Monday, December 23, 2013

Preparing Iris' First Birthday Party

OK now I have some nice quiet time at the office to plan for the little girl's birthday party. It's year end, and nothing is moving at year end. Well I can't do this at home as she will start to want to take my pen, shuffle with the papers, and pressing on my laptop.

Theme party
As much as I love to attend themed event, it gives me ideas of what to wear to the event, really, I am not gonna set any theme for this birthday party. Reason is I just want to reminisce MY first birthday party, not that I remember anything, but I want Iris to have the same kind of first birthday that I had 30 years ago. Simple white birthday cake with the shape of 1. It's all about what mummy wants, haven't you learnt anything when you had your wedding day? hahaha

Half home-cooked and half catered. I am not cooking anything, if you ever wonder. I have my super maids and mama who is going to do all that.

OK this is the part that I am worried about. I have no theme, hence I don't know how to decorate other than balloons. I am no artist hence my hands are not good with home-made creative decorations. And my husband will not approve of ordering decoration set online.

OK I give way because she is just 1 year old, she wouldn't understand anything anyway (I hope when she grows up she won't kill me when she sees my friends' babies birthday party, with themes and fantastic decorations). Please, understand my intention, babeh! I  will let you choose your own theme when you are big enough to know what you'd like to have for your party (jangan mintak buat birthday party dalam istana udah!)

My humble preparation for my girl

Mommy sangat excited sambil sambil tu teringat time skarang ni, 1 year ago, I was helplessly serba tak kene dok MC kat umah menanti ketibaan tuan puteri dari syurga. 

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