Monday, August 18, 2008

Balek kampung

The past weeks have been very hectic for me. I have been working relentlessly (although not hard enough but I still have got countless deadlines and numerous work issue with innumerable social affair to attend to), finally, my audit period at this torturous and tormenting client has ended.

A friend of a friend actually thought my boyfriend is a pondan while reading so many wedding entries in this blog (not knowing that we share). Yes.. it’s me who had been attending weddings every other weekends. And those happen to be my close friends. And, hey the friend of a friend, it’s my entries laa.. haha.. my boyfriend is not pondan.. :p

Weddings have given me back the 4 kgs I have lost. Darn! I might as well not starved myself knowing that I will always be fat. Eh but if I hadn’t lost the 4 kgs and now back to fat, I would have gained the extra 4 kg and be obese.. tanaaaaaakkkk….!!!

I guess this past weekend was the last weekend I am attending weddings. Hopefully.. because Ramadhan is coming. I went back kampong to attend two separate weddings of our relatives. I have attended weddings at the Hilton, Sheraton, Concorde, nothing really beats the kampong wedding (minus the hot sun lah). Even if we have the same menu tabled, the taste of kampong cooking is always the best. Honestly I don’t take lauk kampong like ulam, rebung masak lemak, paru masak kicap etc.. but I love the lauk like curry, masak pedas or kurma to be cooked cara kampong if you know what I mean. Weddings with the combination of daging masak hitam, ayam masak merah, pajeri nenas plus sambal belacan…… hmmpphh!!! Memang terbaik! See.. i’m talking about food again!!!!!
I met with my cousin sister, Debbie. Her lemak-lemak is my other consolation apart from the food.

Earlier before the wedding we went to see a very sick relative. He is actually the eldest uncle of my dad (my grandma’s eldest brother). He is suffering from brain cancer at the age of 80 plus. Early of the year, when we saw him, he looked so normal and was undergoing treatment all around the country.

Few months back, he wasn’t talking much and barely remembers anyone and my father was one of the few people he remembered well. Yesterday, he was lying on his bed unable to move at all. He was just looking straight but once in a while he murmured to himself, and nobody could make up a thing he said. He wasn’t responding to any sound or anyone around him but he reacted when my father started to talk. He looked at my father as if he knew him. It really melted my father’s heart as this man is his most favorite uncle and I am sure he was his most adored nephew. He will ask for my father for every occasion, and never fail to give special treatment to my dad.

Like in the mafia world, he is the capo-di-tutti-capi (boss of all bosses) in our family. His every decision affects the lives of each and every member of the family. His political career has brought him there and he had made his way up to gain all the respect that he deserves from his family and orang kampong. For someone that used to be so powerful and influential in his early life, it was really sad to see him just lying there on his bed unable to even put on his own clothes. It touched my heart to see my father cried…

After the wedding we headed straight to KL and on the way home, we stopped at a small kiosk by the roadside selling coconut drink and durian and petai. We ordered drinks and 3 biji durian kampong (that I think hardly 6 ulas in 1 biji because most of it is busuk).

Dad: Haa..petai ni Nampak cantik. (Looking at petai berikat-ikat). Sedap jugak makan petai malam ni. Ambik la seikat pakcik.

And so we bought satu ikat petai to be brought home and everything actually cost us RM 42 excluding the drinks.

This conversation was taken place in the car;

Dad: Mahal giler durian. Sampai RM 42. Nampak number plate KL jer mesti ketuk.
Mom: Agaknya petai tu yang mahal kot. Memang petai kat KL pon mahal
Dad: Mahal macam mana pon sure dalam RM 1 je sebatang. Paling mahal pon RM 2 sebatang. Seikat prolly around RM 13 je. Cannot be more than that. Petai je!!!! Orang sake (sakai in Perak) je yang makan petai ni.
Me: hmm.. Pa.. Are you saying you are sakai???? :p


Ali said...

Montelnya!!!! the baby that is...

Izrin said...

macam pau muka dia

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