Friday, September 30, 2011

The lady at home

First week as a lady boss at home, oh well, you can call it lady boss or lady of leisure but those are just other words of calling a housewife.

Some may ask, why lady boss? Because I decide what to buy for the kitchen, I decide what to serve for dinner, I decide what to do during weekends, and I decide IF WANT TO COOK OR NOT :)

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So why lady of leisure? Because I don't have to work? NOT. My husband always say that the house works like a company. It needs managers and workers. And shall I add a banker? However, in this small corporate body where we only have two people in the house, we have to brush up on our inter-personal skills on MULTITASKING. And the banker in the house is really a related party (my husband himself). So he is the sales manager who brings money in to the house and also a banker who disburses money whenever we need.

I am the auditor because I am so used of being one, only this time I am less lenient on myself. hmm..hmm.. I don't impose on audit trails where we need to have evidence of receipts in the house.

I am also the accountant, where I control certain budgets and cash outflow. Especially on cigarettes. My husband would ask me should he buy this and that. But I am not a queen control, because I don't ask for this budget controller position, I was NOMINATED by my husband *muka tak bersalah*

I am also the entertainment manager, well mostly for self entertainment during the times when my husband is at work. I watch all sorts of channel changing from Malay to English to Korean to Chinese to Hindustan, and sometimes to Cartoon channels. Because when my husband is around, I give him some autonomy to operate the sports channel.

Apart from all those chill tasks, I am also the maintenance department manager. I am the cleaner, my husband is the engineer. But there's not much technical jobs to be done in the house, however, there a lottts of cleaning to be done daily and weekly. So since I am the manager and I do not have enough resources, my husband sometimes get to be seconded to the cleaning unit. Sometimes he wash the dishes and sometimes he does the laundry. But really, it's just SOMETIMES, because most of the times, I do things myself.

Well, what else to say, I am also the Food & Beverage department manager. And because I don't employ any workers, I have to cook myself. And SOMETIMES when he is not working, he helps to cook. Ohohoooo.. when he is in the kitchen, he becomes Chef Ramsey and my kitchen feels like in the Hell's Kitchen show.

Because you see, he cooks better than I do, not because I can't cook (chewah, nak jugak), but because I never really cook for the past 5 years. I lost touch (chewah, nak lagi).

So you see, I still have to work you know? And I am still answerable to certain things to the Board of director, which is the ultimate boss, my husband, because I am not only working for myself. I am working for us. So time management is also important. I wake up the same time he wakes up for work. I drive him (Oh, yes, did I not mention this? I am also the driver!!) to the station for him to take the bus to Singapore. During the day, I have to study (sambil tengok TV of course) and I have to manage my time to cook so that dinner will be ready just in time when he comes home. After dinner I have to do a lot of washing and cleaning.

So it's really not that leisure. Unless, I get a maid. *eyelashes* Hmmm for the meantime, maybe I should impose giving salary to myself yang setimpal dengan gaji manager-manager di luar sana. heheh..

InsyaAllah, I am hoping and praying that I would come to that stage where I can call myself the Lady of Leisure, hopefully when I finish exams (Lady of Leisure, Association of Chartered Accountant) and have kids of my own, and hire a maid and husband getting his first million (insyaAllah). So I don't have to do the house chores while maintaining the 'manager' position for all departments. So I can focus my time on my kids (insyaAllah) and my husband. Ini impian seorang surirumah.

P/S: Semalam mak mentua saya pesan pada suami saya "jangan suruh dia masak hari-hari, nanti dia penat. makan la luar" Yahooo!! I love you, mak!


Dr. Ikeen said...

Haha!! Kelakar ok pesan Omma! Omma mmg best. Aaaaa!! Jeles Kak Izrin ade chance rasa jadi housewife! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Izrin said...

Hahah, tula pasal, smlm mak called n dgr cam mak ckp2 kat blakang, abg long diam je "ok, ok" rupanya itu pesan mak. hahah

Aziati Wan Haron said...

get a maid ! get a maid! hahahahahaah please ali!!!

Dina said...

OMG so sweet your MIL!
you're so lucky!

Izrin said...

aziati: Ali laughed reading ur comment. Kene buat baby dulu br get one .. aiyoo lambat lagi woo..

Dina: Kan? she's sweet, alhamdulillah, thannks babe.

myra said...

i want to go visit aziati in houston then visit you in JB. haha or JB then houston. yeap thats more realistic!

Please write about being lady of leisure/lady boss more!! love reading it.

I want to prepare my self(eceh) when the time comes(ntah bila).

happy for u! muahh

Izrin said...

Come visit me here! i cook for you *My hubby BIG laugh* ok, just come here, we go to singapore..

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