Saturday, September 12, 2009

My favourite fish

I am not a fish eater. But this fish.........

I love McD.

It is sinful, I know.

But I love Fillet-O-Fish.

Irresistible, I know.

Never crossed my mind the type of fish that they'd use to make this. Maybe I've always had the impression that they'd use Dory fish.

The kind that I'd order whenever I go to Manhattan Fish Market.
Cantik, bukan? Nak makan pun senang hati..
Never thought that it's from this ugly creature from the sunless depths of Pacific Ocean.

Hoki Fish for you, found in fillet-o-fish.

It's just very tasty.


Ali said...

hahahahaha...funny...i read that article as well and I immediately thought of you coz you like them so much...:)

Izrin said...

i mkn ugly creature :p

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