Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

This I guess so far has been the best Ramadhan ever. Although I am particularly tied up with my studies with my exam that is just around the corner, I have managed to de-nerd myself and tried to enjoy my holidays as they are. But of course late at night as I lay on my bed trying to sleep, the guilt starts crashing down on me. Guilt in the sense that I have not been utilizing my leave for study instead, go and buka puasa outside everyday.

Yes! That’s what made my Ramadhan special this time. I managed to get together in some sort of small reunion with my old school friends, ex-college mate, Cardiff mates, ex housemates, ex and current classmates, primary school babes, my boyfriend’s best mates and family members. Pendek kata, different group of friends akan pergi makan at different places. During the whole Ramadhan itself, I have been committed to fattened myself at Carl’s Jr, Sri Ayuthaya, Burger King, Delicious, Nando’s, T.G.I.Fridays, Chicken Hartz, Pizza Hut, San Francisco Steakhouse, PJ Hilton and many more I think. I seriously can’t recall some other places we’ve been to. Ali and I even had our Sahur at McD at 4 a.m in the morning.

Now sapa kata bulan puasa boleh kuruskan badan? It appears to be totally the opposite for me. But anyhow, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Not solely because of the food la, but the crowd had made it special.

As I am writing, I am actually waiting for my old folks to pack and in about 15 minutes time, we’re off to Perak. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. Semoga raya tahun ini memberi berkat kepada semua.

Oh, when talking about raya, I remember a raya song that has been my family's companion everytime we balik kampung since I was little. I think most people would remember a raya song from EON many years back from the tele. It goes:

Hari Raya, Hari yang mulia, penuh bererti kepada kita,
Tua muda miskin dan kaya, menyambutnya dengan gembira,
Berhati-hati di jalan raya, semoga anda selamat tiba,
Ucapan selamat Hari raya dari EON untuk semua.

But of course, the song has been improvised a bit that goes:

Hari Beruk, hari yang seronok, pagi-pagi makan cekodok,
Tua muda miskin dan beruk, menyambutnya dengan pakai songkok,
Berhati-hati di jalan bengkok, semoga anda terlanggar pokok,
Ucapan selamat hari beruk, Dari EON untuk beruk.

Ntah sapa-sapa lah yang mengajar tu..

To Ali, jangan makan banyak (That applies to me too). Hehehe.. And don’t miss me! =)


Saiful Kodi said...

salam aidilfitri....

Izrin said...

:) thank u saiful..selamat hari raya to u n ur family

jim said...

masih ingat lagu klassik hari raya EON, "hari yang mulia, tua muda..."
link ke lagu original :

version jamal adbilah:

version Mawi:

nostalgia sungguh!

Izrin said...


thank u jim, for the links!

ada version mawi tu tak tahan.. hehe.. :p

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