Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy new year to readers and anyone who happens to come across this blog sengaja atau tak sengaja.

So it is a new year again. New resolution? Aaahhh.. not so new you know. Been having the same wish list for quite some time.

Lose weight lose weight and lose MORE weight.

My wish list for 2014....

1. Lose 10kg.
Last year I wished to lose 20kg, and I only managed to lose 17.5kg after birth. oh well.. now I think I have gained some again. Let's just focus on 10kg shall we.

2. Breasfeed to 1.5 yo.
I had targeted to breasfeed up to 1 yo last year and I managed to Alhamdulillah. This year I want to push it over to at least 1.5 y.o. I don't know about weaning off, haven't thought about that. I have no heart to do that to her, let's just stick to this one first.

3. Start swimming
Not a new wish. I need to find time. My husband says I can't swim because I can't float hence I can't swim under deep water. But as long as I can get from one point to another without walking in the water (although I can only do that under water that has depth less than 1.5m) I still consider that swimming!

4. Open SSPN account for Iris
Last year we planned to open her ASB account when she reached 6 months old (the minimum age). And we did, Alhamdulillah. Money that we received as gift when I gave birth to her and during aqiqah, all are deposited in her asb account. Next is SSPN for education.

5. Open ASNB account
This is new for me. I have ASB account which I have maximised so I need another saving plan.

6. Run 10k again
Last year I wanted to run half marathon, can you believe that?????!!! Ni sama la case macam nak lose 20kg. Let's go back to reality shall we? Resume my 10k run!

7. Khatam Quran again
I have always wanted to do this for so many years. And never managed to. I must do this again. I MUST!!

8. Open tabung haji account
I need to open this account and register for haj. God knows when is my turn if I register this year. Dah tua kerepot agaknya.

9. 5 family vacation
We didn't go anywhere in 2013. Not even PD! The last holiday was Korea in September 2012. oh my god. So we must compensate this year.

10. Get pregnant
Ha? What? Are you sure? Letak je boleh? heeheeheh

InsyaAllah... kita hanya merancang dan berusaha, Allah yang menentukan.

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