Monday, December 27, 2010

AFFcup 2010 Final in Bkt Jalil

I was definitely not a stadium virgin. I have been to football stadiums to watch matches a couple of times when I was little. Back then, the atmosphere was absolutely different than what I experienced last Sunday at the Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Malaysia v Indonesia is probably a match that nobody in this country would ever want to miss it, especially those who enjoys watching football. What more if it’s a final match. I believe that tickets were all sold out as the stadium was so full, and I have never seen any stadium that is as packed.

From the twitter updates, the roads to Bukit Jalil have started to get jammed up since 11am. We decided to drive to Salak Selatan, Cheras and take the train from there which was about 4 stations away from Bukit Jalil.

Let me tell you how semangat I was. Two days before the event we have been searching high and low for the original Malaysia yellow jersey, but to no avail. So takpe la, just wear any baju that we have first and we intended to buy any t-shirts at the stadium (Ali refused to buy the imitation jersey, semangat kan? *clap clap*)

When we reached the stadium, there were so many people, and it was only 3.30pm. We bought ourselves a t-shirt each that says “Tanah tumpahnya darahku”

I also bought stickers for my face. Semangat tak  -_- Kalau bukan kerana panas terik dah nak mampos kat luar tu, I would have painted my face with Malaysian flag color. Tapi tak larat laaaa…It was soo hot and I was sweating like a piglet.
Nampak tak gambar harimau :( First time tatau guna sticker, so rosak..heheh

We decided to go in early. So we can find the best spots. Out seats were just next to the VIP. Ok tak la next to VIP, next to the sponsors who were seated next to the VIPs, chewah.. nak jugak! Anyways.. why I said this, is because the players keluar masuk from our side. So the best part was when the players went out for warming up, then on the way to go back in, Safee Sali was looking at my seating area (not me, but my seating area). I was waiving at him (nobody else did, because I noticed either people were clapping hands or waiving the flags, but NOBODY waived with hands, only I DID) and Safee waived back at me. (Sukati lah nak perasan! :p)
Where we sit

Malaysia vs Indonesia

As early as 5pm

At 6pm
At 7pm

Our players came out sekejap untuk amik feeeeeel of hte atmosphere
Our players warming up

Indonesian players, tatau knp they chose the colour, maybe celebrate Christmas :)
Despite of the players gets 'boo'ing from Malaysian supporters, I think we are generally nice that we still allow them to hang all these posters and banners to show their support. I wonder how la if we were at their place, takut kene bakar jer.

Indonesian supporters

Our neighbour yang semangat satu family!
Well I am sure everybody knows about the laser incident. To me it couldnt be the factor for the lost. If Malaysia had lost the game, we would have said the same thing, that the indonesian players were throwing down bottles to the players who were taking corner kicks. But the fact is, they have got nothing to do with the performance of the players. Even the coach of Indon players admitted that. Read here. SO STOP IT OK!!!!!! THEY WERE GOOOOOD..!
When we scored our first goal
The clebration up to the third goal...


Sorak lagi-sorak lagi

People shouting "satu lagi!"

The best game ever.... Even Ali admitted it to be better than watching Liverpool matches. This was awesome I tell you. I wish I can go to Indonesia to watch the game over there for the second final. I wish I could witness the victory live! Tapi takper.. semangat itu penting.

I pray that there will be sufficient number of Malaysian supporters watching the match live in Indonesia. I pray for their safety, while at the stadium, selamat pergi dan balik. And the most important thing is for our Malaysian players to be well prepared, more energetic, dont panic, balik dengan piala. Please score at least 1.

I believed in you even before everybody ever did. Because I am your number 1 fan! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Just stayed in town for Christmas as Ali has been quite busy these past few days and my parents are in Turkey for about a week now. So kadang-kadang curi la masa Ali untuk keluar dating. But urggh..he works while dating, boleh? :)

Anyway.. went to Pyramid on Christmas day. The parking was like oh-so stressful, we went straight up at the roof top and we managed to find ourselves a parking space. And it was just past 12pm masa tu, parking dah penuh. To quote what my bff said, "Bila raya, jalan lengang, bila christmas, jln sesak" hmm, i wonder why too..

