Sunday, August 29, 2010


Negara kita ni multi-races dan dengan pelbagai agama. Sepatutnya kita saling hormat-menghormati.

Kenapa orang melayu/muslim selalu kecoh sangat non-muslim makan pork depan kita, masuk masjid tak tutup aurat. Konon takder respect pada kita orang islam.

Tapi..ada kita fikir, bila kita makan daging depan Indian di mana daging lembu adalah sangat holy untuk mereka. Bila kita makan daging depan Budhist, di mana agama dia kesian dengan binatang tak sampai hati makan. Ada kita fikir kita makan deorang? Takder pulak kita di label “disrespectful’.

Bila orang baling cat dekat masjid, mereka kene bagi public apology.

Tapi, bila kita bakar gereja? Takpe?

The problem with us is, we always think that we are at the top. We are in the right religion, faith and belief. Orang lain semua sesat. Don’t get me wrong, not that I am opposing that fact. I am proud to be a muslim. I am thankful to God that I was born muslim.

Tapi tak semua orang bernasib baik seperti yang kita rasa. Tak kisah kita dilahirkan dalam agama apa pun, we will feel that our religion is the most accurate and truthful. You were just lucky that you were born a muslim, the religion that You think is right for everyone.

Tak perlu lah mendabik dada. Perbaiki diri sendiri as a true muslim before you can criticize or reprimand other religion.

Entry ini ditujukan kepada saya dan semua orang melayu yang mengaku islam tapi berlagak macam bagus.
(If you do not fall in any of the category, jangan la terasa pedas)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ramadhan 15: buka puasa with team mates

We wanted to go to Johny's steamboat..but was under renovation. And all other restaurants in One Utama was full house except this Thai restaurant.

We started by ordering drinks for five people plus an appertizer combo (haven't got pictures of those..lapar sangat sampai lupa ambik gambar).

What do they have in the appertizer? Fishcakes, spring roll, samosa, and small tempura (sort of), all three each for RM18. bluergghh.. so expensive.

So our main dish were:

Stirred kankong belacan (VERY GOOD)

Garuppa with thai sause (so-so laaa)

Stirred chicken with cashew nut and dried chillies (Not nice, ok)

Sizzling japanese taufu (not as nice as I expected)

Venue: Just Thai, One Utama
Price: Total was RM 159 (15% discount for Citibank credit card holder)
Rate: 3/10 (Expensive and not nice! If you want thai food, Sri Siam opposite PJ Hilton is 10 times better)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramadhan 14: buka puasa with my boss

Probably the most expensive buka puasa this year.

When she asked me which kind of food I'd like to eat, (I always like to eat nasi with lauk biasa for buka) I thought since my boss is non-malay, kesian la pulak nak bawak dia pergi local buffet spread. So I suggested for International buffet.

Pasta, (the best I had over there)

The western side (I don't eat lamb, so I didn't take this)

The Japanese spread (far on the left on top is first time eating eat. Yucks!! hanyir!)

They have got some rice as well (mushroom rice). But the lauk no so tempting laaa.. So I didnt take pun. But I did take some rendang chicken, fish lemon, and chicken skewer. Unfortunately, that was my first dish. I was so hungry sampai lupa nak tangkap gambar. :>

Yabbies (nampak besar tapi tipu jer tu... yg besar tu kepala dia jer)

Tempura, ayam bbq, udang rempah, sausage skewer


Banyak lagi desserts that they served. They got fruits, ample of cakes, ice creams, jeruk buah, rojak buah, keropok...and few other things. But was too full to even look at it..Kenyang giler!

Venue: Rennaisance International buffet
Price: RM90 per pax (boss belanja, takper :))
Rate: 3/10 (so expensive with limited choice of food. Not very nice pun.....Parking for 2 hours after validation is RM 10!!! Original parking is RM 40 for the 2 hours..haihhh)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadhan 12: Buka puasa di rumah FPIL

I was invited to Ali's parent's house for berbuka puasa. When I reached there, the first thing I saw on the table was this:

Oh no, I thought to myself. We can't be eating just this? I dont eat this thing. It looks like sushi, and I know for a fact that I DONT EAT SUSHI.. i dont like raw stuff. I hate salmon, I can vommit myself just looking at it uncooked.

Jenuh jegak memikirkan how the hell am I gonna eat this. i have never eaten sea-weed my whole life. And I didn't know the isi rolled inside.

Later I was told that it is called "Kimbap", korean food. Not sushi, and no salmon :)

I warned Ali "Don't ever mention that I don't eat these things..Nanti kecik hati mak dia". Well, if I'm gonna be in this half korean family, I have gotta try this, right. 

