Monday, March 2, 2009

My rojak at Mamak Jalan Lumut, KL

For lunch today, my friends and I went to a mamak restaurant, where we call "Eggless mamak", opposite my client's place (simply because they do roti canai without using eggs)

I have always ordered their rojak ayam.

And today, i ordered rojak ayam...

But today, my rojak ayam was specially rojak-ed for me.

Happily eating almost half of my rojak, I don't know why but God made me want to look at my sudu before I actually suap ke mulut. Maka, nampak lah saya ada makhluk Tuhan berwarna hitam berkaki lebih dari dua berada di atas sudu saya.

I didnt know how to react. I couldn't scream, I couldn't yell, I couldn't even vomit (althought I was dying to vomit out everything) and I couldn't even take out my camera phone to take the photo of the baby Coco on my sudu. I just stopped and stared!

I wonder if it was the only one being rojak-ed together or it has got siblings or friends bersama-sama exploring my food and wonder if all of them already went to my stomach. Ewww... really.. I don't know what to hope.

My friend told me that cocroach is actually a form of medicine. Dr Azman, please tell me that it is true!!!


Ali said...

coco? coco crunch? coco pops? coconut? coco jelly? bukan? oh LIPAS. Muahahaha...bad bad rojak.

unnickable said...

cockroach has the ability to withstand radiation better than human beings. maybe thats the medicine. haha.


Izrin said...

Ali: u're not helping! u know? the whole nite last nite, i felt like the kaki is gerak-gerak inside my trakea. shit!

ayman: thanks for the info, but how come i dun feel any better ;)
i think even if u tell me cocroach can pecah lemak oso, wont make me feel any better. haha..

bola2api said...

i once drank medicine from a bottle.. and only after the content was emptied did i find a cicak stuck inside the bottle.

nasib baik aku tak masuk spital

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