Sunday, May 31, 2009

My little Debbie

More than 5 months ago, dia sungguh debab, oleh sebab itulah panggilannya Debbie.

Walaupun sekarang masih debab, badannya sudah pun menunjukkan tanda-tanda bahawa pertumbuhannya bukan sahaja melebar, tetapi juga memanjang...
Alhamdulillah.. hehe

This was taken when she was about 5 months old. Weighing more than 10kg at that time.

Gambar ini juga.. Lihat lah, Ali pun tak larat nak dukung..
Semalam, saya jumpa Debbie, sudah besar rupanya dia.. Nasib baik memanjang! Tetapi, pipinya masih jua begitu...

Debbie yang sudah besar...

"Diddy... nak dukung!!! Alamak, pandang camera jap!"

"Apa pandang-pandang? Mau gadoh?"

"Hmmm... sedapnya.. soya bean"

"Alamak.. pram ni dah tak muat ker untuk aku?"

Mana taknya!!! Baby lagi besar dari pram!!


12th Man

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got screwed

I left the house at 8.20 am today as usual and I headed straight to office.

The moment I hit the road, I realized that there were less car today compared to any other day. My drive to the office was very smooth and to my surprise, I reached my office in Pusat Bandar Damansara in slightly less than half an hour where it would normally take me 45 minutes at minimum.

I thought to myself “Is this a bad sign?”

I reached office, opened up my locker and found a stack of documents that my boss was looking for the whole week. I kept telling her that I haven’t seen them but in actual fact, they were in my locker all the while.

I handed them to my boss and I got screwed up.

Later, I called one of my clients. Apparently, she told the heads and the big bosses that I said something I have never said before. I got to know about this yesterday and I got screwed up for the first time by my boss.

So I called her this morning to clarify that it was very illogical for me to say such things, and she kinda admitted that she did it just to cover her fucking ass. So I got the bad name instead. She laughed over the phone, I felt like slapping her on the face. Fucking bitch. The conversation was done on a loud speaker, so my boss could hear it too, to show that I was on the right side.

I got screwed again because my boss said I was too nice to client that they can easily taking advantage on me. And when I told this to Ali, I got screwed up another time, with the same comment. I shouldn’t have been unreasonably nice to people.

Then, I went to see my mentor, to discuss on my performance during the year because I am due for promotion. I submitted two performance reviews because I had only been auditing two big clients during the year, with one insignificant client and the rest is my study leave.

I just knew that I was supposed to submit at least 6 performance reviews, meaning that I was supposed to be servicing at least 6 clients a year?

Again, I got screwed up! I will not be able to get myself promoted this round, because I am doing fucking ICAEW that requires me to take at least 1.5 months to study and I kept failing my papers, hence sacrificing my audit period.

So after the review, I went to my client’s office. I received a call today from a friend and I got to know that a close friend of mine ran away from home undetected for 2 days. Of course we were so worried. Worried because a lot of things.

Falling out of love, another affair, kidnapped, accident, run away from Along, and all other possibilities.
I told Ali about this, just a matter of sharing. And he said I was too kecoh about this, he doesn’t see this as a big problem. I got screwed up again!!!

1. Boss, I am sorry that the documents were with me all the while, I lost touch because I had a lot of things to do. Everything was dumped on me, so it is natural that I lose certain things.

2. Dear client, I hope you burn in hell! Boss, yes, I am nice. So I know audit is not for me. You know I will chow once I finish my papers. Ali, I don’t need you to tell me that I was wrong. Because I already know my mistake.

3. My mentor, I don’t care anymore if I don’t get promoted.

4. To my friend, please come home and don’t make everybody worries about you. Ali, I just wanted to share. Yes, I am a little bit kecoh. But my friends will do the same to help me if say one day YOU leave me with no words and undetected.

Sorry.. just venting.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Just Awesome

Sami Hyypia admitted he found it hard to hold back the tears during his emotional Anfield farewell on Sunday and thanked the Kop for their magnificent support.
The big number four was given the captain's armband when he came on for skipper Steven Gerrard in the 84th minute and the standing ovation he got told its own story.

Before kick-off a mosaic in the Kop paid tribute to a man who has given 10 years wonderful service to Liverpool Football Club.

Hyypia admitted it was a moment that moved him.

"It was fantastic and I would like to thank the fans for that and for their wonderful support to me during the 10 years I have been at the club," Hyypia told

"There were a few tears at the end and I was surprised I managed to keep them inside until then. That was a sad moment for me.

"I've always had a really good relationship with the fans. They have treated me as their own from day one and that will never change. I will miss them.

"Goodbyes are never easy but life goes on. Now I'm looking forward to a new challenge in Germany but I'm leaving Liverpool behind with great memories but sad feelings."

Hyypia almost made it the perfect send-off when he saw a stoppage time header saved by a combination of Gomes and Modric.

"It would have been the icing on the cake but it wasn't to be," he added. "It was a good ball in from Fabio but Tottenham scrambled the ball away."

