Steven Gerrard and Phil Neville are the only players in Derby history to be sent off twice.

# Only three penalties have been saved in the derby with the last being by Bruce Grobbelaar in March 1984 at Goodison from Graeme Sharp.

# Liverpool could have possibly four 'Derby' debutants in the game- Andrea Dossena, Robbie Keane, Albert Riera and Alvaro Arbeloa.

# The Reds have kept only one clean sheet in the last eight league visits to Goodison but in that time have scored 16 goals.

# Both sides biggest league win on this ground has been by a 5-0 scoreline. Everton recorded theirs in April 1909 and Liverpool in November 1982.

# Robbie Keane scored a hat-trick for Tottenham against Everton in January 2003 in his side's 4-3 win at White Hart Lane. He has scored six league goals in total against the Blues.

# Liverpool are the only team in the top-flight not to concede an away league goal this season.

# A win today would equal their best start to a Premier League campaign which they set in 1996-97 when took 14 points from their opening six games.

# The Reds are unbeaten in the last 12 league games since losing 3-0 at Manchester United in March.

# The last Liverpool player to score a first-half goal in a league game is Jermaine Pennant who opened the scoring in a 2-0 win at Fulham in April.

# Steven Gerrard's next goal will be his 100th for Liverpool. He will be the 16th player to achieve the feat and the first since Michael Owen in December 2001. Under Gerard Houllier he scored 28 goals in 240 games while he has played 206 times under Rafa Benitez scoring 71.

# Liverpool are three goals short of recording 1,000 in Premiership history.

# The Reds have scored five goals in their five league games this season. Only Fulham, Newcastle, Manchester United and Tottenham have netted fewer.

# All of Liverpool's six wins this season have been by a single goal.

# Four of the Reds five league goals this season have been scored in the last 15 minutes of games.

# Only Steven Gerrard has scored more than once this season – he has three to his name.

# The Reds have been drawing at half time in each of the last seven league games.

# Everton have only scored more than twice against Liverpool in one of the last 83 meetings. This came in the 3-0 win here two years ago.

# Everton have come from behind to win a Derby only once since the war-that came in 1992 when Peter Beardsley scored the winner at Goodison.

# David Moyes has managed a winning side against Liverpool only twice in 13 tussles.

# Everton have been awarded just seven penalties in post-war league derbies with five being scored and two missed. Liverpool during the same period have scored ten of their 13.

# Of the 32 Premier League meetings Everton have won eight and lost 13.

# Should Everton lose today it will be the first time since December 2005 that they have lost three in a row at home in the league. Then they were beaten by West Ham, Bolton and…Liverpool!

# 21 players have been sent off in total in Merseyside ‘derby' fixtures – seven Liverpool and 14 Everton with seven red cards being brandished in the last seven games and 16 in total in 32 Premier League meetings.

# Everton have conceded 11 goals this season in the Premiership – only Portsmouth (12) have let in more.

# The Blues have kept only one clean sheet in their last 16 games in all competitions. The last was against Derby in a 1-0 win last April.

# They have won more away points (7) than any other Premier League team but are the only side in England not to win a home point during this campaign.

# Mike Riley has been appointed as referee for this game. He was last in charge of a Merseyside ‘derby' in August 2003 when Liverpool won 3-0 at Goodison with Michael Owen scoring twice and new Reds number 7 Harry Kewell scoring his first goal for the club.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a Load of Crap

taken from the STAR....

