Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harta anak yatim

When I was in school learning about ‘makan harta anak yatim’, I found topic very odd. It sounded implausible. I could not imagine someone walk to a poor wandering child who is trying to find a single soul with humanity who would readily, donating a coin or two into the small container, and that someone would just take all the money from the container that belongs to the kid. I could not envisage a person could just steal money from a parentless kid. So how this ‘makan harta anak yatim’ did come about? Who came out with the hokum anyway?

Over the years I come to realize that this phrase is not literally what it means. They don’t just go to an orphan and just steal their money.

It can simply happen by the way of inheritance allocation. If the way the bequest is being distributed wrongly and when a person is taking more that what is he entitled to, he is also falling into the category of ‘makan harta anak yatim’. Where in real fact, taking more means taking the rights of his other siblings who are considered orphans at this stage. Orphans are not just parentless small children. Parentless adults are also orphans.

In another situation, which happens to a very close friend of mine is also demonstrating this tiny phrase.

Her aunt married an Indonesian and became his second wife here in Malaysia, of course with the agreement of the first wife. He was initially an ustaz, who were teaching Qur’an to my friend and her sibling and other cousins. He married her aunt and she gave birth to a beautiful son after 2 years of marriage.

When the boy was 2 years old, his mother was diagnosed of cancer. She passed away a year after and left him nothing else but RM1,400 monthly from her EPF to her son, which RM 700 to be kept for the child until he grows up and the rest is for her husband to be used for the kid’s welfare.

Human is human, and who would not want free money coming in every month without having to work? The stupid guy has stopped working fulltime even when his wife was still around, working. But now he quit his job for good and he lives with the monthly RM 1,400 he earns every month and now he married another girl already. He lives his life with the money his late wife left for his son.

That is also ‘makan harta anak yatim’. Whenever I hear this story about him, I feel like strangling him to death. How can a father does this to his own son?

One day, my friend brought this small kid to meet up with his other little cousins. So they were playing around, and one little boy came up to this poor boy and taught him how to use a gun.

Kamu ambik pistol ni, pegang macam ni, lepas tu kamu tembak bapak kamu

Even a small kid understands the whole bloody situation.

1 comment:

Aziati Wan Haron said...

I like that last part

Ambil pistol and tembak bapak dia.

When you take someone's money, we can still understand,
But from your OWN SON?
Your 2 year OLD SON?

I sendiri boleh pergi tembak bapak dia.

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