Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ali at 26

14 mAY 2009: Ali sudah 26 tahun..

I wasn't the first one to wish though.. :( Azman was. I SLEPT!!!! !@@#^&&#@ ( but i hope he knows that I was singin 'happy birthday' song while i sleep...) ecececeh!! :p

Since Ali is in the middle of exam, we didnt go out to celebrate. Instead, me and some friends surprised him with a cake.

Then, later we headed to the nearest McD.

Ali, at 26 with Choc Cheese Cake

Sorry, hun, McD jer.. haha tunggu habis exam..kita pergi celebrate ok?

Orang-orang kuat yang telah menjayakan the surprise, Anwardeen, Zul and Fairuz

Ayman and Fairuz

To Ali,
I know time has always been unfair to us. My work has always been stealing me away from you. I know it gets to your nerve sometimes that I have been very childish and unreasonable.

But you have overcome everything so patiently and so lovingly.

You have been a wonderful guy in my life.

So on your birthday, please make a wish that I will quit my job and find a more reasonable career, pray for our happiness and semoga Tuhan murahkan rezeki.


I love you! :)


KOOKY KASH said...

awww, so sweet. Happy birthday, Ali.

Ali said...

indeed it was so sweet of izrin and my friends...thank you for the wish kash..

Izrin said...

thanks kak kash

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