VARESE (Italy): Two Malaysian cyclists have seen their bid to compete with the world’s emerging elite hit by some strange sports politics leading up to the world road race championships here.
According to a source close to the national team, Malaysia spurned the right to send five riders already qualified for the men’s Under-23 race over fears the trip would blow a hole in their budget.
In stepped Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz, the organiser of the Tour of Malaysia race, who ended up providing the funds to send two of the five qualified riders to Lombardy for the six-day competition. However it remains to be seen how well Fauzan Ahmad Lufti and Anuar Manan, who are fasting, fare in the race today, which will be held over 10 laps of a 17.335km course.
While some of the world’s future road racing stars have been preparing all year for the race, the Malaysians were told only a week ago they would be travelling to Italy.
To make matters worse, both had drastically reduced their training and eating regime, having started fasting on Sept 1.
Inspired by the track cycling pursuits of their compatriots, who gave a good account of themselves in the sprint and keirin events at the Beijing Olympics last month, Fauzan and Anuar are hoping they can one day get to world level.
Fauzan struggled in the Under-23 time trial on Tuesday but he’s not giving up hope.
“I want to get experience at world level by participating with the world’s best.
“I want to continue my road racing career and try to qualify for the elite races one day. AFP

If you don't have passion for the sport, you shouldn't even handle the budget for the developement of the sport. Win or lose is not the ultimate aim in sports of cycling. Who are we to compare them cyclists with the likes of top European or American and Australian Champs.

But give them a break la MNCF. They need those exposures. This is a complete waste of opportunity when it is made clear that Malaysia has 5 spots and we are only sending 2 out of an individual personal funds who care about cycling more than the government itself.

To make it worse, those 2 riders were only told that they could participate a week ago. They are now the victims of poor funds handling and immature decision making.

Tau la musim raya nak dekat...politik pun tunggang langgang...tapi kalau nk jadi champion...pedulik apa semua tu...Fauzan ngan Anuar selamba je nk gi race puasa2 pun...
Why are they doing it? Because they believe in themselves and they love their cycling so much. And bless them for having an ex MP who supports them all out.

I am hoping that the coming Jelajah Malaysia will make MNCF and youth and sports ministry realise how bad their performance are. But I doubt it will be the case. Because to perform at their 'best', they need a lot of 'other' expenditure. And they always prefer to travel first class and stay at luxury hotels and eat the best meal. Tapi yang race nya bukan dorang...

Unless and until this bad exercise is removed altogether, Malaysia will never be better in Singapore in any sports. Not only sports la...sporting events pun sure kene tapau....just look at the innaugural Singapore F1 GP compared to Sepang's?? You people be the judge. They are the ones working hard on making it a better race than don't blame them. We need to buck up and take it as a challenge. Stop making remarks claiming Singapore 'sabotaged' Malaysian GP.

Jelajah Malaysia and LtDL lagi la beruk...takyah nk ckp apa la...sorang bajet belanja budak skolah RM1.50 sorang bajet RM12.00.

Habis rehat dua2 sama kenyang...dua2 sama mengantuk dalam kelas...

Wahai sports politician...grow up and be a man...stand up for yourself or quit!!
Shame on you that it has gone this far to see atheletes sponsored and funded by individuals who understand those atheletes better than you are. Shame on you.

It clearly shows that you have no passion at all towards sports. You only have passion in kissing powerful people's backside to have top post that you have no idea the mechanics of it.

You should just stick to your golf and grand gala or function and leave this to other people who care about sports genuinely.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I need...

Gennie in the bottle to grant me RM 3,000 NOW!!!!!!!!

New Arrivals from Nine West

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The ProGrids




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Saturday, September 13, 2008


For a person like me who has difficulties in waking up in the morning for classes and having to take at least 45 minutes to get ready, believe me I am never able to be on time for my 9 o’clock classes. I will reach my school around 10 past 9 and I have to park at the open space opposite my college that will take me another 10 minutes to arrive at my class. Walking towards my class, passing by students that attended their 8 o’clock classes, pergghh I tell you… it never fail to struck my head “Diorang ni tak mandi ker pagi-pagi?” Please la don’t tell me that you had your shower before you sleep at midnight and waking at 7, you still have the smell of your shower gel. Please don’t tell me that you didn’t sweat while sleeping. Totally unacceptable!

