Friday, March 5, 2010

Tai-Chi geng

My morning jogging will depend on my morning schedule in office. If I have nothing to rush in the morning, I will walk to padang MPSJ which will take me around an hour to reach back home. However, if my boss is coming in to my workplace, I will definitely have to leave early; hence I would just take a short half an hour jog at Padang USJ 4.

What is interesting at Padang USJ 4 is, it is filled with so many people doing a lot of other exercises. The most common is the tai chi group.

There is one group that do taichi with kipas. Another group with rope. Other group with pedang. Ada yang with ribbon. Dan banyak lagi. Tapi, ada satu group yang sangat menarik.

They do taichi with food in their hands.


The member of the group will bring food macam pot luck kinda thing, then they will share the food among themselves. Later, they will do taichi, with food in their hands.

Menarik bukan.


Aziati Wan Haron said...

kasi gambar sikit tai chi group hehehe

Ali said...

tai chi with sausage mc muffin with egg perhaps..hahahaha

Izrin said...

aziati: huhu..tu lah tp excercise leceh nak bawak fon. :p

ali: wow! kalau itu la makanannya... confirm i join. hehe..

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