Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 things about my job

10 things why I think my firm is making lotsa money
10 things I hate about my job

1. Work like there is no tomorrow, Saturdays anjd Sundays are just like any other day..

2. MC means work from home

3. Charge my hours to client like I’m bloody professional, but pay me like I’m a hard labor..meetings always after office hour so the full office hour can be charged to client incurring office expenses

4. Salary and benefits like senior associate but work burden like an assistant manager, so they come out with a new title ‘Supervisor’

5. Bonus only two month paying 60% in December and another 40% the next year

6. Pay for Company’s Annual trip, the higher your position is, the higher you have to pay

7. Difficult to get over-time although you work over the nights, because it is difficult to justify

8. No medical benefit

9. No allowance for eye checking although you practically can’t do the work without laptop

10. Annual dinner is not consistent, if they have extras after partners take their shares, then they’ll do the dinner, if not much extra, they’ll just do the sort of thing they call “Group Gathering”

You got anything worst than this, pls let me know... it definitely make me feel a lot better..
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