Monday, August 4, 2008

UPNM Duathlon In Pictures

For this race we did not stop at McDonald's drive thru to get our usual sausage McMuffins.. Isma was dissapointed to see me without those muffins before the race. Next time ok lu makan Muffin tuh..

As usual the crowd was slow to respond in the morning. The number of participants were less compared to last week and there were more participants from University category this time around. The horns went off at about 0915 if not mistaken. I have been telling myself that for the first run, run as comfortable as you can and I think I was too comfortable. Haha...80% of the crowd were already on their bike leg when I came into the transition. But it did not bother me because I just want to enjoy the bike leg because the route is one way out and one way in. It gives me the chance to see how many people are actually in front of me...and there were far too many. I did not set any target specifically for the bike.

I was just hoping that I could continue with my 'run' after the bike. When I came into the transition after the bike leg I managed to run for only about 100 meters. Haha...gila siput. Hadi and Ikhwan were cheering for nothing when I passed them because I did not run like I was supposed to. Heck, the 2nd run turned out to be my afternoon walk asking for heat stroke. But I just want to finish the race within the cut off time. At the start I told myself to try and finish it within 1h 45m. But I was still glad that I managed to do it within 2 hours. The weather was scorching hot and I had company during the 2nd run with a UPNM cadet by the name Farid. At the last stretch, Azman ran together with all of us (Farid, Myself, Adeline, MAC and Arif). All of us thanked each other for company.

Azman, Ayman and I stayed behind for the Prize Presentation as our friends (Isma and Hadi) both helped their team to 1st position in respective categories. (Men's and Mixed Relay). Good job boys. Rilek2 tapi menang. Baru la style. Aku nak koko crunch dalam hamper korang.

Had great fun with great company. Congratulations to Julie for finishing top 5 (expected pun). Well done to team Man - Tap (Ayman and Azman), and Farid botak. Although Izrin never admit herself to be active, she was missed during the race not just by me but also others. You should not discount the power of having fun as well as racing. If you intend to have fun and never kid yourself, you will most likely end up having fun. Keep it up and always believe in yourself because others do.

Here are some pictures after the race:


Izrin said...

awww..thats sweet! u promised to run with me at KOTR kan? and promised to be as slow as me kan? :p
congratulations, u did well! 2 hours is not bad at all! nasib baik i tak masuk..sbb the route kan quite flat? takder turun bukit.... hehe..

Isma said...

uik! yeah gua nak mc d! anyway it was a great sunday afterall. Ada umur panjang lepak lagi ngan lu orang.

p.s Koko Crunch anak gua dah abiskan :P tinggal maggie kari meletup saja. mau?

Ali said...

maggi kari? hahaha...takpe la bro...aku gurau je pun koko crunch tu..haha..yeap...insyaAllah kita jumpa lg!!

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