Thursday, January 1, 2009

New 2009

It is a new year again?? Damn! What ever has happened last year? My resolutions? Happily bringing forward to this new year.. Nothing new, it happens every year.

2008 resolution was nak kurus.. I didn’t lose any..but I gained more I think. And this year, on top of carrying forward my resolution, I build some new ones. Hoping that this year would be a better year for me and for everyone else of course.

Let’s see what I plan to do this year consistently:

1. Facial treatment once a month.
2. Spa every two months
3. To lose 10 kg
4. Badminton twice a week
5. Run 3 times a week
6. Open an account at Tabung Haji
7. Pay zakat this year
8. To finish a storybook in two weeks
9. To have a balanced life – work, health and love
10. To pass my stupid papers in July

A bit too much right? Hmm.. If I can do 5 of the 10 things by end of 2009, I’ll be happy enough. Coz I have been having only one resolution every year and by end of the year I have always ended up with nothing.

Happy New Year to all, may you be blessed with good health, excellent wealth and unsurpassed happiness.


Abu Soffian said...

Selamat tahun baru...enjoy!!!

Izrin said...

happy new yr to u n family.. :)

reen-not-green said...

let's diet and loose some kgs!!! (yaaa rite!!!)

urs truly,
ur auntie Waida..
(saya terasa TUA)

KOOKY KASH said...

whats with the facial treatment once a month? even I dont get to do that.

Ali said...

kan? tak perlu once a month pn takpe...she can afford to skip a few :)

Izrin said...

waida: JOM!!! not only some kgs..A LOT of em.. :p btw, u dah kurus pon!

Kak Kash: i just need some time to pamper myself.. keje kuat-kuat, dapat gaji abih kat food.. hehe.. baik spoil kan ur body n face.. :)

Ali: my face got a lot of whiteheads la.. u never notice.. because its white..!

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