Friday, September 4, 2009


Lelaki A:
A month before his wedding, told his fiancé “I am gonna call off the wedding. I got pay cut, I cannot afford and I don’t think I am ready to get married.”

Two months after that, he married his office slut.

Lelaki B:
Has been very sweet and understanding towards his girlfriend. He has never complaint although his girlfriend is always occupied with work. Never talked about marriage.

Only to be caught has been having affair with his best friend’s wife.

Lelaki C:
Left his girlfriend of 4 years for another girl. Back to his first girlfriend after finding out how slut the second girl is. Married her and had a son together.

One year after the marriage, he cheated on her again.

Lelaki D:
Told her muslim girlfriend that he will never convert to Islam. His girlfriend finally realized that the relationship will not go anywhere. When she decided to leave, he didn’t stop her.

A year later, he married another muslim girl.

We don’t expect you to be loyal to one girl.
But we at least want you to be honest.

My boss always say to us “Don’t know, say don’t know. Don’t act like you know” (every time we try to answer his questions that are so obvious we don’t know the answer to).

So my recommendation to the guys, “Don’t like, say don’t like. Don’t cheat and give stupid reason to break up".


Anonymous said...

Come to think of the bright side, at least those girls they dumped didn't end up with them.

Izrin said...

kak haza, u're right. exactly what i told those girls. its better to find out now, then bila dah beranak 5.

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