Saturday, August 2, 2008

You're soo vain

I reached client’s office today at almost 10am. I didn’t really know what the hell I did in the toilet that took me half an hour before I actually started to get ready for work. So, yea.. I was kinda late! Since the only place that was vacant was the seat next to my dear boss, I decided not to occupy it. Instead I went to the finance department and look for empty cubicles. Special attention was given to the clerks’ area, considering it’s Friday, people have already started to set their weekend mode on. So you can expect some staff will go on emergency leave (EL), or secara professionalnya, taking MC.

So I sat at this one Akak’s table. And I realized what the hell?? She is soooo vain!!! This is one photo I managed to capture during lunch time.

Yes! She has three mirror on her desk. If you can't really notice, there's a purple oval mirror on the table, light green rectangular mirror stood on the white box, and a white round mirror pinned on the dividing wall. I can imagine the instances when she’s working and looking at her computer. I think she won’t be concentrating so much on her work, rather glancing to the mirror and check on her tudung, or pimples, or if her lipstick is still pretty. wonder lah she is still doing her June work although it is now August!!!!

1 comment:

Ali said...

Patut la kerja tak selesai!

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