Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Newborn Checklist

30 days to go, let's see what is still pending.

Newborn apparel
1. Bodysuits - I have just bought 5pieces shortsleeves and 5 sleepsuits from Mothercare. Not sure how big my baby is going to be and how fast my baby is going to grow. Buy 5 pieces first, tak cukup nanti, get hubby to run and buy more.
2. Infant cap, Mittens and Booties - I have only got 2 sets from BBstore. Need to buy more. At least 5-6 sets more.
3. Kain bedung - I have got 3 pieces from BBstore. Ira is going to give me more. So I guess, I dont have to buy anymore extra. Nak balut baby tak lama pun.
4. Bengkung baby - I have 3 sets from BBstore, 3 sets from Pigeon and 3 sets from Anakku. Cukup la kottt!

Bottle Feeding
1. Feeding Bottles, Pacifier, Bottle Brush - I bought 1 starterpack from The First Year that has 2 small bottles, 2 medium bottles, with pacifier and bottle brush.
2. Formula Milk Dispenser - I dont need this yet. InsyaAllah as I plan to breastfeed all the way. Moga-moga susu banyak tak perlu la fikir pasal formula milk just yet.
3. Steriliser - I dont really think that I am gonna buy this. To me, maybe it is not necessary. I can go back to basic macam zaman mak-mak kita dulu. Rendam je dgn air panas mendidih. InsyaAllah, hilang jugak bacteria. Anyway Zetty said she was gonna give lent me hers. So, a bonus point if I get this from her.
4. Bottles Drying Rack - I got this one from BBstore, Munchkin brand.
5. Warmer - Normally warmer jual sekali dengan steriliser. But I got as warmer set that was sold separately. Included in the set, is warmer yang boleh bawak travel jugak. I can also use this warmer to sterilise puting botol.
6. Bib - Sadly, I have only got 3 sets. I need to get more of this.

Breast Feeding
1. Breastpad - I got a set of 6 pieces washable pads from BBstore. But according to some friends, it is also better to get the disposable sets. I need to look for it. 6 pieces is definitely not enough.
2. Nipple cream, nipple protector - I have not bought these yet, not sure if I am gonna need these. Bila perlu nanti baru run kejap kat farmasi terdekat to buy. I dont like to buy things unnecessarily.
3. Breastpump - After a lot consideration, I finally bought Medela Swing. My working environment does not allow me to pump sambil buat kerja lain (multitask), so no point of buying the Freestyle Medela.
4. Breast milk storage container - Bought the disposable packs from BBstore. So I can write down the dates of pumping to note which one shall I use first.
5. Nursing Pillow - Got one from my bffs for my babyshower

Bath and Grooming
1. Bath tub - Bought yang boleh guna for newborn up to toddler. Included inside is anti-slip.
2. Bath Seat - Bought one from Ikea.
3. Water Temperature Indicator - I dont know if I need this. But I have not gotten any.
4. Hooded Bath Towels - Belum beli, caya tak??? Haduihh. I need to look for it desperately.
5. Toiletries and skin care products - Blom beli. I am looking at Johnson's brand. Kinda trusted brand for me. Sebab mummy pun still guna Johnson's :)
6. Grooming set - Hanya sudah beli ketip kuku. Need to look for comb, brush and scissors.
7. Thermometer - Beli satu from Pigeon, then tetiba nampak Omron brand, beli jugak. So now I have 2.

1. Baby cot - Beli the one yang can turn into baby bed later. Bought from Ikea together with its mattress.
2. Playpen - Bffs bought this one for me. I need another cot to be put downstairs while I am away at work, so maid can monitor baby placed in this pplaypen. Tak payah nak bawak turun cot. I cant put baby on the floor, coz I have cats at home.
3. Crib set (Cot bumpers, comforter) - Baru ada satu set yellow color for the cot. I need to get another white crib set supaya easy to match with other sheet colors.
4. Bedding set - Pillow and bolster sudah beli satu set for the cot. ShoAnne said she is going to give another set, I shall put them in my playpen. I already have 2 sets of sarung bantal and fitted sheet. I need to get at least 2 more sets for my playpen.
5. Waterproof Bed pads - I have one rubber pad, I guess it is enough to serve the same purpose.

