Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pregnancy 3rd month and 2nd Trimester

Oh, it takes me 2 months to update my pregnancy stories from the last entry. I have been very busy not only with work but also keeping up with my body changes.

I went for my 3rd checkup in June 2012. From a piece of meat, literally seketul daging in my womb, it has grown to be in shape.

I could see the shape of the head, and back bone. I believe from this picture it was facing down. My third month of pregnancy was nothing much different from the second month. All the symptoms were still there, maybe was at my worst.

I had terrible back pain, nausea all the time, I could not smell food, I would feel loya and nak muntah. Tapi tak muntah pun, but believe me, you'd feel better if you can vomit it out. Lower abdominal was still very much in pain. Fatigue? Jangan cakap lah... If you haven't gone through this stage, you'd never be able to imagine the level of fatigueness a pregnant woman can get.

4th checkup, was exactly 4 weeks later.

The position of the baby was still the same with the previous position we managed to capture above. When it heard us talking, it turned its head n faced us. It was soo amazing that she could hear us. And Dr Siti managed to capture its face.

At this stage most people able to know the gender of the baby. But I couldn't. Maybe because of its position. And MAYBE because it's a girl. Although a lot of people guessed my baby was a boy, I strongly believe it was a girl. Kata hati seorang ibu lah konon. Especially when we couldnt tell the gender at this stage, you can easily know if it's a boy, because it's very easy to see the tootsie!

In a blink of an eye, I realised that I was already in my 2nd trimester. Suddenly, all the pregnancy symptoms were gone and I didnt even realise it.

The fifth checkup was in the fifth month of pregnancy. Everything was good, my protein, sugar etc.. was great, alhamdulillah. Berat badan je tak best. Tapi takpe lah..hopefully sementara ni aje.

Unfortunately, during my visit this time, Dr Siti got a call from the labour room, I guess she was in hurry, she forgot to save my baby's picture from the scan. Tapi from the scan, she guessed that the baby was a girl. A-HAA!! But she only gave 98% confidence level that it was a girl. Well, when my mom was pregnant with my brother, doctor said 120% it was a girl, bila beranak turned out to be a boy. So 2% of chances it could be a boy was still high to me. It doesn't matter, anyway.

At 5th month baru rasa ada flutters in my tummy, mom said that's the movement of the baby. Rasa macam ada butterfly in tummy. Sometimes, I got confused whether it was the baby or it was just me being hungry.

My 6th checkup was done after more than a month. Probably between my 6th and 7th month of pregnancy.

THIS was the best 2D scan picture I have ever had. Dr Siti confirmed again that she was a girl because this time she could she her tootsie very clearly. She has turned her face from right to left side. Her eyes n mouth were open, Dr said she was a chubby baby. Oh my God. This photo really melts my heart. EVERYTIME! Her round eyes, her round face, her round body, makes my husband calls her Bulat-Bulat.

At this stage, I could feel her kicking already. The first 2 weeks she started kicking, only I could feel the amazing feeling. Hubby still could not feel it, until going to the 7th month. Seronok rasa sebab all these while, I only enjoyed it alone, and I could not prove how enjoyable it has been. Now that hubby could feel it too, rasa best. Tapi its too late for him, because as he first feel her kicking, I could already SEE her move from one side to another side in my belly.

Oh, second trimester came and go too fast. Sekejap je rasa seronok. The third trimester already coming, and the feeling I felt in the first trimester is haunting me again, only worse this time, because of the bulging belly and the heavy body to carry together with you.

3 bulan je lagi!!! InsyaAllah, I can go through this.

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