Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Wanna Die

A song by dubbed by I-dunnowho, but I am pretty sure that he is an auditor. Dedicated to all auditors.

They warn you about going through peak,
When you step into audit,
Everyday do casting, vouching,
And also cross-referencing,
You must know your debit credit,
If not you can't tie your balance sheet,
You whole day press your calculator,
Now can count faster than the cashier,

I wanna Si (die in hokkien)
After pluck leadsheet,
Still must do timesheet,
More work for me..

Why can't everything be I/C (inconsequential),
Suggest to leave, go home and watch TV,
Office so messy,
Can't find my TEH-C
I wanna Si..

When people are going through peak,
No time to work out and keep fit,
When parents ask us go home to eat,
We can't, we eating with colleagues,

On some days when we are lucky,
We can go home early 6.30
Do you know what's AUDITOR meaning?
All You Do Is Think Is Think Of Resigning

I wanna Si
I want throw letter, straight at the partner,
Take it from me!!
We work late hours everyday,
But we get so damn little pay,
We can claim taxi,
But can't claim OT,
I want MC!!!

Working through weekends

Listen to the song.

1 comment:

farhana rahim said...

hahaha klaka laa lyrics die. XD

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