Travel/Baby Gear
1. Car seat - Have not gotten this one. Haven't been surveying any. Might not need it yet during pantang. So decided to buy this later.
2. Stroller - Pun belum beli. But I have decided on which one to buy. So will get this one later.
3. Baby carrier - Bought 4 position baby carrier (also for newborn) from Mothercare.
4. Diaper bag - Hubby bought one from Nike. Konon dowan pink pink kaler, coz he said he was gonna carry the bag, he wants something macho. So... a sports brand. Taktau la boleh guna ke tak. We'll see.
5. Changing mat - Beli satu tilam kecik untuk changing on the floor. Not necessary for changing table.

For mama
1. Nursing bra - belum beli
2. Disposable panties - belum beli
3. maternity pads - belum beli

Teruk jugak la my preparation for the delivery. Hospital bag pon tak siap lagi. OK. Will try to settle at least half of these if not everything by this weekend. C'mon mama!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

3D/4D scan at Umra Hospital

If you google for 3D scan reviews in the internet, you will get a lot of Umra results. Yes, one of the famous place to do your 3D scan...mainly I think because it is cheap to do over there. Even my doctor from SDMC suggest to do the scan at Umra because SDMC charges are from RM350 to RM450. At Umra, last time used to be only RM100.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I made an appointment with the hospital to do my scan. First impression when talking to the guy on the phone was very positive. He was friendly and nice. One good thing about this place is, you can make night/weekend appointments unlike SDMC. My appointment was on a Friday night at 8.15pm.

I reached there at 8.20pm, registered myself, and was called for the normal urine test, weight recording etc.. That was fast. And the nurses were so friendly and polite. Then I waited for my name to be called. 

NO ONE called for me from 8.30 pm until 10pm. Dah la semua orang yang duduk at the waiting area already being called, people came after me also being called. All 'Puan' was being called except Puan Izrin. Maybe I was the only one who came for scanning, yang lain semua memang patient came for checkup. So they give priority to their patients. Either that, or maybe these people have made earlier appointment but came late sebab hujan. Whatever it is, tak fair langsung. People should make appointment to secure a place for consultation, but pukul berapa jumpa doctor should be based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Like how they do it in SDMC. 

At 10pm, I started to get agitated, dah la lapar, I went to see the nurse and asked why isn't my name being called? I am the last one now in the waiting room. Dont tell me, to come again because you are closing your clinic. She said she will check and then straight away she called my name. Hah, apa yang susah I seriously cannot comprehend these kinda thing.

Dalam keadaan marah dan lapar, masa scanning started, that makcik (the examiner) started to show me parts of the baby body on 2D vision.

She was so big tengok dalam screen. So the makcik told me the position of the baby, baby's kidney functioning, jumlah air ketuban, and all that, basically all was good, alhamdulillah... She did quite a detailed scanning, tapi sbb everything was good, tak ingat apa yang dia cakap. Sebab terlalu khayal tengok baby.

The she tried to change to 3D vision. She said the baby was already too big at that time, her face was so close to the uri. Baby was facing inside n melekat kat uri, so was a bit difficult to see her face very clearly. The best that she could capture was this.

She said the best time to come for 3D scan is between 26 to 30 weeks. More than 30 weeks is a gamble like mine. There are probabilities that you cannot see the baby's face at all. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak tengok at 32 weeks. Because at 32 weeks, everything has fully developed, the features can be seen clearly macam baby betul. Everytime I see this picture rasa nak gigit hidung dia.

After scanning, I was called in for doctor's consultation. Doctor tu punya la promote untuk beranak dekat Umra, sebab murah la, dekat dengan my house la, and kutuk SDMC for being expensive and bad location. Boleh tak? Hello, I go for the doctor, not for the hospital. I come here for the scanning and I PAY for it, bukan free, so just give me the service that I ask for. You don't have to kutuk the place that I choose to give birth at. 

