Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2012 and 2013 Review

I  didn't have the opportunity to review my 2012 as I was lost in the space holding my 4-day old newborn baby at the end of 2012.

As I recap my sweet memories for these two years all together summarizing my achievement by the age of 30, I feel so blessed and thankful that I was given the chance to breathe with all these blessings.

The best thing that happened in these two years was when I gave birth to my little angel, the Iris of my eye. Probably going to be the best thing ever in my life. Nothing can be better and sweeter than that. Thank You, Allah, for this gift.

One year has passed and my angel is already 1 year old now. I thank Allah for the rezeki given for being able to exclusive breastfeed her for 6 months and continue to breastfeed her up to 1 year old. Hoping to continue until she turns 1.5 years old, at minimum, insyaAllah.

2012 also witnessed our rezeki in buying our own property, can't wait for the construction to complete next year.

I ended my 2013 with my rezeki in getting a new job, Alhamdulillah, a professional, government body that administers the financial institution in Malaysia. The working lifestyle, masyaAllah balanced without sacrificing salary range, is all I ever wanted.

Syukran ya Allah... kerana masih mampu bernafas dengan segala keindahan rezeki mu. Ameen.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bahayanya Wanita, the theatre show

I watched this with my girlfriends last Monday. Of course my dear husband will not let himself seen in such play show. I thought the ticket price was ok as compared to the show on arwah Mokhtar Dahari few months back. 

I shall not spoil you who have not gone watched the show. That is not really a world class kinda show. Type of show that would be enjoyable for those who knows Zizan's kinda joke. If you watch Maharaja Lawak or Lawak ke Der, and you like them, maybe you'd like this show. 

I like the storyline, the actors are good, and the props are beautiful. I just don't like the fact that the actors are miming, the songs in the play are generally the songs that are already in the market, not made for the play, well of course they just change the lyrics. And I dont like when some of the actors dont even try to remember the lyrics especially Zizan and Nora Danish. Zizan siap pakai suara orang lain lagi, but of course that is not so bad la. But the least they can do is, while miming tu, tunjuk la macam tengah nyanyi betul, ni tak... suara macam jerit, muka rilek je, nampak giler dubbing. which is kinda boo la.

However, I think Erra sang live. Agaknya laa... and kudos tu Nora Danish although I think she didnt sing live, but the she used her own voice i think.

Baju mereka... sangat cantik-cantik. Maybe because they are sponsored by famous designers like Hatta Dolmat la and ntah sapa lagi. So it was all nice.

Erma Fatimah was kinda hot in this show. Nampak kurus. And the ladies, Erra, Nora and Umie were damn hottie. Bawak watak masing masing dengan sempurna.

Basically cerita ni ada pengajaran untuk both gender. The men should realise yang wanita ni memang bahaya. Especially bila mereka bergabung. Jangan main-main, and harus ikhlas dengan setiap wanita yang dinikahi. To the women, suami ni kene jaga. Kita silap sikit je, senang aje dia cari lain. And we must know what they really need....love.

With Dyla, Noli, Ashik, Asma and Myra

Monday, December 23, 2013

Preparing Iris' First Birthday Party

OK now I have some nice quiet time at the office to plan for the little girl's birthday party. It's year end, and nothing is moving at year end. Well I can't do this at home as she will start to want to take my pen, shuffle with the papers, and pressing on my laptop.

Theme party
As much as I love to attend themed event, it gives me ideas of what to wear to the event, really, I am not gonna set any theme for this birthday party. Reason is I just want to reminisce MY first birthday party, not that I remember anything, but I want Iris to have the same kind of first birthday that I had 30 years ago. Simple white birthday cake with the shape of 1. It's all about what mummy wants, haven't you learnt anything when you had your wedding day? hahaha

Half home-cooked and half catered. I am not cooking anything, if you ever wonder. I have my super maids and mama who is going to do all that.

OK this is the part that I am worried about. I have no theme, hence I don't know how to decorate other than balloons. I am no artist hence my hands are not good with home-made creative decorations. And my husband will not approve of ordering decoration set online.

OK I give way because she is just 1 year old, she wouldn't understand anything anyway (I hope when she grows up she won't kill me when she sees my friends' babies birthday party, with themes and fantastic decorations). Please, understand my intention, babeh! I  will let you choose your own theme when you are big enough to know what you'd like to have for your party (jangan mintak buat birthday party dalam istana udah!)

My humble preparation for my girl

Mommy sangat excited sambil sambil tu teringat time skarang ni, 1 year ago, I was helplessly serba tak kene dok MC kat umah menanti ketibaan tuan puteri dari syurga. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Iris going to turn ONE

My little Iris is turning one this Boxing Day.
I have seen a lot of little progress in her. Like waving goodbye when she hears the word ‘bye bye’,

like pat on her head when she hears the word ‘pusing’  (means headache in indon) or ‘sakit’,

like stretch her head over to me when I say ‘sayang mommy’,

or dance witlessly when you tell her ‘buat lagi, buat lagi’, 

when she picks up something and you say ‘bagi mommy’ she willingly pass it on to you,

and oh when she dances to any music, even when you recite, surah al-fatihah,

She also knows the difference between fake remote control and the real one, and she could tell if the real one you give her is without battery,

She knows what to press when she holds any remote control, and started to look at the fan/tv to see the changes she had done, whether she changed the channel or she off the fan/aircond,

Oh seriously, there are a lot more.

But the little big things I always tell others are that she has not started to walk nor she has started to talk. And I always tell others how she is always enthusiastic or excited or over energetic about things (lasak).

She could climb the stairs up to the second level and she could go down the stairs herself, backward of course, after I taught her to go down to her cot from my bed backward and legs down first, she does that at every split level she sees.

She can’t sit still for more than 5 seconds, she has very short level of concentration on any things

She doesn’t like books or cartoons

A very small size baby, considering she has big fat parents

I always whine and I seem concerned that Iris has not progressed like some babies her age. 

Truth is,

I am not worried at all.

I know that babies grow at their own pace. I just love telling others how my baby has not reached her big milestones, it may sound like I am complaining, but fact is, deep down I am proud that I have something to tell others and that my baby is different.  

I am proud that I have such a beautiful lasak daughter and I will cherish this moment before she starts to walk and talk. To me, she is smart in her own way and I am so very proud of every little progress I see in her. She melts my heart in her many beautiful ways.
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