Thursday, November 15, 2012

3D/4D scan at Umra Hospital

If you google for 3D scan reviews in the internet, you will get a lot of Umra results. Yes, one of the famous place to do your 3D scan...mainly I think because it is cheap to do over there. Even my doctor from SDMC suggest to do the scan at Umra because SDMC charges are from RM350 to RM450. At Umra, last time used to be only RM100.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I made an appointment with the hospital to do my scan. First impression when talking to the guy on the phone was very positive. He was friendly and nice. One good thing about this place is, you can make night/weekend appointments unlike SDMC. My appointment was on a Friday night at 8.15pm.

I reached there at 8.20pm, registered myself, and was called for the normal urine test, weight recording etc.. That was fast. And the nurses were so friendly and polite. Then I waited for my name to be called. 

NO ONE called for me from 8.30 pm until 10pm. Dah la semua orang yang duduk at the waiting area already being called, people came after me also being called. All 'Puan' was being called except Puan Izrin. Maybe I was the only one who came for scanning, yang lain semua memang patient came for checkup. So they give priority to their patients. Either that, or maybe these people have made earlier appointment but came late sebab hujan. Whatever it is, tak fair langsung. People should make appointment to secure a place for consultation, but pukul berapa jumpa doctor should be based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Like how they do it in SDMC. 

At 10pm, I started to get agitated, dah la lapar, I went to see the nurse and asked why isn't my name being called? I am the last one now in the waiting room. Dont tell me, to come again because you are closing your clinic. She said she will check and then straight away she called my name. Hah, apa yang susah I seriously cannot comprehend these kinda thing.

Dalam keadaan marah dan lapar, masa scanning started, that makcik (the examiner) started to show me parts of the baby body on 2D vision.

She was so big tengok dalam screen. So the makcik told me the position of the baby, baby's kidney functioning, jumlah air ketuban, and all that, basically all was good, alhamdulillah... She did quite a detailed scanning, tapi sbb everything was good, tak ingat apa yang dia cakap. Sebab terlalu khayal tengok baby.

The she tried to change to 3D vision. She said the baby was already too big at that time, her face was so close to the uri. Baby was facing inside n melekat kat uri, so was a bit difficult to see her face very clearly. The best that she could capture was this.

She said the best time to come for 3D scan is between 26 to 30 weeks. More than 30 weeks is a gamble like mine. There are probabilities that you cannot see the baby's face at all. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak tengok at 32 weeks. Because at 32 weeks, everything has fully developed, the features can be seen clearly macam baby betul. Everytime I see this picture rasa nak gigit hidung dia.

After scanning, I was called in for doctor's consultation. Doctor tu punya la promote untuk beranak dekat Umra, sebab murah la, dekat dengan my house la, and kutuk SDMC for being expensive and bad location. Boleh tak? Hello, I go for the doctor, not for the hospital. I come here for the scanning and I PAY for it, bukan free, so just give me the service that I ask for. You don't have to kutuk the place that I choose to give birth at. 

And guess what? Hubby had to pay RM160 for the scan and consultation, not RM120 seperti yang dihebahkan di blog blog orang lain. Dalam pada itu, kata plak air kencing kotor, bagi antibiotik and ubat apa ntah lagi. Total up to RM200. Tak kuasa nak gaduh, hari dah lewat malam, malas nak query macam-macam. Bayar aje la, and go. Hubby didnt let me take the antibiotik. So bila kat rumah, seronok dok tengok gambar baby je la. Out of 30 pictures and 3 videos saved in a cd, ini dua je yang clear. 

So I dont know whether to blame myself for doing the scan lambat, or to blame them for not scanning properly to get the best shot. 

Apa pon, syukur alhamdulillah.. semua sihat and can't wait for my next check up with Doctor Siti. 


3d scanning services said...

Thanks for sharing!!!Nice it

Anonymous said...

Tis is because there are freelance sonographer miss jezzlyn work there... If do online booking will be charge RM120 only .. If you do booking direct umra will be scanned by their own umra sonographer ... Look at facebook : 3d 4d scan malaysia... A proper scan of 4D

healthybody.healthylife said...

Hi. How to do online booking?
Because i called UMRA just now to make an appointment for the 4D scanning and the lady said the price is rm180.00... :(

Izrin said...

Wow already rm180? Mayb pricedah naik bcoz of demand. Not sure abt online booking tho. Mayb u can check on the fb page as suggested above :) good luck!

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