Friday, September 26, 2008

Mencintaimu - Kris Dayanti

I am sure ‘Mencintaimu’ by Kris Dayanti is a song that every woman would love to have it played on their wedding day. Like a theme song you know what I mean? I have been to several wedding occasions that had this song played while running their montage, while walking down the aisle, while potong cake.

I am the type of person who enjoys great music, and when it comes to romantic love songs, I take pleasure in scrutinizing the lyrics and try to appreciate the meaning in between the lines. Sometimes I’d imagine myself as the subject matter of the song (konon menghayati lah) so I can understand more.

This is what I found in ‘Mencintaimu’.

Mencintai mu,
Seumur hidup ku,
Setia menanti.
Walau di hati saja,
Seluruh hidup ku,
Kau tetap milik ku
( chorus )
Hanya satu yang tak mungkin kembali,
Hanya satu yang tak pernah terjadi,
Segalanya teramat berarti di hati ku,
Selamanya...Mencintai mu,
Seumur hidup ku,
Kau tetap milik ku

Seriously this is not a wedding song. It is a love song and I agree it is a very beautiful song, but it is definitely not a happy ending song, thus not suitable for weddings.

The first verse: She is saying that she loves him for the rest of her life, forever, she will wait. Hmm..wait for what I wonder?

Second verse: ‘Walau di hati saja seluruh hidupku’. Kenapa mesti di hati saja? Kalau dah kawin, zahir batin la…

Chorus: ‘Hanya satu tak mungkin kembali, yang tak pernah terjadi’. At this point, I would have thought that the guy has passed away. He will never come back, so yang tak pernah terjadi is their marriage, or their dreams of growing old together will never come true. Tapi ‘segalanya teramat bererti’ means that their memories together are so meaningful and will always be in her mind forever.
So this song is actually just another sad love song. I don’t know la if different people have got different interpretation on the lyrics. But I’d love to share.


Ali said...

well observed....
in most weddings we attended I was more particular about the food..muahahahaha...

I knw i shouldn't..

Izrin said...

it is soo you! :p

haza said...

I think aa, the most suitable wedding song would be Nubhan's Ada Untukmu. I proposed this to my bro coz he's getting married next year but he said not over his dead body. Tapi OK waatt.

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