Look at the following pictures, every places in the mall yang boleh makan, semua penuh.

Dunkin Donot? Selalu takder orang sgt
Maybe I didn't get the right angle for this, tp masyaAllah, ramai gell
Ntah bila wujud kopitiam yg nak follow Old Town ni...PON penuh jugak
Laksa shack was also full house
Wendy's yg bodoh ni pon full house
I think you can imagine how other places would look like. Macam McD, kfc, Tony Roma's, Pizza hut...omg!!! cannot tahan, so we went to Chicken Hartz Buffet for lunch. Prolly the only place that was not full.. But, hey it's really not because of the location yg tak strategic..the food sux ok! Kecewa...

Lalu, mengubati hati yg kecewa itu, I bought this:

*Semangat mode* ok, have to start running again...after Christmas, oh no, after New Year :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Just earlier today, a friend's house was burgled. Not sure what was the loss, but alhamdulillah no one was at home, so everybody was safe.

Nowadays, people don't wait until midnight or during the quiet night to break into houses. It can happen in the broad daylight, and even when there are neighbours around. There was once when my aunt was watering her plants outside her house, she saw a man whom was using saw blades trying to cut through a neighbour's front door. She did not do anything, thinking that the man was helping out with renovation.

Another case I know, the buglar was in a house for three days, siap masak maggie dalam rumah tu, and NO ONE around the neighbourhood realised it. Apparently, the owner of the house was away for 3 days, but neighbours did not even notice as there were sounds of people moving around the house during the day in that supposedly empty house. They only realised it was broken into when the owner complained the house was ransacked.

I myself would feel very scared if I were to be left alone in the house during the day. I will always try to make plans to go out, if anything happens, it is always better if no one is at home, so no one gets hurt. Few tips that insyaAllah will help to avoid this happening to you.

1. Burglar alarm, nowadays, it has become a necessity for every house. The sound of the alarm will awake us, prepare to get ready, better than being caught while you are sleeping where you are helpless. More often that not, the burglar will run away, shocked! Better still, if the alarm is connected straight to police station. Well, I even put this on during the day.

2. Since most break-ins normally start from the roof top and the hole to enter the house is usually in the toilet, we have this at each of our toilet door.

Buruk la tapi... :p but insyaAllah...

3. Porch area, try not to live it dark. On the lights the whole night. Better to save your life than save the electricity. Put a timer or something. If it's well lit, chances are, they are afraid to enter, scared that people might see them peeping around.

4. When you plan to leave the house for some time, inform your neighbours, so they can help to watch out. Inform the police, so they can also help to make rounds around your house (I donno if they still have this service. but we used to do it back then)

The rest are pretty much trivial, but I think equally important to remember.

5. DO NOT announce that you are home alone on facebook, twitter or any other social network.

6. DO NOT open up when people knock your door to sell things or ask for donation or what not. Just dont be too nice.

7. When you are home alone, try not to show that you are. On the TV, lights, play some music. (From the story Home Alone)

8. Baca yassin 4 penjuru, insyaAllah your house is 'gated' and will be invisible to the eyes of the evil.

9. Be extra careful/alert when washing clothes/hanging clothes, watering plants during early morning and early evening when it is very quiet and sunyi.

10. Also be alert when coming home, opening up gate to enter the porch. My god, this is the most scariest moment of my daily routine. Because people can just follow you and rob. It happened to my aunt before and that robber forced her to open the house and dragged her in macam tarik kereta sorong. Scarry, ok. So just be careful and look around you. Jangan leka.

So this is all I have got so far. Tak jamin selamat, but some effort will help.

