Friday, July 2, 2010

SCKLM - my side of story

Everybody has been posting their interesting adventure on the marathon last Sunday. I have been very busy and plus, I didn’t have much adventure to share. I was only doing 10km run, nothing compared to 21k or 42k.

But what is different in this race…I GOT MY FIRST MEDAL..!!! hahah… poyo je lebih! Ekceli, everybody who managed to finish will get the medal! :p Not la because I finished within the time limit. But…who cares? The feeling of somebody placing the medal around your neck was like a different feeling altogether, like you have accomplished something proudly.

I must admit, that I didn’t take the race seriously. I know timing is not the reason for not doing any trainings, but my alasan this time is not only no time but also malas!

I thought registering for Subang 10k could at least become the momentum to start training for SCKLM, but….apa kan daya.. bola lebih penting.. huhu..

As Ali mentioned in the last post, we had bbq the night before ok. Ada ayam, kambing, nasi lemak, popiah, noodle, satay, sausages, roti burger…and I carried them with me throughout the race. Oh..sangat seksa. Perut buncit and it was bouncing bersama-sama dengan my pouch.

Sibuk pakai 'Breathe Right' sebab tengok semua orang pakai, without knowing the function :p

What made it special this race was because my bestfriend Dini registered the race with me, and it was her first time. Since I had zero trainings, don’t even remember the last race I joined, I told her that I would be damn slow. She said she had never joined any race, and she has stamina problem, cepat penat. So we vowed to run together.

NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WHEN THEY SAID THEY DON’T HAVE STAMINA!!!!!! We ran together the first km, but I was running real slow, almost brisk walking, but she was like jumping-jumping couldn’t wait to go faster. I told her to go, I will catch up. She refused at the beginning, probably because of the vow we made.. hahah.. After few times of persuading her to go, she reluctantly left me….and…I never saw her again.. hahah…

I thought I did slightly better than my previous 10k runs. I reached at the 4km mark at half an hour where I used to take 40 minutes to run 3km. The first water station was bad, I had to queue to get my drink. I started to run again. I didn’t see any familiar faces throughout the run.

My mistake this time was, I didn’t bother to study the route, and I couldn’t even gauge the distance. When I went up the Lake Garden at masjid Negara, and then I came out from the Lake area heading towards dataran, I thought I almost reach the finishing line. I pushed myself damn hard even at the upward hill. But I thought wrong. The route took the turning left at Bank Negara instead of right to Dataran. leg was crying out loud and I couldn’t run anymore. Couldn’t even walk briskly. Jalan macam orang Jepun, with small steps all the way sampai Sogo, oh my!

At that point in time, I thought I was gonna ride the van. My leg was in pain, I was limping all the way to the finishing line. Was very frustrating to see all those that ran behind me took over at that point. Lesson learnt: Study your route. So you know when to push and when not to!

But I finished it anyway. Alhamdulillah.. Dini was 20 minutes ahead of me. Cool for a first timer.. congrats babe! So proud of you!

Congratulations to Ali, with the blisters, u managed to complete the run. To Ayman, u’re good as always. To the other 21k and 42k finishers… BIG TAHNIAH.. for all your PBs this round. Your will is my inspiration.


Ms Road Runner said...

congrats for completing your first 10k izrin! :) i shall wait for you when you do your first half marathon ;) *hugs*

myra said...

izrinnnnnnnnn... i was laughing so hard reading this post and im at the office, gila kantoi kan? org sume usha je i apa yg lawak sgt keje i! hehe

nway.. u r so comel. and congrats for finishing.. i prolly would have ridden the van to the finishing line..proud of u!

Izrin said...

nana: thankssss :) i'll let u knw when i start to THINK of doing the half marathion. haha..

myra: apa yg lawak? that dini left me? hahah.. that was funny, i know.. tipu giler dia.. haha.. thanks babe! :)

Honey said...

heyyyy.... serious la I was really worried i'd pass out or sthg. dah la we left our bfast in your car! sorry babe! lari perut kosong. parched by the 1st water station. sakit perut kan? dah la i xde kambing n what not in MY perut. haha

felt like my legs were separated from my body at one point. i knew i was running coz i was moving, but i couldnt feel my legs! is that normal?? or was i having an out-of-body experience? ;p

I still feel guilty for going ahead, but like I said to you, I really thot I semangat je lebih and would stop soon, so I'd meet you again further up, which was y i asked you to stay on the left. =D

Love you sweetums! xx

Izrin said...

Din, dun feel bad darl.. haha u did great.oh yea.. our bfast!! haha forgot to mention :p.. well, u had empty stomach, my stomach was FULL.. hahah.. hampeh ali gi post plak gambar perut-tak-cover i kat his entry.. huhu.. tu la evidence bbq!

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