Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shoanne's 31st Birthday

14.1.14 is a nice date.

My bff Shoanne turned 31 on 13.1.14.

Nowadays, with kids and double family to attend to during holidays, we can't really gather like those days we used to do.

So on 14.1.14 we had a quick gathering with the rest of the gang to celebrate her birthday. Breakfast at La Bodega.

Every little time counts.

The lovely birthday girl with her cake

Chanel cake for Shoanne
Without Dyla as she has to return to work shortly after
It was really nice to gather like this once in a while.

Hubby was not well the night before. But he managed to get himself together on that day and joined us. How sweet.

Thanks to Zetty for organizing and for ordering the lovely cake.

Later in the evening, we went to another birthday party at Shah Alam. My cousin's daughter turned one, also on 13.1.14.

By this time, Imaan already tired and sleepy.

Happy birthday Shoanne, may you have a blessed year with your wonderful family and I love you so much. May our friendship lasts. Ameen.

To Flora, happy 1st Birthday. Semoga menjadi anak yang baik untuk mama dan ayah.

Pic courtesy: Ali, Farouq

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