Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nak buat hantaran

I know you can put ANYTHING as your hantaran. Especially things that you like. I know someone who got a guitar for his hantaran because he is a musician. Another guy I know got his wife to give him a very expensive football boots because he plays football like A LOT. least you know the use of gitar and kasut bola.

So bila nak mintak hantaran tu biarlah munasabah.

You can say "Eh, jangan pandang rendah ok. Benda ni mahal tau! Dekat seribu pon ada. Sangat berguna ok" Nooo, it's not about that.

But can you imagine if I put these on the dulang?

Pernah tak ada orang buat? :p

Do you EVEN KNOW what are these for?


Azman said...

it would be the coolest dulang ever!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Bagi gitar for hantaran tu sounds familiar. *wink*

Izrin said...

Dr Azman: Hahaha.. i knew it! i knew that u'd agree.. :p

Dr Ikeen: hehe..familiar? :p bagi gitar takper, dek. orang tau tu gitar. bagi crank shaft and leatherman nih? tau ke apebendenya. I didnt know the use of it until I met your BIL. :p

Ms Road Runner said...

well if your man's going to use those things, why not ;) plus it looks like your man is cool and that he has an even supercooler wifey nanti for giving those ;)

Izrin said...

omg, nana.. haha suka la ali baca ni ;) bukan apa, i takut org takut je tgk leatherman tu, sbb tajam-tajam.. kalau letak crank shaft tu.. macam sekali pandang like "wth is this?" lol.. thanks anyway for the feedback babe!

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