Saturday, September 13, 2008


For a person like me who has difficulties in waking up in the morning for classes and having to take at least 45 minutes to get ready, believe me I am never able to be on time for my 9 o’clock classes. I will reach my school around 10 past 9 and I have to park at the open space opposite my college that will take me another 10 minutes to arrive at my class. Walking towards my class, passing by students that attended their 8 o’clock classes, pergghh I tell you… it never fail to struck my head “Diorang ni tak mandi ker pagi-pagi?” Please la don’t tell me that you had your shower before you sleep at midnight and waking at 7, you still have the smell of your shower gel. Please don’t tell me that you didn’t sweat while sleeping. Totally unacceptable!

And every morning I will pass by sekumpulan pelajar-pelajar dari Afrika Selatan yang datang ke kolej menaiki bas sekolah berwarna kuning. Mereka berpakaian sungguh cantik macam nak pergi clubbing di hujung minggu. Berbanding dengan saya yang pakai jeans dan baby-T bersama spec dan selipar Crocs..sungguh berbeza. Yang perempuan sangat wangi bau mereka, mungkin perfume yang mereka pakai. Yang lelaki…aduhai… macam berlari 10km hari-hari tapi tak mandi selama seminggu.

On another occasion, I havn’t been to masjid for terawikh since I came back from the UK. So this time around, I try to make an effort to go if I don’t have any buka puasa invitation and most importantly..if perut tak kembung akibat makan buka terlalu banyak. To my surprise, banya jugak orang melayu yang selfish, and quoting what Ali used to say “These selfish people proudly call themselves muslims”.

I don’t see how taking their kids along to the masjid will help them kusyu’ in their prayers. And just how selfish can they be when these kids happily running around and playing hide and seek behind those who are performing prayers. So they also make other people tak kusyu’. And I really get annoyed with the mothers that bring their children that hisap susu dalam botol especially when the susu tumpah atas sejadah or worse, on other people’s telekung. Why do they let their children membotol and run around? And…the kids are very noisy, God I can’t stand them! Not only are they shouting all over the place, they even drumming things at the back using tong and baldi. Feel like killing their mothers!

To mothers that bring their children to the masjid to teach them how to pray, I appreciate the effort to educate their daughters in their early years, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be at the back ‘saf’ rather than sitting at the front and let the child that doesn’t even know how to read Fatihah to stand in between ‘saf’?

And I was bowled over some women that actually performing prayers in their individual sejadah, like literally one person in one sejadah and they say they are performing jama’ah? What I learned back then in school is that during jama’ah, you have to stand between shoulder to shoulder so that signifies perpaduan mengerjakan solat. If you want to pray sorang-sorang, might as well pray at home alone. Save sikit space kat masjid…


Azman said...

Yang semayang sorang-sorang kat belakang tu, mungkin ada masalah nak 'tahan'. Bila tiba masanya dan ia sudah tidak boleh dibendung, apa lagi, angkat kain takat lutut, bukak langkah la. To the jamban! Hehe.

Otherwise, good observation Izrin.

Next time when you have kids and diorang takleh dok diam kat masjid, hantar diorang kat hospital. I give them one injeksyen.

Izrin said...

haha..kelakar la man...agaknya la kan. :p
thanks, man, anyways.. nanti kalau anak i bising-bising, i ugut suruh uncle man inject guna jarum besar. :p

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