Then, Ali's mother served Asam Pedas!!!


My all-time fav! But it got me thinking, how the hell am I gonna eat this asam pedas with kimbap? Cicah ke.. or celup ke.. konfius...

Alhamdulillah ada satay (may fav) juga menjadi santapan..

Apa LAGI?? Sambil memikirkan macam mana nak makan kimbap ni, tanpa disedari saya dah belasah satay bercucuk-cucuk. Ali pulak takder la nak peduli ajar saya macam mana nak makan.. dia buat derkk jer!!

I waited until the first person yang ambik kimbap tu untuk dimakan, and learned how to eat. Makan camtu ajer...!!!! So bismillah, saya pun cuba.


Hah! Berketul-ketul saya makan.. then Ali taruk nasi putih lagi atas pinggan untuk di makan with asam pedas.. argghh!!! heaven!

Kenyang giler ok.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Merisik

This is kinda late for sharing. Tapi takper... Yang penting it happened.

8.8.2010 - Alhamdulillah selesai perkara pertama dalam permulaan hidup saya.

My future MIL and my mother

Kain and Kippling bag, hadiah from FMIL.
So, I'm booked :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadhan 7: buka puasa with Mr Ali G

OK, this is our favourite. Boleh kata setiap tahun puasa mesti ada at least once, kami berbuka di Tony Roma's. Menu dia enak-enak. Generous portion. Friendly staff. SUPER EFFICIENT.

The first time we experienced berbuka di TR was at Pyramid few years back. We walked in at 6.30 to reserve to table at 7pm. Plus, we could order our food in advanced. Once we were seated, we just had to wait until time for berbuka. The food was served on time.

Today, we berbuka at Mid Valley's TR. We were seated at 7 pm. It was full house. They took our oder, and the food was served 5 minutes after azan berbunyi. Not only to our table, to other tables jugak. Efficient bukan?

Perkara pertama yang mereka served (on the house) before the main dish arrived was:

Roti sapu with garlic spread.. urghh yum yumm

kurma yang bagus qualitinya.

Our drinks (bottomless):

lime juice RM 8.90

iced lemon tea SEASON's RM 6.90

Main dish kami adalah seperti berikut:

Fierry Cajun Chicken Sandwhich RM 19.90 - Chicken sandwhich with cheese and onion ring with fries.

Ribs Double Combo RM47.90 - Ribs and chicken tenders combo with mashed potato and baked potatoes

Normally, I have never been able to finish my own food at TR. Ali selalu jadi mangsa menghabiskan makananku. But this time... gua lapar beb. Sikit pun tak offer Ali.

Ali pun... apa kurangnya... chicken tenders tu selalunya dia bagi aku seketul dua, macam exchange la with my food.. kali ni.. dia habis sorang beb!

Motif susunan tulang ribs itu tak dapat dikenal pasti.

Venue: Tony Roma's (Pyramid, Mid Valley and Curve are the best ones)
Price: A la carte menu with affordable price.
Ratings: 9/10 (Tak dapat markah penuh sebab makanannya sungguh menggemukkan!)

Kemudian lepas itu we went to Secret Recipe for desserts.

Green Apple kasturi

Hazelnut Latte

Vienna Brownies

  Cheeze Choc cake

Haihhh.. kalau macam ni, setahun tak makan pun takper.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan 4: buka puasa with Ali's family

I haven't got enough photo of the food for this entry. That's because I was having dinner with future in laws (malu lah!), and Ali didn't want to help me take photos. :( But I shall share the food that was presented for Royal Ramadhan Feast at Flamingo Hotel.

They have got good and variety selection of food.

-Kueh teow goreng, very nice
-Nasi briyani/nasi putih
-Ayam rendang, loved it!
-Ikan goreng
-kambing gulai
-daging kurma
-sayur kangkung
-ikan bakar
-udang bakar

-Soup noodle
-rojak mamak
-chicken wrap
-kambing panggang (maybe la, cz i am not a fan of kambing so, i didnt pay much attention to it)
-chicken roasted
-yong tau foo
-bubur cha cha

-varieties of cakes
-varieties of keropok
-varieties of drinks

And, Ohhhh...I had them all!!!!

Venue: Grand Ballroom, Flamingo Hotel, Ampang
Price: RM 64 (First week of ramadhan 50% discount)
Food rating: 7/10 (with 50% discount that we had, I have nothing to complaint over the food!! hehe.. excellent stuff)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan 2: buka puasa with team-mates 2010

Today, my chinese colleagues turut berpuasa bersama-sama. Although they started late (bersahur dalam pukul 7am) still, they didn't even curi-curi to eat, not even a gulp of water. They managed to wait until the time for iftar. I was really impressed. They were more energetic than I was!!

