Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Babies Birthday Celebration

I have been unwell and busy these past weeks so this post come in a bit late, but better late than never.

My girlfriends have been close friends since we were 13, and most of the girls known each other since primary school. But 13 was the age that we all met and became very close. All 20 of us.

Before we have families, we have been doing gatherings like all the time, every birthday occasions. Now most of us are married with kids, gathering is something we really have to plan very well in advance. No more, "let's meet up tomorrow for dinner" No we can't.

So we were off from gatherings for quite a while now, only meet up for engagements, weddings, and kids' birthdays which we often have now.

January 2014 is a good month to start gathering the girls again. It's also good for our kids to get along well with everyone.

So we had our January babies birthday celebrated at Ben's, BSC. Booked for 25 pax, the food was awesome and the place was family friendly too. I love it so much.

Here is the picture of everyone, missing in the foto are the kids, Eijaz, Emir, Suria and the twins, Aisya and Zahra. And of course the hubbies. They are always missing in the pictures, because they are the loyal photographers.

ShoAnne, Ashik, Syikin, Aliaa, myself, Myra, Dini, Aziati, Diyana and Dzue

My Iris rocking in her Chateau De Sable
The birthday girls, ShoAnne, Myra and Syikin
 I had fun meeting the girls. And I am already looking forward meeting them again in the next occasion.

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