To Ayman, hope everything is ok with u and family.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nak buat hantaran

I know you can put ANYTHING as your hantaran. Especially things that you like. I know someone who got a guitar for his hantaran because he is a musician. Another guy I know got his wife to give him a very expensive football boots because he plays football like A LOT. least you know the use of gitar and kasut bola.

So bila nak mintak hantaran tu biarlah munasabah.

You can say "Eh, jangan pandang rendah ok. Benda ni mahal tau! Dekat seribu pon ada. Sangat berguna ok" Nooo, it's not about that.

But can you imagine if I put these on the dulang?

Pernah tak ada orang buat? :p

Do you EVEN KNOW what are these for?

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Got a diary given by my client that has proverbs on each every dates. These sayings are mainly about life and love, maybe boleh dijadikan pedoman and some dijadikan pengajaran. I pick up some meaningful dates in my life and see the selections of the sayings.

8 Jan (Zetty's Anniversary)
An inch of time is an inch of gold. But an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time - Chinese proverb

9 Jan (Jo's anniversary)
Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant - M S Ludlow

13 Jan (ShoN's bday)
As it is with a play, so it is with life - what matters is not how long the acting lasts, but how good it is - Seneca

29 Jan (Myra's bday)
As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person - Paul Shane Spear

28 Feb (FMIL'S BDAY)
He who gives to me teaches me to give - Danish proverb

15 Mar (Bro's bday)
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free - Michelangelo

3 May (FFIL's bday)
It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has - Henry Beecher

5 May (Mom's bday)
Life is like wheel, sometimes you're at the top, sometimes you're at the bottom - Filipino proverb

14 May (Ali's bday)
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends - Dr Martin Luther King Jr

5 Jun (My bday)
None of use is as good as all of us - Ray Kroc

12 July (Dyla's bday)
Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change - Brian Tracy

2 Aug (Dad's bday)
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - Mahatman Gandhi

18 Sept (Zetty's bday)
The health of nations is more important that the wealth of nations - Will Durant

24 Sept (Latip's anniversary)
The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away - Wayne Dyer

25 Sept (Dina/Dini's bday)
There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live - James T Adams

9 Sept (ShoN's anniversay)
The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives

11 Dec (Latip's bday)
You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win - Ted Turner

26 Dec (Aziati's bday)
Your fears are not walls, but hurdles. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquering of it - Dan Millman

19 MAY (insyaAllah...)

Look closely at the present you are constructing, it should look like the future you are dreaming - Alice Walker

Flashback - Summer 2005 Cardiff

I want to help you
But I don't know how
I want to soothe you
But I can't speak out
I have many fears
About rejection
I have many memories of pain
I have always been a little shy
So I'll turn and look the other way

Other way
Other way
I will turn and look the other way

I want to hold you
But I am afraid
I want to touch you
But I'm not that way
I have many doubts about my motives
I have many fears about my greed
I have always hurt the ONE THAT I love
So I'll turn and look the other way

Other way
Other way
I will turn and look the other way

I have many doubts about my motives
I have many fears about my greed
I have always hurt the one that I love
So I'll turn and look the other way

Other way
Other way
I will turn and look the other way
Other way
Other way
I will turn and look the other way
Other way
Other way
I will turn and look the other way
the other way
the other way
the other way
the other way. (wayyyy)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suzuki Cup 2010 semi-final

I remember when I was young, my father always took me to the stadium to watch matches especially when Perak was playing. This time round, my father cannot tahan going to stadiums anymore, and Ali had never bothered to watch Malaysian games.

Only lately, he realised that Malaysian team is getting better, that was in the previous game (SEA game 2009 if not mistaken) also when Malaysia vs Vietnam. I was all out supporting for Malaysia, but he wasn't. We even put our bets on the game if Malaysia wins, he has to buy Malaysian jersey. And, Malaysia did win 1-0 against Vietnam. Since then, he started to put hopes on Malaysian team. (Oh, he still owes me the jersey btw)

Today's game, he even bought ticket to watch Suzuki Cup's Semi live in Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Ramai giler orang.....!!!!!

