Sunday, December 12, 2010

EY Annual Dinner and Dance (AD&D) 2010

The last AD&D was held at Shangri-La,KL (they have it there every year) with the 'Retro' theme. This year, it was 'Dress like a Star' theme.

So two weeks before the event, my colleagues started to go round the malls and boutiques around Kota Damansara and Damansara area to find a long dress that can suit the theme. I too was busy looking for one but only started one week before.

Found a few nice ones in Tribecca, Parkson Avenue, Dorothy Perkins, but everything costs RM200+. The problem with me is, I always buy new stuff for an occassion. Some I can wear it again, so shouldnt be a problem. But some would just be hang on the closet, not knowing when is the next time I'm gonna wear it again. Sampai dah tak muat pun ada, sampai dah buruk pun ada.

In the end, I decided NOT to buy new dress. *_* I recycled one of my baju kebaya that uses a long dress inside an overcoat lace. So it becomes a very plain long dress.

I thought to myself, I was not gonna spend another RM200 just for a dress that is to be worn for this one occassion. I couldnt think of any other occassion that I can wear it with in the future. I didnt care if i did not look like a star. Not that I was aiming win the best-dressed competition. So I saved my 200! Berjaya untuk tidak beli baju baru! Proud of myself *)

The dinner was held at KL Convention Centre. Anyway, the food sux. I donno is it because of the choice of food or what. But i prefer chinese courses than western.

Bread was readily served on the table. We were so hungry when we reached, so we only managed to takewhat's left.

Appertizer was served at close to 9 pm. Raw salmon, prawns, and donno la whats the rest. I dont eat raw stuff. I only took the prawns, the rest, derma to other people.

Next was mushroom soup which was served about 20 minutes later. Did not manage to take photo of it, as I was too hungry, I forgot to snap.

In between, they have got performances, which I think not many people actually bother to watch because people busy taking photos and walking about the halls meeting other colleagues. The theme really makes people dressed like one. I really feel, that I was in Grammy award.

Main dish was served at 10pm. that time, I couldnt make myself finish my food. It was late, and it wasnt very nice too.. Chicken on top of mashed potato, I just finished the potato.

Dessert was served not long after that, too sweet, I couldnt take it too.. hehe.. banyak songeh, yes.

After dinner and announcing the top 10 lucky winner (I am never lucky, huh), the dance officially started at around 11.15pm. Some stayed inside for the dance, but most people hang out at the foyer to drink and take photos.

It was kinda sad thing for me though. Most of my friends in EY has left, and I am still here with some other guys that I work with. These are the only friends I have in EY.

My boss, and my colleagues, the best friend I have had in EY
Soon, they will be leaving me too..

A bunch of insurance team that I have pleasure working with all my four years
This is the last annual dinner in EY for most of us :)

Pic courtesy: nwj and kkm


farhana rahim said...

why laa k.yeen? how come they all will b leavin too?
eh btw chantek dress! (even tho its a recycled one) but still, u luk gorgy enuff even w/o a brand nu one! :)

Izrin said...

they all want to quit EY :p as for me, i still dunno what i want to do other than audit hehe..
thank u thank u..biasa jer, tgk org lain nya dress, lip lap lip lap cam artis!

farhana rahim said...

guess they all da xtahan kot. hehe
alawh k.yeen less is more what?
hehee :)

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