Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya 20092009

Raya would normally be the same throughout the years.

Same old bunga api.

Same old kuih raya, rendang, lemang and ketupat.
Same old small family pictures.

Same old big family pictures.

Same old scene everytime, everywhere. Hehehe..

Distinctively this raya, we did not stay in kampong that long like we used to do to celebrate raya, instead all of my family flew to Kelantan to be with my mak long who just got to know that she has got a 3.5cm tumor at the head of her pancreas.

While the result of her CT scan has yet to be released from the specialist, the M.Os and other doctors had pretty much hinted that the tumor is cancerous. Although we do not want to accept the indications, it didn’t deter us from fearing the risk of a poor prognosis.

I can’t doubtlessly imagine how calm she was when she broke the news. When everybody was crying, she could still give the best smile to everyone.

Dear God, please don’t let it be cancerous. Let the tumor be operable and removable. Please make us strong for her to be stronger.

The official result will be released in two weeks time. I know there is still hope. I know God loves someone like her. Nice, pleasant, amiable are not adequate enough to describe a person like her. She is just wonderful in her own way.


reen-not-green said...

just heard the news..
kita doa yeh?

Izrin said...

her operation is on the 5th. pls pray semua selamat.. insyaAllah...

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