Monday, August 11, 2008

Sho-Anne and Farouk

The wedding of my bestfriend, Sho-Anne, was the most memorable wedding reception. I was touched by all the scenes of the wedding. I call it, “Perkahwinan yang penuh tangisan”. Not a heartrending one though.

Sho-N atau nama sebenarnya Shuana binti Aris, the youngest of 5 siblings. So you can imagine the family’s reaction once Farouk lafaz akad dalam satu nafas. Mother, father, sisters, brothers, and in-laws even her nephew also cried. Her friends??? Jangan cakap laaa…..Sho-Anne is one of my best friends that had gone through a lot with me. We have been friends for more than 10 years now and there are so many things that just remind me of her.

1. CBTB (Coffee Bean Tempat Biasa), where we always hang out after school, before and after tuition Mrs David
2. Ponteng sekolah makan nasik lemak Pak Man
3. Declared own school holiday one month before it actually started
4. Walk to Pn Kuah’s tuition classes and drop by at Radhi’s corner for dinner
5. Selalu lupa bawak tudung during class agama and on Fridays
6. Buy a bowl of soup noodle and share during recess time
7. Always culik her out and make ourselves immune with Sho-N’s mom’s nasihat “Korang kalau keluar ni baik-baik. Pompuan kuar malam-malam ni, jaga-jaga..jangan sebarangan je cakap ngan orang lain…etc..” (I would think that she has a standard template of nasihat for us everytime we go out)
8. All the crazy guys that have been there in her life and inadvertently also in my life (babe, believe me, Farouk is the best!)

And many more…So if you think that we didn’t cry, then you are wrong! :p

Malam berinai

ialah malam untuk meninggalkan bantal busuk (bucu bantal ini adalah paling busuk) :p
Geting ready for nikah adalah saat paling mendebarkan

Seri pengantin

Farouk yang nervous

While waiting her beloved husband performing solat sunat

Presenting mas kahwin to the bride

The wedding ring

Cium tangan suami pertama kali

Ciuman dahi isteri pertama kali

All ready untuk bersanding

Bak kata Izan "Sama cantik, sama pendek" :p

The best of friends

Now its just the three of us..

Kawan-kawan yang sentiasa menyibuk..

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sho-Anne and Farouk

Semoga berbahagia


Ali said...


zetty said...

sedih dalam kegembiran..

now just 3 of us still bachelor and might be one of us will be 'wifey' by next year..or maybe 2out of us 3???


Izrin said...

ali: cantik kan sho-anne? she is sooo berseri-seri. and i love her make up too..

Zetty: i know what u mean.. so maybe the entry next yr akang tggal aku sorang jer..haha.. you will definitely be a wifey too nxt yr and so is dyla.. 2 out us 3? mungkin jua.....

bola2api said...

muka korang berdua pun dah nak dekat sama laaa.. sure u'r not separated at birth or something?? hehe

Izrin said...

kak aini: u mean muka i with my fren ke? if that's what u mean, i'm positive that we were not separated at birth. we couldnt be adik beradik.. just look at our sizes.. =)

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