Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Polis cikai

A friend of a friend told me this.

He was stopped by a police car. Reason? He beat the traffic light.

Policeman indicated he wanted to be bribed.

He checked his wallet and said, "Sorry encik, saya takder duit".

Policeman answered, "ok, takpe, saya ikut awak pergi ATM".

He was shocked that the policeman wanted to go up to that extent just to ask for money.

He headed to the nearest ATM. Policeman was waiting in his car.

He walked back to the policeman and looking guilty (to me, he shouldnt have felt guilty), he said "Sorry encik, dalam ATM saya pun takder duit".

Policeman was pissed."Haaaa..takper la takperla, lain kali jangan buat lagi".

I personally think that policeman was stoooopid. For following him to the desperado. and, for accepting the reason that he has not gotten ANY money.

hmmm... that's another way of getting escaped from being summoned.


myra said...

izrin, i was once stopped becoz i made a U turn at a place with the 'no U turn" signboard. Clearly my fault, but got a way with it.. coz i told the policemen i was lost, dia suruh i tell him the rukun negara in the right order, failed the first time and once i got it, he said. dont do it again.. ahaha..

ian yusof said...

this kind of police officers normally are off-duty ... or else he won't be that 'nicely' idiotic!

Izrin said...

myra: comelnya u...!!! haha... kalau i sure dah kaku.

Ian: yup! i agree memang they are off duty. siap boleh ikut pegi ATM tu. sickening la.

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