Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Special Bond

"I know I've said it before but I've played for Barcelona and Villarreal and I've never known anything like it in my career," said Reina.

"It's the belief of the people, the city and the fans; they all drive you on. I've been at Liverpool four seasons now and once you understand how much Liverpool means to the people then as a player you know you have to give everything for them.

"People might think that every team must have that spirit, but it is not that easy.

"It is not something you can switch on, it is something that builds itself over a long time and we have it at Liverpool because of the people around us, the city and the way people are in the city.

"It is a city of workers and people who stick together and Liverpool have to represent the city in that respect. You cannot help but become involved in it."

Monday, April 27, 2009

JM 2009, Tour de Malaysia

My very first experience going to a cycling race. Sorry I don't know much about cycling, hence I cannot really write much as my vocab on cycling terminology is very weak..

Commissaire, peloton, breakaway, are the first few terms I learnt from Mr Ali... haha.. anyways, just enjoy the pix!

Muka Ali yg sedang marah, sebab saya lambat siap

Perodua, one of the main sponsor

Baju jacket polis yg smart bertulis 'Jelajah Malaysia 2009'

The stage, tajaan DBKL

"Bluek, dapat VIP pass, thanks to Abg Ariep"

"Aaaaahhhhh... milo free!!! siap isi dalam botol lagi"

"Hun, kita beli keta ni yeh?"

Tayar basikal Anuar Manan

"Good Luck Anuar"

Motor media pon pakai BMW

The champion, Adam

Radio Rasmi JM 09, Fly FM 95.8

Icon JM

"Tangkap gambar saya, tangkap gambar saya, nanti saya injured tak hensem"

Before the race

The winners

The best Malaysian Team

"Toink! hidung saya comel!"

I really enjoyed the event. Not that I am a cyclist. But I love the fact that our people is able to organise such great event. And it's internationally recognised!
Congratulations to Datuk Astaman and his team for making Jelajah Malaysia what it is today.
"I will definitely come again for Jelajah Malaysia in the future" - Timothy Roe, yellow jersey

Monday, April 20, 2009

The proposal

He said:

Hun, nanti lepas exam, please save one Saturday and a Sunday.

She said:

Hah? Untuk apa?

He said:

Kita gi kursus kahwin..

She winks (over the phone, cannot see)

And she thought "Was that a proposal?"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My bestfriend's engagement






Congratulations darling!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hillsborough - 20 years on

As we approach the 20 year anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, club captain Steven Gerrard talks candidly about his memories of the time, the fight for justice and his own personal loss.

Liverpoolfc.tv: You were only young at the time, but what do you remember about the events of April 15, 1989?

Steven Gerrard: I was still a baby. I was only nine years old at the time so I only have small memories from back then. But I've learned more about the actual events as I've got older.

Your own family has a personal connection to the tragedy. Tell us about that...

Well, I was really shocked and deeply saddened when I watched the scenes live. I was completely and utterly shocked, whilst wondering if there was anyone we knew personally at the game. It was exactly the same for every Liverpool fan at the time because I'm sure everyone was wondering if they knew anyone who was at the game too. I remember going to bed that night, lying there praying, and keeping my fingers crossed that it didn't get any worse than what we had already heard. Unfortunately for myself and my family we got the dreaded knock the next morning to say that a member of our family was at the game and had been tragically killed.

Is it true that in terms of Jon-Paul's memory, he has always motivated you to become a Liverpool player?

Yes definitely. Obviously it was a difficult time to know that one of your cousins had been at the game and had been tragically crushed. Seeing the reaction of his Mum, Dad and family helped drive me on to become the player I have developed into today.

In terms of the importance of Hillsborough to Liverpool Football Club, could you clarify just how central this event is in our history?

It is central and very important to this club. The 96 will never ever be forgotten, and nor will the people that got hurt. But it is important these people get remembered individually and not just as the number 96. This club has fought for justice ever since and will continue to do so. We have stuck together since that day, like we always do here, and that shows what kind of football club we are, sticking by each other when times are tough. We are not just about what happens on the pitch but we are all one off it as well.

That commitment to the cause was epitomised with the Kop mosaic, 'The Truth' before the Arsenal match a couple of years ago, wasn't it?

Yes, of course. You can always rely on our fans to give proper support when times are hard and it's the same with Hillsborough. Time has gone by, but the scars will never ever be healed and the fans will never ever forget. So you can always rely on our supporters to be there for you when you need them.

When foreign players arrive at the club, is it important they learn about the tragedy?

I think it was such a big tragedy that the majority of the players are already aware of the event. They have probably seen the scenes on the news as it would have gone out worldwide on the television at the time. Straight away you learn the values of the club and what it's all about; not just the good times but the bad times as well. So the players are brought up to speed about what happened at Hillsborough and they pay their respects every year like all the staff of Liverpool Football Club do. We go to the memorial service every year and thousands of people still turn out to this day, so it goes to show that the Liverpool supporters will never forget about it and neither will the players.

In terms of the annual memorial service, it is obviously very difficult, but also a very important day for yourself too...