And guess what? Hubby had to pay RM160 for the scan and consultation, not RM120 seperti yang dihebahkan di blog blog orang lain. Dalam pada itu, kata plak air kencing kotor, bagi antibiotik and ubat apa ntah lagi. Total up to RM200. Tak kuasa nak gaduh, hari dah lewat malam, malas nak query macam-macam. Bayar aje la, and go. Hubby didnt let me take the antibiotik. So bila kat rumah, seronok dok tengok gambar baby je la. Out of 30 pictures and 3 videos saved in a cd, ini dua je yang clear. 

So I dont know whether to blame myself for doing the scan lambat, or to blame them for not scanning properly to get the best shot. 

Apa pon, syukur alhamdulillah.. semua sihat and can't wait for my next check up with Doctor Siti. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pregnancy 3rd month and 2nd Trimester

Oh, it takes me 2 months to update my pregnancy stories from the last entry. I have been very busy not only with work but also keeping up with my body changes.

I went for my 3rd checkup in June 2012. From a piece of meat, literally seketul daging in my womb, it has grown to be in shape.

I could see the shape of the head, and back bone. I believe from this picture it was facing down. My third month of pregnancy was nothing much different from the second month. All the symptoms were still there, maybe was at my worst.

I had terrible back pain, nausea all the time, I could not smell food, I would feel loya and nak muntah. Tapi tak muntah pun, but believe me, you'd feel better if you can vomit it out. Lower abdominal was still very much in pain. Fatigue? Jangan cakap lah... If you haven't gone through this stage, you'd never be able to imagine the level of fatigueness a pregnant woman can get.

4th checkup, was exactly 4 weeks later.

The position of the baby was still the same with the previous position we managed to capture above. When it heard us talking, it turned its head n faced us. It was soo amazing that she could hear us. And Dr Siti managed to capture its face.

At this stage most people able to know the gender of the baby. But I couldn't. Maybe because of its position. And MAYBE because it's a girl. Although a lot of people guessed my baby was a boy, I strongly believe it was a girl. Kata hati seorang ibu lah konon. Especially when we couldnt tell the gender at this stage, you can easily know if it's a boy, because it's very easy to see the tootsie!

In a blink of an eye, I realised that I was already in my 2nd trimester. Suddenly, all the pregnancy symptoms were gone and I didnt even realise it.

The fifth checkup was in the fifth month of pregnancy. Everything was good, my protein, sugar etc.. was great, alhamdulillah. Berat badan je tak best. Tapi takpe lah..hopefully sementara ni aje.

Unfortunately, during my visit this time, Dr Siti got a call from the labour room, I guess she was in hurry, she forgot to save my baby's picture from the scan. Tapi from the scan, she guessed that the baby was a girl. A-HAA!! But she only gave 98% confidence level that it was a girl. Well, when my mom was pregnant with my brother, doctor said 120% it was a girl, bila beranak turned out to be a boy. So 2% of chances it could be a boy was still high to me. It doesn't matter, anyway.

At 5th month baru rasa ada flutters in my tummy, mom said that's the movement of the baby. Rasa macam ada butterfly in tummy. Sometimes, I got confused whether it was the baby or it was just me being hungry.

My 6th checkup was done after more than a month. Probably between my 6th and 7th month of pregnancy.

THIS was the best 2D scan picture I have ever had. Dr Siti confirmed again that she was a girl because this time she could she her tootsie very clearly. She has turned her face from right to left side. Her eyes n mouth were open, Dr said she was a chubby baby. Oh my God. This photo really melts my heart. EVERYTIME! Her round eyes, her round face, her round body, makes my husband calls her Bulat-Bulat.

At this stage, I could feel her kicking already. The first 2 weeks she started kicking, only I could feel the amazing feeling. Hubby still could not feel it, until going to the 7th month. Seronok rasa sebab all these while, I only enjoyed it alone, and I could not prove how enjoyable it has been. Now that hubby could feel it too, rasa best. Tapi its too late for him, because as he first feel her kicking, I could already SEE her move from one side to another side in my belly.

Oh, second trimester came and go too fast. Sekejap je rasa seronok. The third trimester already coming, and the feeling I felt in the first trimester is haunting me again, only worse this time, because of the bulging belly and the heavy body to carry together with you.

3 bulan je lagi!!! InsyaAllah, I can go through this.

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