So sad that I couldn't go to watch the game. Hopefully I can watch the final (please la jangan ada banyak kerje)

I requested for Ali to send me a photo of him, for the purpose of this entry. Asked him to camwhore a bit. Was just trying my luck :) He finally gave me this. Haha

Takde rupa Msia dah goal pon...
Sporting jugak la dia nak camwhore walaupon mukanya macam cuka.

Congratulations to Malaysian team 2-0 from Safee Sali...!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yes, I am

1. Emo
2. Careless
3. Tembel
4. Talk a lot/nag all the time
5. Manja (some would call it mengada-ngada)
6. Fat
7. Stupid
8. Super sensitive
9. Critical mind (some would say unsupportive)

But I always believe with the phrase "If you can't take my WORST, You dont deserve my BEST"!

If I have to change to cover the worst, you definitely unable to bring out the best in me.

I believe in this life, we can't get she's-all-that kinda person. It's just close to non-existence.

But please, if you know ANYONE that has all the opposite traits of the above, please please let me know.

I would like to be like her.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

EY Annual Dinner and Dance (AD&D) 2010

The last AD&D was held at Shangri-La,KL (they have it there every year) with the 'Retro' theme. This year, it was 'Dress like a Star' theme.

So two weeks before the event, my colleagues started to go round the malls and boutiques around Kota Damansara and Damansara area to find a long dress that can suit the theme. I too was busy looking for one but only started one week before.

Found a few nice ones in Tribecca, Parkson Avenue, Dorothy Perkins, but everything costs RM200+. The problem with me is, I always buy new stuff for an occassion. Some I can wear it again, so shouldnt be a problem. But some would just be hang on the closet, not knowing when is the next time I'm gonna wear it again. Sampai dah tak muat pun ada, sampai dah buruk pun ada.

In the end, I decided NOT to buy new dress. *_* I recycled one of my baju kebaya that uses a long dress inside an overcoat lace. So it becomes a very plain long dress.

I thought to myself, I was not gonna spend another RM200 just for a dress that is to be worn for this one occassion. I couldnt think of any other occassion that I can wear it with in the future. I didnt care if i did not look like a star. Not that I was aiming win the best-dressed competition. So I saved my 200! Berjaya untuk tidak beli baju baru! Proud of myself *)

The dinner was held at KL Convention Centre. Anyway, the food sux. I donno is it because of the choice of food or what. But i prefer chinese courses than western.

Bread was readily served on the table. We were so hungry when we reached, so we only managed to takewhat's left.

Appertizer was served at close to 9 pm. Raw salmon, prawns, and donno la whats the rest. I dont eat raw stuff. I only took the prawns, the rest, derma to other people.

Next was mushroom soup which was served about 20 minutes later. Did not manage to take photo of it, as I was too hungry, I forgot to snap.

In between, they have got performances, which I think not many people actually bother to watch because people busy taking photos and walking about the halls meeting other colleagues. The theme really makes people dressed like one. I really feel, that I was in Grammy award.

Main dish was served at 10pm. that time, I couldnt make myself finish my food. It was late, and it wasnt very nice too.. Chicken on top of mashed potato, I just finished the potato.

Dessert was served not long after that, too sweet, I couldnt take it too.. hehe.. banyak songeh, yes.

After dinner and announcing the top 10 lucky winner (I am never lucky, huh), the dance officially started at around 11.15pm. Some stayed inside for the dance, but most people hang out at the foyer to drink and take photos.

It was kinda sad thing for me though. Most of my friends in EY has left, and I am still here with some other guys that I work with. These are the only friends I have in EY.

My boss, and my colleagues, the best friend I have had in EY
Soon, they will be leaving me too..

A bunch of insurance team that I have pleasure working with all my four years
This is the last annual dinner in EY for most of us :)

Pic courtesy: nwj and kkm
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