The heros of the day!

My appertizer

Mushroom soup

Main dish

Chicken blackpepper grilled

My drinks

Iced-lemon tea

All these three items plus a small tub of ice cream, got them for RM 15 (Ramadhan special)

The other colleagues (all of them in fact ordered this as their main dish). Also the same price

Chicken mushroom with rice

We also ordered other things like captured below:

Potato waffle

Mushroom goreng with onion and almond

With Ramadhan special ordered, these side dishes are priced at RM4 each. Normal price RM8 each.

We also got kurma free.

Tahniah my friends, for being able to complete the puasa today. And thanks for being a constant reminder, that i cannot mencarut, cannot be angry and all other bad things.

Time 6pm onwards
Price: 3 course-meal RM 15.
Service: Very fast serving and staff are very friendly. 
Food rating: OK, Not bad 5/10 (we got our food at 7pm, so had to wait for 30 minutes for berbuka, by the time the food turned cold. so maybe not so nice. otherwise, i think they are not bad at all) 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I would if I could

Each time I want to write about this issue, I’ll be saddened by the photos that I collected for publishing. Tak sampai hati to even look at it.

I have asked this question once. “Can I adopt?” I am not talking about 5 years from now. I want to adopt NOW! These babies need people like us to adopt them. But often, I get this, “No, you are not fit financially, they won’t let you take”. Is it true? I don’t know.

I always pray to God, “Ya Allah, please give me the strength and the means in the future to do something about this. Please make me financially stable (more than stable maybe) to be able to build a house one day for these kids that can call me Umi.” And by that time, I want to tell those stupid m*****f**k**s to give their babies to me, please do not KILL them. Tapi sekarang, apakan daya… aku tak mampu… I would, if I could!

I was touched by one advert in a national TV programme. “Dalam dunia haiwan tidak ada manusia. Tapi… dalam dunia manusia ada banyak haiwan”. It is true. Why is this happening to our world? And, if you read again the collections of news on this issue, MAJORITY if not all, were committed by malay muslim. WHY?

Situasi macam ni seolah-olah tak dapat dibendung lagi.. Dia makin menjadi-jadi. What are we doing about this? Mungkin setakat belajar agama sahaja tak cukup. Some say sex education is important. Some say pelajaran moral tak cukup. Some even say pengaruh kawan-kawan. Some blame the family background. But I’d say the surroundings. Surrounding of a child includes family, friends, education, and religion, everything you can think of. I am not a pious woman, nor I am good at teaching children (I don’t have any), so some would say it’s not my place to say this. But I have an opinion on my own.

Kenapa issue macam ni sering berlaku pada orang melayu yang beragama islam? Adakah it happens to others too, tapi media tak publish? Or adakah benda ni memang hanya synonym dengan masyarakat melayu? Agama kita talks about everything yang melarang kita buat benda-benda yang tak elok, apatah lagi MEMBUNUH.

Who are you to take away someone’s life? Someone that you carry for 9 months? Someone that you conceived with your own flesh and blood? Kalau tak nak, bagi lah orang lain..jangan la kejam.. so inhuman.

Generally I think because orang melayu ni lebih nak ajar agama pada anak-anak, but never really expose anything about sex. Naturally, youngsters, they are always curious and always want to know and try out something. So if you don’t teach it at home, they learn themselves elsewhere, chances are.. they got the wrong guru, who only taught them through practical experiment, not theoretically.

And one thing I notice about our culture is that, there is very low acceptance on child born out of wedlock. “Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat”. Kita pukul, kita sebat, kita rotan anak yang mengandungkan anak luar nikah itu. So daripada di pukul, dia pulak membunuh anak dalam kandungan itu. Semua hanya kerana nak menyelamatkan maruah. Masa tengah syok, tak ingat maruah.

For the parents, bukan la aku sokong to accept anak yang mengandung luar nikah. Tapi when damage has been done, terima sahaja and cari penyelesaian baru. Membunuh is not even an option. Kalau dah buat dosa, jangan la tambahkan dosa yang lagi hebat.

Mungkin God has better plans for them. Kalau aku adopt, mungkin dia tak dapat ajaran agama yang sempurna. Tapi bila diperlakukan macam ni, tempatnya hanyalah syurga. But YOU? Lagi nak bunuh…double the sin? aduhai perempuan sial…
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