Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2012 and 2013 Review

I  didn't have the opportunity to review my 2012 as I was lost in the space holding my 4-day old newborn baby at the end of 2012.

As I recap my sweet memories for these two years all together summarizing my achievement by the age of 30, I feel so blessed and thankful that I was given the chance to breathe with all these blessings.

The best thing that happened in these two years was when I gave birth to my little angel, the Iris of my eye. Probably going to be the best thing ever in my life. Nothing can be better and sweeter than that. Thank You, Allah, for this gift.

One year has passed and my angel is already 1 year old now. I thank Allah for the rezeki given for being able to exclusive breastfeed her for 6 months and continue to breastfeed her up to 1 year old. Hoping to continue until she turns 1.5 years old, at minimum, insyaAllah.

2012 also witnessed our rezeki in buying our own property, can't wait for the construction to complete next year.

I ended my 2013 with my rezeki in getting a new job, Alhamdulillah, a professional, government body that administers the financial institution in Malaysia. The working lifestyle, masyaAllah balanced without sacrificing salary range, is all I ever wanted.

Syukran ya Allah... kerana masih mampu bernafas dengan segala keindahan rezeki mu. Ameen.

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