Saturday, January 1, 2011

New 2011

Hello 2011. This is the time of the year where people start to plan for new year, establish new goals to achieve, but many, would just don’t bother. Some of my staff asked me if I have any plans for NYE. I stopped and think, I have not had plans for so many NYEs and this year’s would be the same. I don’t feel like going to town to do countdowns anymore, I guess I have passed that period where we dress up very very nicely, head to town very very early, lepak until very very late to wait for countdown with very very many people you don’t know, heading back home and stuck in very very horrible jam. I have totally passed that time. Then it got me wondered, waaahhh I am so old already!!!


So to start my 2011, I would like to review the things that I have wanted to achieve but had never been able to do so and will be carried forward next year.


1. Cameron Highlands
I had not been to Cameron Highland for so long, maybe the last time when I was 8. So I have been wanting to go, and Alhamdulillah it was a good trip with my bff.

2. Broga Hill hiking
Never thought that I could do this. Thanks to my team-mates for insisting me to go with you

3. Get engaged
Alhamdulillah… to the man I love.

4. Get promoted
My position is a bit weird, because they changed the title of the pose. It is supposed to be an assistant manager, but since they want to cut down cost to pay less, they replace the AM title to supervisor where I have the responsibility as an AM but the name does not sound like a manager. But..whatever, bersyukur anyway…

5. New handbag for office
I wanted a DKNY, tapi sejak sejak nak kawin ni, kene banyak simpan duit.. so bought something that I really like from Charles n Keith. I love it!

6. Go to Bootcamp introduction
Fariza and Sarep invited us, it was a really a good experience, now that it has opened in Subang Jaya, I might consider joining after I lose some weight to get some stamina.

7. Own a smartphone
Yeayy.. I love my bb! Able to connect with friends at any times at a fixed cost.

8. Buy running shoes
Shoe lama sudah haus tapak dia. So have not been running because I was always contemplating to buy shoes. So blardy expensive. But just recently, I managed to get a 50% off for RM500 Reebok. And I love it!

9. Join KL Marathon
I did it with Ali

10. First medal in running
Got it from KL Marathon. Glad I joined it.

11. Book reception hall for wedding
Although did not get the date that I like, but… Alhamdulillah, I managed to get the place that I like and the date pon takder la mengarut sangat…Friday night.. 

Not met

12. Lose 10kg
Huh, ini adalah paling mencabar..hilang 5 kg naik balik 6 kg. Tak guna btol. This yr, kene lebih berusaha. Oleh kerana terlalu difficult, I will lower down the target to 7kg this year. Maybe lebih logika.

13. Learn play tennis
Blame Ali for this. Dari sehari ke sehari nak ajar main.. tak juga ditunaikan. Grrr..! This year..mesti at least tahu main. Berusaha!

14. Start swimming class
This is also a way to kuruskan badan. Tapi..still searching for a lady instructor. Will still continue searching.

15. Enrol French class
Will enroll in 2011, since insyaAllah I will drag my fren Dee along to go to classes with me.

16. Singapore run
Wah, carried forward to 2011 because by then insyaAllah I will be going with my FH. Senang dari segi logistic and accommodation!

17. Pass Exams
I will try to pass any one paper this year. I must! At least I know that I am not stuck.

18. Get a new job
I will still search for new and better jobs. But this will not be carried forward because it will no more be my goal to achieve. It will be more like if I can get a better job, it is a rezeki for me. Otherwise, I won’t fret.

19. Start to pay zakat
To be honest, I never pay zakat pendapatan and I am not gonna give excuses for not doing it. I realized after all these 4 years of working, without paying zakat, I ended up paying out more unnecessary things like paying over 4k for car problem, being cheated by orang jual kain for my tunang dan banyak lagi. Tu semua sebab tak bayar zakat. So although tak sempat nak bayar before 31 December 2010 to be able to be included in this year’s tax exemption, I will still pay my zakat after I get my EA form so that insyaAllah my income for 2010 adalah bersih.

20. Go to Langkawi
The last time I went to Langkawi was when I was 11 maybe, itu adalah sebelum pembangunan yang sangat pesat ni. Since the kemajuan, I have not gone there not even once. Jadi 2011 mesti pergi bersama FH.

21. Start to save 10% of salary in ASB
Ni adalah satu benda yang memang nak buat dah lama, tapi asyik malas jer nak pergi ke PNB or maybank to deposit the money. And since nak kawin ni, bukan nak simpan, nak kuarkan lagi adalah… huhu.. so lepas kawin nanti.. will start to make it a habit.

22. Find ‘See Jane Run’ book
One of the best books I have ever read. Thriller suspense best giler, but my friend misplaced it before returning it back to me. It is kinda an old book, because I bought it 6 years ago, second hand. Now, I don’t know if it still on sale. But, I am gonna drop this goal and redha je.

23. Skytrex
Takut nak try sebab badan gemuk, takut berat sangat. But was told that it is alright. Even lelaki berat 90kg pon bleh pergi, why not? SO out!

24. Wall climbing pon bila dah fit nanti saya akan cuba at least once tahun ni.

Happy New year to everyone. May 2011 brings you good health, and wealth and all the happiness in the world.

My NYE, went to a friend's house had wonderful bbq at his balcony, celebrated by only 4 people. what's more wonderful, at the balcony can see fireworks from Tropicana City, BB Walk, KLCC, Dataran merdeka, Tmn Tun, Curve..... aaahh.. bliss!

New year resolution: To achieve majority of my goals in 2011.


Azman said...

25. Go to Sandakan?????? takkan takde kot?? :(((((

Izrin said...

24 things to do was 2010, insyaAllah in 2011 we'll go n c u there :) happy new year tuan doktor.

Dina said...

u going for bootcamp again?
nak try lah

i intend to go wall climbing too. been 4 years since i last did.
jom pegi together? once i find a babysitter for Soph ;)

after your wedding, y don't u consider doing potongan gaji for ASB

or you could do it through m2u

selamat menabung ;)

Izrin said...

u nak pegi bootcamp? jom nak? benda2 ni ada kawan br syok. br motivated.

wall climbing, JOM! i tak penah try..tatau i berani ke tak.. hehe.. but we can go together. dunno whr is good tho.

thanks for the infor on how to do my asb. :) i thot kene gi kaunter jer, i was told macam tu la. ok.. will consider doing that. thanks a lot babe :)

Dina said...

sure thing babe

at this point wall climbing seems more feasible
bootcamp pagi buta kan?

Izrin said...

cool..!! ha ah kol 5.30 pg.. sbb tu try skali jer.. tkmo buat dh..tkt tk dapat nk bgn.. :p ok, we can plan bila u ada babysitter, n bila i dk kurus sket..hahah tkt badan tk tertarik ke atas jerr.. :p

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