Yes of course, even when I stop playing for the first team I will continue to go to the service and show my respects every year. I do see Jon-Paul's family there as well so it's nice to go and share the memorial service with them, as well as all the other families that are there showing their support.

This year the families of the Hillsborough disaster have been given the freedom of the city. What can you say about the way they have conducted themselves throughout this period?

It's unbelievable really. They have shown great dignity. I think they should be proud of themselves. I know how horrific it has been for them so I think they have conducted themselves very well and should be proud.

Finally, as captain of the club, is there any sort of message you can give out to the families and survivors of Hillsborough 20 years on?

Just to continue to conduct themselves the way they have done so far. They have behaved impeccably and the club are very proud of them and the way they have handled this tragedy. The players will continue to be a support for them, I can guarantee that.

*taken from http://www.liverpoolfc.tv

Friday, April 10, 2009

Football Thoughts

LIVERPOOL FC vice-captain claims that this weekend's fixture against Blackburn Rovers will be his biggest EPL game of his career-
"I'm not just saying this because of what happened against Chelsea the other night but the league has always been the priority for everyone at the club," said the 31-year-old.

"In the 13 years I have been involved in the first team this will be the biggest league game I've played in – it really is that important.

"If we win we can go top of the league with just six games to go and if someone would have told us that we would be in this position when the season started we would have all been delighted.

"This is a massive chance for everyone at the club and I'm sure the fans will create a great atmosphere because they know what is at stake."

This was what Jamie Carragher had to say about the loss to Chelsea FC and the title race : "Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say that the other team played well on the night, and this is one of those occasions.

"But it's important to remember that we've now played them and Man United five times this season and we've won four of those games.

"That's a record we can be proud of even though we are obviously disappointed about what happened the other night.

"We've played more than 40 games in the Premier League and the Champions League – the two biggest competitions – and we've only lost three times. One of the most important things is that when we have lost we've tended to respond in the right way by going on good runs.

"That's what we'll be looking to do again and no-one should be too downhearted about what happened against Chelsea because they are a good side who did well on the night. We've still got a hell of a lot to play for.

"The incentive is there for us to go back on top of the league. It may only be for a few hours until United play but you never know, it could even be for longer than that.

"That's how big this game is and that's why I honestly believe it's the biggest we've had in the league since I've been at the club - and maybe for even longer than that."

Most LIVERPOOL FC fans would love to see their team win the league as well as the Champions League. They still believe that it is not impossible, the players certainly believe so. But one thing for sure is that if LFC's quest for the trophies does not materialize, and should they end the season empty handed, the fans would still believe in them. This was clearly evident during the Chelsea game, even at 3-1 down, they stayed behind until the final whistle and kept singing for the team they love in good times as well in bad times. That is something money can never buy and that is something other clubs may never have possibly. Which is why LFC is special in that sense.

Other players from other teams could see that special relationship that LFC has with its fans and supporters. Thierry Henry felt that Anfield is the best away stadium he ever played in and he enjoys playing his football there. And seeing his current team destroyed the German Champions FC Bayern Munchen gave the bookies a clear indication that FC Barcelona will be the favourites to win the Champions League this year. We shall wait and see if they got that right.

Although I myself believe that LFC can still make it to the semis but my prediction for the semifinals would be:

Chelsea v Barcelona
Porto v Arsenal

Barcelona FC is almost certain to be in the semis at this stage now. Even Mark Van Bommel, previously of Barcelona FC himself and now captain for Bayern Munich had this to say about the 2nd leg in Allianz Arena, "we might have a chance if they show up with only 8 players".

Monday, April 6, 2009

F1 Petronas Malaysian GP 2009

On our way to the circuit

The entrance of the circuit

Mercedes SL63 AMG - safety car (Lefthand Drive)

It was funny to see Ferrari at the back - but it was nice nevertheless - even nicer to see McLaren further behind

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bapa Negara

Came across a blog.

About 'bapa segala bapa'.

"Setiap Perdana Menteri Malaysia ada diberikan gelaran masing-masing.Tunku Abdul Rahman dikenali sebagai Bapa Kemerdekaan.Tun Razak di kenali sebagai Bapa Pembangunan , Tun Hussein pula di kenali sebagai Bapa Perpaduan dan Tun Dr Mahathir di berikan jolokan Bapa Kemajuan.Apa lagi yang tinggal untuk diberikan kepada Pak Lah ?"

And the answer is "Bapa mertua khairy". I personally think it's a stupid answer. Why can't Mahathir be "Bapa Mokhzani" or "Bapa Mukhriz"? Of course la he is bapa mertua khairy.. duhh!

I think he is "Bapa Demokrasi"...

It was during his time, people get the opportunity to vote fairly, opponents were given fair chances to speak publicly, dan sebab itu lah kita nampak kekalahan yang teruk pada BN masa pilihanraya.

Masa zaman dia jugak la, Sultan dan raja-raja melayu ada hak untuk berkata-kata..

Masa zaman pemerintahan dia jugak, takder la banyak sangat orang masuk ISA macam zaman dulu-dulu..

Not that I am pro-Pak Lah. I just think he was too nice to be the PM. Too nice and too weak and incapable of being a leader.

But he had shown the world that they are no more the majority.

Bapa Demokrasi...

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