Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pregnancy 2nd month

In the previous entry, I talked about discovering the pregnancy. In the first checkup which was about 5 weeks then, we couldn't see anything from the scanner screen. Just a black hole. Dr Siti told me to come again in 3 weeks time to see the progress. You'd be surprise to see how the tiny little dot, has grown into a piece of living meat in just 3 weeks time.

From the screen, I could see the meat moving, Dr said it was the heartbeat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was still only half convinced that I was pregnant. Seeing that thing moving, I thought it was just in my mind. Probably it moved because I was breathing.

But still, I went back home feeling so happy that finally I see something in my womb. The scanner cannot be lying, right.

At 8 weeks, my tummy was already looking like 16 weeks. Probably because I was bloating. Berangin satu badan.

This is the time where everybody will take extra careful of you. Because you are so fragile at this point in time. Takut keguguran. Makan pun jaga. Nenas, kicap, kopi were the BIG NO! Although Dr said there is no restrictions. Semua akan pesan, no heavy lifting, no running, and no heavy work. But for some of us who are wondering if you can still have sex with your husband, the answer that Dr gave was "yes, you can, but stop when you bleed". Of course it wasn't me who asked the Dr. Adalah orang lain yang tanya :p

Alhamdulillah, I did not have bad morning sickness. The most is rasa mual, macam nak muntah, tapi tak muntah-muntah. Feeling sick and fatigue all the time. I thought it was end of the world already. But when I got to know some of my other friends were put to bed rest for weeks, taking up MCs, duduk sebelah jamban to get ready to vomit anytime, consuming pain killers, I felt so thankful and syukur to Allah that I didnt have to go through all that. Well, not in this pregnancy la at least. Different pregnancy kan different experience.

In this period, I also had back pain and lower abdominal pain that made me difficult to walk and uncomfortable when I sleep. When I want to get up from my seat, I had to stand still for few seconds just so my muscle tak terkejut bila terus berjalan. And bila jalan, yaAllah, macam orang dah sarat. Sebab sakit sangat dekat lower abdominal tu. Orang cakap, sakit tu normal. Sebab baby nak mengembang and membesar. So I didnt worry too much.

When you are at this stage, then you realise kenapa orang pregnant selalu moody. Sebab menahan sakit badan yang teramat sangat and rasa indescribable fatigue. Just like why women are moody during their menses. sebab nak tahan sakit perut period. But of course, some lucky ladies, do not have to go through all these. Tapi, only when you go through these la, you realise betapa besarnya jasa ibu. For going through all these, but still not giving up. You'll appreciate your mother more!

Bila dah macam ni, of course I couldn't wait for my next checkup!


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