Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pappa Rich

Maybe some of us, especially who stays in Ampang area, would have noticed this new place to hang out for coffee-coffee. The name 'Pappa Rich' might sound normal to most people as it has always known as just 'another kopitiam other than Oldtown'. But i think Pappa Rich's food is way better than Oldtown la.

But that's besides the point. The usual Pappa Rich in the malls are just a kopitiam-looking ones. But not this one that we have just discovered along Jalan Ampang.

It's like a bungalow by the road side, not sure if the building is named Nihonkan or what. But what I know there is a very posh looking Italian restaurant at the top level and Pappa Rich is at the bottom.

This is the entrance to Pappa Rich. First time there, you'll be looking around to search for the restaurant. Coz it's nothing like the ones in the malls.

And yes, they have a swimming pool. This is not just for show. You can really swim in the pool, although I have not seen anyone doing it.

That is Pappa Rich's seating area by the pool side.

Walking inside the restaurant. So cozy and nice. There are two LCDs showing astro channel.

Don't worry, food and prices are the same.

If you are coming from Ampang point going towards KLCC, along jalan ampang on the left side, you'll see this bungalow. It is before Great Eastern Mall.

Please go there, it's so nice. And I love Milo Dinosour!
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