Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Just stayed in town for Christmas as Ali has been quite busy these past few days and my parents are in Turkey for about a week now. So kadang-kadang curi la masa Ali untuk keluar dating. But urggh..he works while dating, boleh? :)

Anyway.. went to Pyramid on Christmas day. The parking was like oh-so stressful, we went straight up at the roof top and we managed to find ourselves a parking space. And it was just past 12pm masa tu, parking dah penuh. To quote what my bff said, "Bila raya, jalan lengang, bila christmas, jln sesak" hmm, i wonder why too..

Look at the following pictures, every places in the mall yang boleh makan, semua penuh.

Dunkin Donot? Selalu takder orang sgt
Maybe I didn't get the right angle for this, tp masyaAllah, ramai gell
Ntah bila wujud kopitiam yg nak follow Old Town ni...PON penuh jugak
Laksa shack was also full house
Wendy's yg bodoh ni pon full house
I think you can imagine how other places would look like. Macam McD, kfc, Tony Roma's, Pizza hut...omg!!! cannot tahan, so we went to Chicken Hartz Buffet for lunch. Prolly the only place that was not full.. But, hey it's really not because of the location yg tak strategic..the food sux ok! Kecewa...

Lalu, mengubati hati yg kecewa itu, I bought this:

*Semangat mode* ok, have to start running again...after Christmas, oh no, after New Year :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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