The big Finn has also backed Rafael Benitez's side to sustain another title challenge next season and sees no reason why the Reds can’t win number 19.

"We just fell a little bit short this season but I'm sure next season the team will take a lot of confidence into it from the experience we had this year," he said.

"We had a lot of draws this season and United turned them into 1-0 wins, but hopefully it will be different next season."

*source:LFC's webpage

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miss Lulu Alani

Don't you think they look the same?

Ms Lulu

Dora the Explorer

Friday, May 22, 2009

Antik sungguh

Tidak ku sangka telefon sebegini masih wujud pada hari ini.

Lokasi: Meeting room di sebuah office client yang ternama di negara ini. Begitu antik kan?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ali at 26

14 mAY 2009: Ali sudah 26 tahun..

I wasn't the first one to wish though.. :( Azman was. I SLEPT!!!! !@@#^&&#@ ( but i hope he knows that I was singin 'happy birthday' song while i sleep...) ecececeh!! :p

Since Ali is in the middle of exam, we didnt go out to celebrate. Instead, me and some friends surprised him with a cake.

Then, later we headed to the nearest McD.

Ali, at 26 with Choc Cheese Cake

Sorry, hun, McD jer.. haha tunggu habis exam..kita pergi celebrate ok?

Orang-orang kuat yang telah menjayakan the surprise, Anwardeen, Zul and Fairuz

Ayman and Fairuz

To Ali,
I know time has always been unfair to us. My work has always been stealing me away from you. I know it gets to your nerve sometimes that I have been very childish and unreasonable.

But you have overcome everything so patiently and so lovingly.

You have been a wonderful guy in my life.

So on your birthday, please make a wish that I will quit my job and find a more reasonable career, pray for our happiness and semoga Tuhan murahkan rezeki.


I love you! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final Exam

Dear Ali,


13th MAY 2009 to 3rd JUNE 2009

Determination... the key to success..

All the Best..!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Selamat Hari Ibu

To all my favourite mummies.

You can see it in their eyes,
in tender hugs and long good-byes,
a love that only mothers know.

You can see it in their smiles,
through passing years and changing styles,
a friendship that continually seems to grow.
You can see it in their lives,

the joy each one of them derives,
in just knowing that the other one is there...

To care and to understand,
lend an ear or hold a hand,
and to celebrate the memories they share.

Happy Mother's Day

Faid, mom, me and Ali

Ali and Omma

Myra and Lulu Alani

Farah Haizum and Zayd

Saralissa, Syikin and Suria

Emma and Mariam

Zeyla and Aliffi

Thank you, mummies for drawing that smile on our faces!
And.... Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world,
With Love...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Selamat Jalan

Azman’s last day before he flies off to Sandakan tomorrow. We wish you best of luck.

Semoga semangat dan niat untuk membantu manusia di sana membawa berkat.

Ingat pesan orang “Jangan kawin dengan orang sana, nanti lupa family kat sini!”

Saya akan jaga basikal anda dengan sebaik mungkin.

We’ll miss you, and we’ll think of you everytime we eat Chicken Hartz Buffet and Chilli’s.

Akhir sekali, pesan rakan-rakan “Jangan jadi lanun”..

Selamat Jalan..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Medical Certificate

I am still on MC today, although my fever has gone. Could not sleep last night because my throat was annoyingly irritating and I was coughing the whole night. So this morning, I went to see the GP.

I got myself an antibiotic to be consumed a tablet twice a day, ubat batuk, 10ml also twice a day, ubat demam 1 tablet 6 times a day.. Now, THAT is weird. I am not THAT sick to be taking ubat 6 times per day. The GP gave me a day MC for today. So I don’t have to go to work. But I still have to work from home though.

In audit line especially during the peak time, MC does not mean “Cuti Sakit” as how some Medical cert will be written as. In my line of work, MC would generally mean “Work from home”, unless you are hospitalized and unable to use you hands and eyes to work. I make audit sounds so scary. And maybe that is a bit of exaggeration, although 65% of the cases are quite true to some extent.

I was looking forward for the long Labour Day weekend. Unluckily I got home last Thursday feeling unwell. My temperature started to increase gradually and the peak was at 39 Celsius and I felt so hot (not the sexy hot) like a roasted chicken coming out from the oven.

Fortunately, I was taken care of very well by my dear Ali. Well enough that he managed to take my ugly photo in the previous entry while I was unconsciously lying on the sofa.

Perkara baru yang saya belajar bila menjaga orang demam adalah.. bagi makan KFC sebelum makan ubat, rendam stoking dalam air, perah, pakai kan pada si demam. Biarkan towel yang basah dalam badan depan dan belakang, dan selimutkan. TERBAIK!!

Now, fever is gone, but batuk is here. And nothing else is better than makan ubat batuk and tidur dan off mobile phone supaya tidak dihubungi.

Why I didn’t see you work from home yesterday?”

Sorry boss, my internet got problem, so I could not online, that’s why la you could not see me in the workspace. My fon pulak, rosak. People call me, but couldn’t get through, I don’t why……”

LAME.. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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