Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Education starts from home.

Some would argue that it does not make ANY changes to the earth.

While others would agree to the fact that if EVERYBODY in this world do their part and just conserve the energy for just one hour, it is A LOT different than not doing it AT ALL.

Some say that in the intention of trying to make the world a better place, driving to KLCC just to be with everyone in the dark, would in the end, contribute to air pollution.

And the opposite would say,’s fun I think, to be doing it together with people, you feel that you live hormonally, you think you are cool.

In this matter, I am neither here nor there. I agree and disagree.

Yes, I do think that one hour of the year would make a difference (although not much) to the earth. But what I don’t understand is the fact that it has become a celebration to rejoice, rather than a nurturing factor to the society, especially to youngsters.

Why do people have to gather to celebrate in the dark? What is there to celebrate in the first place?

Why can’t you be at home? Gather with your family members at the porch and just catching up? Stay at home and tell your kids how thankful the Earth would be by doing this or something? Oh, really, you don’t have to gather with thousands of unknown people in the dark.

I would rather stay at home and watch tv. Because I know for a fact that AT MINIMUM 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week, 80 hours a month and 960 hours a year I work without air-cond and fans with very limited lighting on the ceiling, and no toilet paper in the toilets.

Thanks to my clients that have been very inhuman towards auditors that they can save the air, preserve energy, while saving the trees.


Justin Johnson said...

I was just browsing thru some blogs and saw your post so I thought I would respond. I think that one hour does make a difference, but I also agree that the whole point should be to try and be more aware of the energy that you use every day, every hour of the year. I turned off all the lights and electronics in my house and we played a board game by candlelight. It was really fun.

Izrin said...

Hi, Justin, that's my whole point u know. u really dont have to drive up to some shopping malls to 'celebrate', just sit there in the dark with thousands of ppl doing NOTHING. playing board games at home by candlelight really sounds nice. :) thanks for your comment.

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