Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bahayanya Wanita, the theatre show

I watched this with my girlfriends last Monday. Of course my dear husband will not let himself seen in such play show. I thought the ticket price was ok as compared to the show on arwah Mokhtar Dahari few months back. 

I shall not spoil you who have not gone watched the show. That is not really a world class kinda show. Type of show that would be enjoyable for those who knows Zizan's kinda joke. If you watch Maharaja Lawak or Lawak ke Der, and you like them, maybe you'd like this show. 

I like the storyline, the actors are good, and the props are beautiful. I just don't like the fact that the actors are miming, the songs in the play are generally the songs that are already in the market, not made for the play, well of course they just change the lyrics. And I dont like when some of the actors dont even try to remember the lyrics especially Zizan and Nora Danish. Zizan siap pakai suara orang lain lagi, but of course that is not so bad la. But the least they can do is, while miming tu, tunjuk la macam tengah nyanyi betul, ni tak... suara macam jerit, muka rilek je, nampak giler dubbing. which is kinda boo la.

However, I think Erra sang live. Agaknya laa... and kudos tu Nora Danish although I think she didnt sing live, but the she used her own voice i think.

Baju mereka... sangat cantik-cantik. Maybe because they are sponsored by famous designers like Hatta Dolmat la and ntah sapa lagi. So it was all nice.

Erma Fatimah was kinda hot in this show. Nampak kurus. And the ladies, Erra, Nora and Umie were damn hottie. Bawak watak masing masing dengan sempurna.

Basically cerita ni ada pengajaran untuk both gender. The men should realise yang wanita ni memang bahaya. Especially bila mereka bergabung. Jangan main-main, and harus ikhlas dengan setiap wanita yang dinikahi. To the women, suami ni kene jaga. Kita silap sikit je, senang aje dia cari lain. And we must know what they really

With Dyla, Noli, Ashik, Asma and Myra

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