And every morning I will pass by sekumpulan pelajar-pelajar dari Afrika Selatan yang datang ke kolej menaiki bas sekolah berwarna kuning. Mereka berpakaian sungguh cantik macam nak pergi clubbing di hujung minggu. Berbanding dengan saya yang pakai jeans dan baby-T bersama spec dan selipar Crocs..sungguh berbeza. Yang perempuan sangat wangi bau mereka, mungkin perfume yang mereka pakai. Yang lelaki…aduhai… macam berlari 10km hari-hari tapi tak mandi selama seminggu.

On another occasion, I havn’t been to masjid for terawikh since I came back from the UK. So this time around, I try to make an effort to go if I don’t have any buka puasa invitation and most importantly..if perut tak kembung akibat makan buka terlalu banyak. To my surprise, banya jugak orang melayu yang selfish, and quoting what Ali used to say “These selfish people proudly call themselves muslims”.

I don’t see how taking their kids along to the masjid will help them kusyu’ in their prayers. And just how selfish can they be when these kids happily running around and playing hide and seek behind those who are performing prayers. So they also make other people tak kusyu’. And I really get annoyed with the mothers that bring their children that hisap susu dalam botol especially when the susu tumpah atas sejadah or worse, on other people’s telekung. Why do they let their children membotol and run around? And…the kids are very noisy, God I can’t stand them! Not only are they shouting all over the place, they even drumming things at the back using tong and baldi. Feel like killing their mothers!

To mothers that bring their children to the masjid to teach them how to pray, I appreciate the effort to educate their daughters in their early years, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be at the back ‘saf’ rather than sitting at the front and let the child that doesn’t even know how to read Fatihah to stand in between ‘saf’?

And I was bowled over some women that actually performing prayers in their individual sejadah, like literally one person in one sejadah and they say they are performing jama’ah? What I learned back then in school is that during jama’ah, you have to stand between shoulder to shoulder so that signifies perpaduan mengerjakan solat. If you want to pray sorang-sorang, might as well pray at home alone. Save sikit space kat masjid…

Saturday, September 6, 2008


If Wrestling Entertainment were introduced for kids and small child...she would be a title contender anytime.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Open Letter From John Arne Riise

Dear fans of Liverpool FC,

After seven seasons at Anfield, it's time for me to "walk on". In many ways it feels inspiring and exciting to be familiar with the pressure of a new employer, meet new fans, meet a new culture and play a new kind of football. I look forward to this new adventure, but I travel with a loss.

Because, it's not easy for me to leave you - the world's best supporters! I've been thinking about this almost every day this summer. After seven wonderful seasons, and more than 340 matches for Liverpool, I never had the opportunity to make a real and proper goodbye with you - the world's most motivating fans. You have always supported me and the team and I want you all to know how important you've been to me and the other players.

I've been giving my "thank you" to the club, the staff and the players and they'll always have a special place in my heart. And this is my thank-you letter to all the fans out there that have been supporting me during these years. I will follow the team closely from Italy and will stay in touch with many of the players and many of my friends in Liverpool.

With respect to the many hundreds of great moments I have experienced in red, it will be unfair to draw up one highlight rather than another. There has always been the highlight of wearing the red shirt at Anfield. It's always been a privilege to have the initials LFC on the space closest to the heart. As you all know I was a player who always, no matter what, gave 110 per cent in every training session and every game. I always tried to give you the entertainment you deserved. Even in the bad moments you were there for me and the team.

To play in front of the red crowd, every minute has been a privilege. Even after my unfortunate own goal against Chelsea in the Champions League semi last April - where all our dreams were crushed - I felt the support and sympathies from you as real and important. When I signed seven years ago, I couldn't in my wildest dreams expect the journey you all gave me. I will always be grateful for that. A big thank-you to you all.

I'm 100 per cent sincere when I say that I will always remember all the great moments we've had and you - our fans - have such great importance for these great matches and great moments. Liverpool FC will have a lot more great moments like this in the future and I hope that I will experience great things with my new team - AS Roma. I hope you will continue to follow my career.

Therefore, I do not say goodbye, but so long. Arrivederci - Walk on!

John Arne Riise
"The ginger"

*taken from LFC website
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