Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan 2: buka puasa with team-mates 2010

Today, my chinese colleagues turut berpuasa bersama-sama. Although they started late (bersahur dalam pukul 7am) still, they didn't even curi-curi to eat, not even a gulp of water. They managed to wait until the time for iftar. I was really impressed. They were more energetic than I was!!

The heros of the day!

My appertizer

Mushroom soup

Main dish

Chicken blackpepper grilled

My drinks

Iced-lemon tea

All these three items plus a small tub of ice cream, got them for RM 15 (Ramadhan special)

The other colleagues (all of them in fact ordered this as their main dish). Also the same price

Chicken mushroom with rice

We also ordered other things like captured below:

Potato waffle

Mushroom goreng with onion and almond

With Ramadhan special ordered, these side dishes are priced at RM4 each. Normal price RM8 each.

We also got kurma free.

Tahniah my friends, for being able to complete the puasa today. And thanks for being a constant reminder, that i cannot mencarut, cannot be angry and all other bad things.

Time 6pm onwards
Price: 3 course-meal RM 15.
Service: Very fast serving and staff are very friendly. 
Food rating: OK, Not bad 5/10 (we got our food at 7pm, so had to wait for 30 minutes for berbuka, by the time the food turned cold. so maybe not so nice. otherwise, i think they are not bad at all) 


bride2wife said...

hola izrin.. :)

Izrin said...

tahirah!!!! :) hello!! let's meet up for buka pose!

bride2wife said...

kena ada 'org kuat' yg plan..hehe..waiting for edz to come back also...then we meet up!

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