Imaan Iris

2 weeks old:

- She smiles in her sleep

- She started to learn direct feeding, but only during the day.

3 weeks old:

- Now she prefers direct feeding than bottle feeding

- She can focus her eyes on us especially when we talk to her

6 weeks old:

- She listens and responds to people.

- She loves water and she shows excitement everytime we take off her clothes.

7 weeks old:

- She is now actively sucking her thumb and sometimes prefers thumb over mommy's breast.

- She can now be left alone without crying

3 months old:

-She can smile when people make funny faces

-Can lift her head

-Coos and gurgles, suka bersembang

-Discovered her fist

4 months old:

- Main air liur

- Play with toys

- Holds head upright


5 months:

- Has strong legs

- Can turn by herself and do the commando crawl

-Recognises people

-She likes to scream like Mariah Carrey

6 months:
- She started on solid food and mixed EBM and FM
- She can sit with support
-She is able to pull up to stand by herself
-Stops screaming but babbles when people talk to her
-She can play with people, she laughs so hard and smiles so wide
- She starts to crawl so fast
- She shows her preference on people and food
- She can grab toys by herself
- Holds her own bottle
- Has two tiny teeth

1 y.o:
- She started to walk few steps two days after her 1 y.o birthday.
- She understands "pusing" means headache in indon and she will start to tap her head
- She loves to dance to music

1 y 3m:
- When we say 'good girl', she will clap her hands
- She understands a lot of words, mata (kenyit mata), gigi, pusat
- She imitates ppl licking hands after eating
- She brushes her teeth, she has got 12 now, so many
- She knows who are mommy, daddy, atok, emma, bibik, uncle chik, halmeni, Ji
- Sometimes she demands which clothes to wear
- She knows birds, cats and fish, and if you ask 'where is bird' when there is no bird, she will show no bird sign with her hands
- She hugs you so dearly when you tell her to
- She gives you her open mouth if you tell her to kiss you
- She loves kids her age, but she dislikes kids that come close to her and try to hug her
- She is a friendly baby, she loves to go to strangers and poke them
- If you ask her how mommy marah she will go "mmmm"
- She shows a lot of tantrums too, throw herself on the floor, stamp her feet and go round crying

1 y 6 m:
- She loves aeroplanes
- Kalau cakap "nak bau mulut" she will keluarkan her lidah, I dunno why
- She imitates people praying when she hears we say "Allahu Akbar"
- She will immediately tadah tangan if she hears any form of Arabic, (Azan, or baca quran)
- She loves to selfie now
- She loves upin ipin

1y 8m:
- She loves nursery rhymes and starts to watch cartoon a little
- She imitates people sleeping, if you ask her how atok sleeps she will make sounds of snoring. if you ask her how she sleeps, she will just close her eyes and buat-buat tidur
- She can tell mommy if she poos and expect to change her diaper immediately.
- She knows how to eat chuppa chups, lick sampai kecik.

1y 9m:
- She can say diddy (daddy), mama, ma (grandma), tok, chik (uncle chik), Ji (haraboji), Man (imaan)

- She can form sentences

2y 5m:
- She can communicate well with people
- She sings and dance to the music
- She can tell mommy if she wants to do business in the toilet. But sometimes she is just lazy to say it
- She knows how to talk to her sister
- She knows all our names (Ijin, Cajali, linda, paid, carudin, Laila)

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