Sunday, August 1, 2010

I would if I could

Each time I want to write about this issue, I’ll be saddened by the photos that I collected for publishing. Tak sampai hati to even look at it.

I have asked this question once. “Can I adopt?” I am not talking about 5 years from now. I want to adopt NOW! These babies need people like us to adopt them. But often, I get this, “No, you are not fit financially, they won’t let you take”. Is it true? I don’t know.

I always pray to God, “Ya Allah, please give me the strength and the means in the future to do something about this. Please make me financially stable (more than stable maybe) to be able to build a house one day for these kids that can call me Umi.” And by that time, I want to tell those stupid m*****f**k**s to give their babies to me, please do not KILL them. Tapi sekarang, apakan daya… aku tak mampu… I would, if I could!

I was touched by one advert in a national TV programme. “Dalam dunia haiwan tidak ada manusia. Tapi… dalam dunia manusia ada banyak haiwan”. It is true. Why is this happening to our world? And, if you read again the collections of news on this issue, MAJORITY if not all, were committed by malay muslim. WHY?

Situasi macam ni seolah-olah tak dapat dibendung lagi.. Dia makin menjadi-jadi. What are we doing about this? Mungkin setakat belajar agama sahaja tak cukup. Some say sex education is important. Some say pelajaran moral tak cukup. Some even say pengaruh kawan-kawan. Some blame the family background. But I’d say the surroundings. Surrounding of a child includes family, friends, education, and religion, everything you can think of. I am not a pious woman, nor I am good at teaching children (I don’t have any), so some would say it’s not my place to say this. But I have an opinion on my own.

Kenapa issue macam ni sering berlaku pada orang melayu yang beragama islam? Adakah it happens to others too, tapi media tak publish? Or adakah benda ni memang hanya synonym dengan masyarakat melayu? Agama kita talks about everything yang melarang kita buat benda-benda yang tak elok, apatah lagi MEMBUNUH.

Who are you to take away someone’s life? Someone that you carry for 9 months? Someone that you conceived with your own flesh and blood? Kalau tak nak, bagi lah orang lain..jangan la kejam.. so inhuman.

Generally I think because orang melayu ni lebih nak ajar agama pada anak-anak, but never really expose anything about sex. Naturally, youngsters, they are always curious and always want to know and try out something. So if you don’t teach it at home, they learn themselves elsewhere, chances are.. they got the wrong guru, who only taught them through practical experiment, not theoretically.

And one thing I notice about our culture is that, there is very low acceptance on child born out of wedlock. “Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat”. Kita pukul, kita sebat, kita rotan anak yang mengandungkan anak luar nikah itu. So daripada di pukul, dia pulak membunuh anak dalam kandungan itu. Semua hanya kerana nak menyelamatkan maruah. Masa tengah syok, tak ingat maruah.

For the parents, bukan la aku sokong to accept anak yang mengandung luar nikah. Tapi when damage has been done, terima sahaja and cari penyelesaian baru. Membunuh is not even an option. Kalau dah buat dosa, jangan la tambahkan dosa yang lagi hebat.

Mungkin God has better plans for them. Kalau aku adopt, mungkin dia tak dapat ajaran agama yang sempurna. Tapi bila diperlakukan macam ni, tempatnya hanyalah syurga. But YOU? Lagi nak bunuh…double the sin? aduhai perempuan sial…

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